Calibration Target Printing

Custom Targets

We now offer custom targets on Dibond with an Anti-Reflective surface "flood white" print option for a true matte finish, making them more easily detected in your computer vision pipeline.

  • 0.125
  • Flood White $22.78
  • 1/2" All Corners $2.00 ea.
  • 1/4" All Corners $2.00 ea.
  • 3/8" All Corners $2.00 ea.
  • Special $11.39

Custom Targets

Are you looking to pre-calibrate your camera with a calibration target to be as accurate as possible? Our custom calibration targets are printed directly onto a rigid on premium 1/8 inch Dibond, making them the perfect calibration boards to calibrate cameras.

Direct to substrate printing at 1000 dpi with anti-reflective surface "flood white" authentic matte finish allows for easy detection in your computer vision pipeline because of its optical performance and physical robustness.

Dibond Features

Dibond signage has forever been an industry standard for indoor and outdoor business signs. The material is water, weather, warp resistant and rust proof. It's ultra flat and rigid structure makes Dibond the perfect material for calibration targets.

  • Light weight
  • Ultra flat surface
  • Anti-reflective surface (flood white finish) pitch black on pure white
  • Rigid and sturdy
  • Water, weather & rust proof

Technical Specifications of Our Calibration Targets

  • Material Thickness: .125"
  • Panel Type: Aluminium Composite Panel
  • Temperature Range: from -50°C to +80°C
  • Fire Classification: CLASS P/0/1
  • Physical Weight: 0.78125 lbs per ft.²

Helpful Ordering Tips

  1. Order the exact sizes that match your file's artboards; use the keyboard to add decimals if needed.
  2. Upload your own custom files, vector PDF files are preferred for optimal print results.
  3. Full-scale files are required to avoid the files being scaled up or down to fit the image on the board's order size.
  4. During the proofing process, always double-check and compare the file size to each board order size ( is not responsible for artwork scaling if the incorrect board sizes are ordered and proofs are approved incorrectly).
  5. If you have questions about the artwork uploaded to an order; please call, email, or start a live chat before sending the art files to print. Production will begin within 10 mins of approval of artwork. Once production begins, we can not remove approved art files from the production line.

Custom Targets - Quality Customized Target Designs

We produce high-quality custom targets to help fit any application for your computer vision and machine usages. Our custom calibration targets adhere to each customer's specific requirements.

Tailor your board to achieve quality calibration results with high accuracy.

What Categories of Custom Targets Do We Offer?

You can select from numerous custom products, including circle targets, checkerboard targets, charuco targets, asymmetrical circle targets, and more.

Below are the custom target board categories available:

  • Charuco targets having different dictionaries and marker ids, allowing you to detect numerous board within one scene simultaneously
  • Checkerboard and circle targets featuring unique finder designs to facilitate stereo calibration and incomplete target observation
  • Deltille grid targets and similar unpopular categories
  • Macbeth calibration targets
  • Single aruco targets for robot calibration and virtual reality applications
  • Proprietary customer-designed targets: Your design remains confidential.

For these custom products, the price depends primarily on your desired board's size, and finish option requierments.

Custom Target Creation

Our custom targets craft from LDPE/aluminum composite (Dibond) sheets to provide sturdiness and superior flatness while maintaining a light mass. Moreover, our composite targets offer impressive resistance to temperature changes and corrosion.

We print the patterns directly onto the ACM composite materials via a very precise direct ultraviolet printing process that provides a true matte finish. After conducting extensive studies along with large amounts of client feed back, we concluded that this product and finish is perfectly suitable for machine vision usages that require physical sturdiness, impressive optical performance, and, most importantly, high accuracy.

Choosing a Custom Target

There are various calibration target categories. Which category should you pick?

Checkerboard Custom Target

These targets are the most common. They are popular because of the ease of corner detection and their typically constant state during lens distortion.

The difficulty of getting very close to image peripheries is the main demerit of using checkerboard targets.

Custom Charuco Targets

Are you considering picking charuco as your custom target? The most significant advantage you stand to gain is the ease of checker area identification and excellent accuracy. Given their uniquely coded fields, you can use partially hidden and unideal pictures for calibration.

Non-uniform calibration of your custom target can occur in case of intense ring lights. Using custom checkerboard targets means the failure of your calibration in such an instance. With a charuco target, it is possible to use it even with some areas undergoing specular reflection.

A charuco target allows for accurate calibration with the remaining visible points. These targets enable the fine-tuning identification of saddle points with superior accuracy, similar to chessboard patterns.

Information at the extreme image edges is highly useful. Given this target permits the partial placement of your board, it allows for the recording of data from the picture's very ends.

Obtaining observations from the edges and corners typically leads to a superb, robust determination of the camera lens distortion details.

Charuco targets are commonly applicable during stereo calibration, which involves several cameras. While stereo calibrating, code implementation is a vital step. The code helps determine points detected by each camera and the intersection points standard from all the cameras under calibration.

Overall, the quickest and most precise targets to use are the charuco targets

Custom Asymmetrical Circle Targets

These custom targets are alright for regular camera lenses. They are, however, not as accurate as charuco and checkerboard targets, given you can't measure their features directly.

Tangent points remain constant during perspective distortion. In some instances, some may use a center point. However, this is not the best approach as it changes to change during perspective distortion.

Errors resulting from lens distortion are not as conspicuous when using small circles within your images. Under heavy distortion, however, it is unsuitable to use small circle targets.

Custom Circle Grid Targets

Custom circle grid targets will provide you with similar advantages and downfalls you will achieve with an asymmetrical custom target. However, these targets are not as dense as the asymmetrical circle targets.

Summary of Product Category Selection

Pick custom charuco targets if you want easily detectable custom targets with flexibility and precision at the edges. Checkerboard targets offer precision at the edges while being a bit challenging to detect. You can use custom circle targets or asymmetrical circle targets for the regular cameras but avoid fisheye.

Custom Target Testing

Check out the free online pattern generator and try your custom target on standard paper. You can then order our custom targets that offer you superior flatness, robustness, and precision in your measurements.

Who Can Access Our Custom Target

Our shipping services see us provide both custom targets and stick orders to numerous international customers aiding them to develop better services and products.

Our clientele encompasses multiple highly successful tech firms working within VR/AR, automation, robotics, autonomous driving, and metrology. We serve USA, Asian, and European tech companies and some of the best research firms worldwide.

Where You Can Use Our Custom Targets

Sturdy and precise calibration targets are ideal for photogrammetry and metrology applications. Unlike home-printed targets, we offer custom targets with superb flatness and immense accuracy.

Our custom targets can work with MATLAB, OpenCV, MVTec Halcon, CharuCo, Agisoft Photoscan, Photomodeler, and more.

We can provide you with wholly customized products depending on the design of your calibration board.


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