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Dibond is the perfect affordable outdoor signboard. Dibond signs are long-lasting, more durable, and thicker than standard aluminum signs with the same vibrant full-color print. Read More

  • 0.125
  • 0.236
  • 1" All Corners $3.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $3.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $3.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $3.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $3.00
  • Halo $9.98
  • Circle $0.60
  • Oval $0.60
  • Special $9.98
  • Top & Bottom Center $3.00
  • Top Corners $3.00
  • All Corners $3.50
  • Top Corners $2.50
  • Top & Bottom Center $2.50
  • All Corners Only $3.00
  • Top Center $2.00
  • Stainless Steel Standoffs $18.95


Dibond Signs a Durable Indoor & Outdoor Sign Solution

Dibond is a brand of metal and has become so popular that people use it as a classification product, like saying "Kleenex" instead of tissue. Its extreme durability and weather resistance allow for an endless use case, including commercial buildings. Because of this, it's great for the outdoors because it'll last and has a very distinguished, polished look like an indoor sign to make your branding POP.

All Dibond signs are customizable to each customer's unique features and finish options. Sizes range anywhere from 4 inches to 120 inches. If you are looking for one outdoors to hang above your business, then the bigger is better to make sure people can see your business name. Full Dibond sheets come in at 48x96" and can be specially ordered at 60x120" for large outdoor signs.

Dibond is reasonably priced, looks fantastic, has a variety of uses, and is highly durable! These reasons are precisely why they are one of the most popular signs in the world. Coupled with the fact that they can also be two-sided adds to your ability to market your message or brand. Two-sided Dibond signs are great for outdoor uses such as real estate and directional, while one-sided signs are great for restrooms or display menu items.
Display and Mounting Options

Display and Mounting Options

Dibond and most outdoor business signs will be mounted with standard drill holes .25" in each corner and fastened with screws or bolts. However, you can opt for standoff hardware for a more elegant and unique feel. Standoffs are a bolt and screw system that allows for an off-the-wall float mount through .41" predrill holes in each sign corner. Check out brushed aluminum signs for an upgraded finish!

Additional types of standard long term Dibond mounting options are as follows;

  • Freestanding on a post (dill holes in the top and bottom in the center)
  • Mounted with drill holes between two poles (drill holes in all four corners)
  • Loctite
  • VHB acrylic tape (great for outdoor mounting)
  • French Cleats
  • Edge grip standoffs
  • Dual-Grip Sign Standoff

Are Custom Dibond Signs Right For You & Your Business?

Figuring out if these are right for you is pretty straightforward. Typically, the answer is YES because Dibond signs can be used for various uses with excellent outdoor and indoor capabilities and are very affordable.

What are the Benefits?

Dibond signs are a rigid composite that boasts a lightweight yet durable surface. Dibond signs can be created through a straight cut or made into three-dimensional shaped signs. The polyethylene core helps to create a thick, sturdy sign without the added weight which a pure aluminum interior would create.
  • 18w x 12h
  • 24w x 18h
  • 30w x 20h
These are available in both ¼ and ⅛ inch thickness. The recommended size depends on your needs, so talk to our representatives online if you're unsure. Generally, outdoor signs should be more prominent since people will typically see them further away, so the 30x20 is ideal. In contrast, you can get the exact size for indoor if put in ample space, but usually, the 24x18 is suitable for relevant messaging like menus, while 18x12 labels small things like restroom signs.

What Shapes Can You Use for Your Dibond Signs?

Traditionally, you see most Dibond signs as squares, rectangles, or diamonds. However, since we allow full customization, you can do any shape you want, including contour cuts (to match your sign design/message tightly) or anything else you can think of as long as they make sense with the sign size you ordered. Get your business noticed with this extremely durable substrate!

Indoors or Outdoors?

Though we pride ourselves on offering customers multiple affordable indoor and outdoor-use signs, Dibond is -without a doubt- an excellent option for use outdoors. To create a modern, streamlined industrial appearance, Dibond is sometimes used inside, for a custom interior business design or to complete a signature look. However, Dibond is best known for its outdoor application and resistance to the elements. It will keep its shape and integrity without being altered by weather fluctuations. Looking for a classy way to mount your Dibond signs? Use standoffs for an elegant way to mount your newly purchased custom Dibond sign! Not sure what standoffs are? Click here to learn more about what standoffs are and how they can upgrade your look.

Dibond Sign Cut Options

Cut options are a fantastic way to enhance the shape of your final design. Cut options are always optional and are not a requirement for any order. Some cut finish like oval and circle cuts have automated options where no additional art setup is required. At the same time, halo (contour cuts) and "special" cut options require advanced artwork setup. Here's a link to our guild on how to set up cut files.
Special Cut

Special Cut

With a special cut, the design style is entirely custom to the shape, with no border on the exterior; they may have drill holes in special sizes or even unique placement of holes. The special cut allows you to control the shape of the sign's outside and inside cut paths.
 Halo Cut

Halo Cut

Halo cuts have also been known to be called contour cuts. The design style is entirely custom to the shape, with a border (in most cases white) around the outside edge of the signage.
Circle Cut

Circle Cut

The circle cut options indicate the signage is cut into perfect round aluminum signs. There is no need to indicate the circle shape in the file or include a dieline. There is no additional artwork set, and we do ask you have a .25" bleed or upload a square design with colors flooded edge to edge of the artboard.
Oval Cut

Oval Cut

Oval cuts are similar to the circle cuts above; however, the finish is an oval shape. In addition, there is no additional artwork set, and we do ask you include a .25" bleed or upload a rectangular design with colors flooded edge to edge of the artboard.
Rounded Corner Options

Rounded Corner Options

A rounded corner is a finish option that allows you to change the exterior shape of your design without having to make any alterations to your art file. The round corner radial bend options are as follows:

  • 1" All Corners
  • 3/4" All Corners
  • 1/2" All Corners
  • 1/4" All Corners
  • 3/8" All Corners

Brushed Aluminum Signs

Brushed Aluminum Dibond is just rugged as traditional Dibond but has a metallic brushed metal appearance. Brushed aluminum is commonly used for corporate logos or as an upgraded elegant touch when adding business signage in or outdoors. Click here for pricing on Brushed Aluminum Signs!
What Does It Look Like In Person?

What Does It Look Like In Person?

Up close, Dibond is stylish with a smooth finish. The pre-painted enamel means that colors will not fade or crack from the elements. Edges can be dressed up and encased in a plastic coating or left ‘as is’ since they are weather resistant. Often painted with multiple colors, Dibond can even be uniquely made into a reflective mirror-like surface for bright or night use. A popular and commonly used option is a white surface used with a colorful logo and image colors added atop. All this is available for overnight printing and can ship within 24 hours! Aluminum signs are also great options if you want something bigger and flashier. Save
Dibond Signs Lifespan

Dibond Signs Lifespan

If the proper steps are followed on installation, you should expect the lifespan of Dibond signs to be 5 to 7 years but can vary depending on extreme weather, hail, and constant direct sunlight. Use our UV gloss coating for additional protection from the sun.

Other Factors

  • Installed in a place without constant direct sunlight.
  • Installed adequately to a flat surface or post.
  • Exposure to contact abrasive products

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Verified Buyer
6 months ago by (NC, US)

The sign turned out better than I expected. It looks fantastic! Turnaround was very fast.

Verified Buyer
10 months ago by (NC, US)

High quality products. Every item I've made had been spot on perfect and perfectly sized. Very satisfied. Will continue to use them for my projects.

Verified Buyer
a year ago by (CA, US)

Absolutely fantastic work. Customer service answered in a timely manner and artists were always there to listen to feedback/make the sign everything we wanted. The delivery time was great, no excessive waiting and it was wrapped in a way that protected the signs event if the outer box got a little banged up. Overall, a wonderful experience and the signs themselves came out perfect. Should we need any signs in the future, foamcoreprint will be our first choice. We will be recommending them to everyone else in our unit should they need signs for projects as well. Thank you again for all of the work.

Frequently asked Questions


What are Dibond signs?

Dibond is a trademarked brand of aluminum composite material. Dibond signage comprises two sheets of aluminum, plastic, or PVC with a layer of polyethylene sandwiched in between. The front, back, and polyethylene core have been sealed with an adhesive, creating a tight, long-lasting bond. Read more about What you need to know about Dibond signs.

What is the difference between ACM and Dibond signs?

ACM (aluminum composite material) is considered off-brand or "generic." Dibond is a trademarked brand of aluminum composite material manufactured by 3A Composites. Foamcoreprint.com only uses genuine Dibond in the manufacturing process.

How much is a Dibond sign?

The cost of a Dibond sign with full-color print is $16.87 per sqft and can be as low as $7.88 an sqft depending on the volume at the time of purchase.

Dibond Sign Cost Breakdown
Units Size Cost Per Unit Sqft Discount Subtotal Total
1 12x12" $16.87   $16.87
250 12x12" $15.99 -$222.28 $3,996.00
500 12x12" $15.10 -$889.100 $7,547.50
1250 12x12" 12.43 -$5,556.88 $15,535.00
2500 12x12" $7.98 -$22,227.50 $19,955.00

What is the physical weight of 1/8" Dibond per sqft?

The physical weight of .125" Dibond is 0.78125 lbs per ft.². The formula for weight calculation on your specif dimension product can be figured by multiplying your length x width divided by 144 = Your Physical Weight.

Is Dibond signage waterproof?

Yes, Dibond is water, rust and weather proof.

How long do Dibond signs last?

Dibond signs are made of aluminum and PVC plastic. Signs made from Dibond are some of the longest-lasting signs available and generally last around 5-10 years, but the life span can vary depending on the environment. Extreme heat or cold can negatively impact the lifespan of your Dibond sign. Even the duration of time through the day the signage is exposed to direct sunlight can affect the brightness of the original colors. For additional protection, we always suggest our UV gloss coating. 

Can Dibond be used outdoors?

Yes, Dibond can be used outdoors. It is made from Aluminum composite material and will not rust. Dibond is highly durable and has the most extended Lifespan of any other product in the printing industry. Dibond's Lifespan stretches anywhere from 5-10 years, depending on upkeep, servicing, and most importantly, the sign's environment.

Is Dibond a plastic?

No, Dibond is not a considrered a plastic. The outer core is a thin aluminum sheet. The center is made from polyethylene because it comprises two different products Dibond, also known as an aluminum composite material or "ACM."

Is dibond a metal?

Yes, Dibond is considered a metal. All components of the trademarked brand Dibond are rust, water, and weatherproof.

Is Dibond the same as aluminum?

Yes, Dibond is considered to be an aluminum product. We do offer at standard aluminum sign which is solid .032" aluminum sheet.

How long will Dibond last outside in extreme weather?

Dibond's lifespan can vary depending on five key factors. But a general rule of thumb is 5-10 years 

  1. Harsh or extreme weather
  2. How much sunlight exposure your sign has and how often
  3. How often is there salt on the ground from snowfall
  4. The colors selected for the design "Reds and bright oranges often fade first."
  5. Natural elements; hurricanes, tornados, heavy snow, flooding, and hail

Can I drill my own holes?

Yes, you can. While Dibond is fairly easy to drill through with the proper home drill and metal bits It is not recommended.

How big are the drill holes and where are they placed?

Drill holes are .25" and placed .75" on center from each corner the option is selected. Immediately after your purchase, you will upload your graphics and see a visual representation of the holes in the online proofing stage.

What are grommets?

Grommets offer the edges of your board more additional reinforcement when hanging with hooks.They are temporary sign hanging solutions and should not be using for hanging signs from celing or walls long term.

Where are grommets placed and how big are the holes?

The placement of your grommets is crucial to avoid unwanted holes in your designs. Grommets are an automated hanging option and, when selected, will be placed automatically without any person looking at your art files. Grommets are placed .75" on center from each corner the option is selected, the holes themselves are .37"


Do grommets go all the way through the board?

Yes, grommets go all the way through the board. When applied, the grommet penetrates the surface through the center and the backing of the board.

What are standoffs?

A standoff looks like a complicated version of a screw, and it is. It’s a separator that’s threaded. What are standoffs? They come in different lengths to raise one material over another. They consist of a wall screw, barrel, and cap, usually made of aluminum. Please take a closer look in detail with images at our blog post.

How large are the standoff holes and where are they placed?

Standoff holes are .41" and placed .75" on center from each corner the option is selected. Immediately after your purchase, you will upload your graphics and see a visual representation of the standoff holes in the online proofing stage.

What are rounded corners?

Rounded corners refer to the finish of the physical board itself. The edges will have a nice straight cut finish without rounded corners, where round allows smooth rounded corners. The measurements refer to the corners' severity or degrees (radial bend). Rounded corner sizes from less to more dramatic corners:

  • 1/4"
  • 3/8"
  • 1/2" standard
  • 3/4"
  • 1"

What is a cut option?

A Cut option is not required; it is a unique finishing option for shapes other than squares or rectangles. Here is a list of Cut options styles;

  1. Circle-Cut (perfect circles) We prefer you submit full-scale square designs with your colors flooded edge to edge; you will see the final circle layout in the proofing process.
  2. Oval-Cut (perfect ovals) same as the circle above; we prefer you submit full-scale rectangle designs with your colors flooded edge to edge.
  3. Halo-Cut (you are in control of the path the CNC machine takes, unique custom outside shape) 
  4. Special-Cut (custom shape, inside and outside cuts are okay) Both Special & Halo Cuts require additional art set up; check out How to Set Up-Cut Files.

What size does Dibond come in?

Everything Foam Core Print offers is manufactured to spec or "custom to order," meaning the clients selects the exact finish size down to 100th of an inch. We can manufacture as small as 4x4" and as large on one sheet at 48x96".

Does Dibond come in matte or gloss finish?

No, Dibond does not have a matte finish, but the inks appear matte. We do have an option for a UV gloss finish. The gloss coating option will give your sign an additional UV-protected coating that further protects the UV-cured inks against the sun. However, the Dibond will still appear shiny even when the gloss is NOT selected.

Do drill holes go all the way through the board?

Yes, drill holes go all the way through the board. Drill holes are designed with screws and bolts to secure the signage safely to a pole or wall.

What is the turnaround or lead time for Dibond signs?

Standard turn around is 3 business days and is based on the approval of the art file for the order, not the time of purchase. We do offer next day turnaround as well as same day production. The cut off time for production to begin is 10am PST for "standard" 3 day turnaround, 8am for next day & same day production. The website is fully automated and will generate pricing when you add items to cart so the best way to get pricing is to add all items to your cart and "proceed to checkout" to update your zip code for shipping & turnaround options for grand total pricing.

Can I print a different file on the back?

Yes, you can print whatever file you like on the back. All pricing is square-foot based; pricing will not change based on the number of uploaded artworks.

How long will it be before the inks fades?

There is always a lifespan on any product. If the products are cared for, cleaned, stored away correctly, they will last many years. We use UV-coated permanent LED inks are designed to hold up over time to sunlight. The more direct contact with the daylight your prints have will impact the longevity of your prints.

What if I need help with a design?

Great question! We now offer a FREE ONLINE DESIGN TOOL its very easy to use and it will allow you to upload designs and create vector files that print flawlessly. As an additional option we do have an in house graphics team that can help creat the design of your dream, start a chat or email info@foamcoreprint.com the details of your requests to schedlue a phone call to go over pricing and the final details.

How do you mount Dibond signs?

There are many ways to mount Dibond signs; here is a list of today's popular mounting solutions. Check out our blog post on Dibond mounting options for a more in-depth look.

  • Standoffs
  • Screws and Bolts
  • Flush mount on a wall with drill holes
  • french cleaets
  • Split batten mounting
  • Hang on walls with 3m adhesive strips or double side Velcro tape
  • Hang from grommets
  • Double sided acrylic VHB tape
  • 3M adhesive-backed hooks

How do I clean my dibond signs?

Cleaning Dibond signs is simple and very easy. Here is a list of things you'll need along with instructions;

  • Two microfiber cloths
  • One medium-size bowl
  • Dish soap (dove works great)
  • Hot or warm water, a bucket would be great.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Use the first microfiber cloth and warm water to wash off any easy-to-remove dirt.
  2. Place an empty bowl next to your Dibond sign.
  3. Add dish soap into the bowl and add warm water.
  4. Soak the microfiber cloth in the soap water and gently wipe down the board. 
  5. Be sure not to rub or wipe too hard; pay attention not to scratch the surface. 
  6. Take your second and final microfiber cloth and dry off all remaining water until dry to the touch. 
  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 until you are happy with the results.

What are the best or acceptable file formats for the best results?

File types accepted: Photoshop (PSD, TIFF, EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG) Illustrator (AI, PDF, with all fonts outlined) Any other graphic program capable of creating a PDF, TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PNG, SVG file. Our preferred file format is a Print-ready Vector PDF set up in CMYK with bleed.

How do I upload Artwork?

You will need to place the order and fully complete the transaction. Once the order has been placed, you will be directed to the Upload Artwork page. From there, you will be able to upload your artwork and view the pre-proof. 

In proofing, you can scale, stretch, and adjust the file to fit if any scaling is needed. If everything looks great, go ahead and send your artwork to print, and production will begin. You can remove and upload as many times as you like; production will not start until you approve the proofs.

What if I have a question about a proof?

Great question! Please DO NOT send art files to print if you have any questions about your online proofs. Please contact us via live chat, email at info@foamcoreprint.com, or call 855-465-7744 before sending files to print. There is a 10 min window approved proofs can be removed and taken out of the production line; clients can remove approved art files within the 10 min window from the user dashboard in the order history tab.

How do I remove an Approved online proof?

There is a 10 min window after proofs are approved where they can be removed and taken out of the production line; clients can remove any approved art files within the 10 minutes of approval of that specific art file. 

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. User Dashboard 
  3. Order History  
  4. Locate the Order# in question.
  5. Click "See All Jobs / Details"
  6. Under the Actions section, if the "Replace Artwork" is RED, you are inside the 10-minute window and CAN remove the file by selecting the button.
  7. If the "Replace Artwork" button is "Grayed Out," it is past the time of removal, and production has begun.


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