Band Banners

Band Banners

Make your next show stand out to the crowd with Band Banners. Give your fans something to remember!

  • 13 oz
  • Corners Only $0.00/SQFT
  • Every 2 Feet $0.00/SQFT
  • All Four Sides $0.00/SQFT
  • 4" All Sides $29.02
  • 4" Left and Right $10.69
  • 4" Top and Bottom $10.69
  • 4" Top Only $10.69


Custom Band Banners

You have spent years working on your sound with your bandmates. Through rehearsal after rehearsal, your group has done all they can to perfect it. Whether you are a hard rocking metal head tribute band, a funky jazz group, or something unique, you want to put on a good show. But of course, for every band, the show is not just the sound. Sure, that is a big part of it, but it is not everything. After all, think of all the bands that use pyrotechnics and costumes in their performances. These go to show that while the sound is what brings people in, the show is what makes them stay.



Affordable Band Backdrops

Because of the importance of the show, your band needs a good visual for people to admire when they come to hear you. For a lot of bands, this comes in the form of band banners. These allow you to hang up your own flag, so to speak, announcing to everyone there your band’s name and whatever message you want to convey. Controlling not only the sound but the visuals of their shows is what allows bands to take their performance to the next level. This next step in professionalization is a necessary one for any kind of band that wants to grow. Whatever the stage banner size you need – whether you are performing on the big stage or a simple little bar gig, is able to provide a banner that will serve your needs. In addition to this, we have the sort of merch that you need to make your show a success.



Best Customized Stage Backdrops is your solution for all things band banner. So, if your group has decided that the next investment you are going to make in your show is one of our custom stage banners, make sure you understand the process for ordering one. Our custom printing process means that your options are truly unlimited. We know that you have been drawing on the back of napkins for weeks now, trying to plan out exactly what you want your mesh stage banner to look like. Whatever it is that your team has designed, is able to make it a reality. Use of our custom editor tool to design the best band backdrop imaginable. Our tool will allow you to add in details on the fly, whether that is coloring the banner, adding geometric designs, or putting text in for your band’s name or slogans.


If you have any questions about how to use our tools or about your order in general, you can chat in real time with a representative. Chances are, your band is not the first to have whatever question it is that you have. Our agents are on hand to make sure your band is able to get your banner as quickly and as easily as possible.



Custom Band Banner Sizing

Of course, sizing is also a question with your custom stage backdrop. You will need to have some idea of your ideal stage banner size. If it is too large for the gigs you are playing at, it could be an inconvenience, getting in the way while you perform and being a huge pain to set up before the show. If it is too small, those in the audience might not be able to see it. Even if they love your group, they may not be able to tell who they should follow on social media because of it! With our custom stage banners, we are sure to have the size that is just perfect for your show. Get in contact today so we can produce the band backdrop of your dreams!  




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I received the banners yesterday. Just wanted to say that they exceeded my expectations. Great job on the quality and prompt service!

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