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Church Banners
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Custom Church Banners

As a congregation or parish, you will want something that lasts. You do not want to have to repurchase your banners for church every year, and with the cyclical nature of the Christian calendar, chances are they will find use again. You need church banners to pull out every year and know that they are intact and ready to be used. Because of this need, we at Foamcoreprint.com are honored to offer you the highest quality church banners. We have built up a relationship with our suppliers to ensure that we can provide you with the highest quality banners at an affordable price. We use durable materials that promise to hold up to use, whether in the sanctuary, the narthex, or the lobby.

Affordable Praise Banners

Every penny your church can save on fundamentals like banners is another penny you can use to spread the Word or provide help to those in need. For this reason, we want to offer you praise banners that allow you to get the quality you need at a price that will not break the budget. All churches are on a tight budget, and most spending decisions will have to be passed through a member committee. With Foamcoreprint.com, we make sure that you can justify those decisions quickly. It will be evident to your congregation that the money donated was well spent. Responsible stewardship is critical, and we want to be your partner when it comes to producing your praise banners.

Quality Worship Banners

When printing your worship banners, our process could not be more straightforward. Upload your design for your worship banner through our online portal, select the size and type of banner you would like, tell us where to send it, and submit the order. Our team will get to work designing the banner, whether it Is a feather flag banner for Christmas or a table throw for Easter. Whatever idea you have, we can make it a reality.
Our on-page design interface is perfect for your project if you do not yet have something designed. Of course, it helps you have some idea of what you want your worship banner to look like when you step into our design process. We recommend discussing this with your parish or congregation and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Chances are, they will have lots of good ideas for what the banner should look like. You can incorporate this into your design and then render it in professional software or guide a designer in crafting it. Focus on the essential parts of running a church, and your banners will show up as soon as we have them complete! Once we have your design, your hard work is done.

Christian Church Welcome Banners

Not all banners have to be festive. If your church wants a different, visual way to make newcomers and old friends feel welcome as they step in, consider purchasing some of our welcome banners. Christian banners are essential for any church that wants to add this crucial visual component to their worship, and making people feel welcome as they walk in is vital. A barren sanctuary is not ideal for anyone. Foamcoreprint.com wants to be your partner for all your Christian banners for church. Suppose you encounter any difficulties during your ordering process or have any questions you would like answered. In that case, we have staff to provide you with all the information you need to ensure that this is the right decision for your church. Let us be a part of your mission!


Wherever we are in the church year, there is a need to proclaim that message to the whole world. That can involve any number of different things, including preaching and teaching. However, we here at Foamcoreprint.com are happy to partner with you to print the sorts of church banners that your congregation needs to add a visual element to your work and worship. Whether it is for Advent leading up to Christmas, Lent leading up to Easter, or any other occasion, you want everyone that steps foot into your sanctuary to know what you believe, and what better way to do that than with church banners

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Frequently asked Questions


What are church banners called?

Churches have banners because they are a symbol of the church. The banner displays what the church believes in, and its beliefs can be seen by those who don't know about it. Banners also help spread awareness for the church's message and mission, leading to more people joining their congregation.

How much does a Church banner cost?

The cost of a church banner can vary depending on the size, material, and design. A basic church banner will be around $30-$40 for one with a vinyl logo or text, but it could go up to $120+ if you want an expensive silk screen printed one. If you need durable church banners for a great price, visit https://www.foamcoreprint.com/church-banners.

What is the difference between a Church banner and a Church sign?

The difference between a Church banner and a Church sign is that banners are usually hung from the ceiling, while signs are typically outside buildings. Signs also often have words or phrases, whereas banners generally contain images.

What is the best material to use for a Church banner?

The best material to use for a Church banner is vinyl. Vinyl banners are durable and reusable, saving money in the long run. They also come with grommets on the top of each side that can be used for hanging or tying down the banner, so it does not blow away in windy conditions.

How often should church banners be changed?

Some churches change their banners once per year, others every three years. The frequency of banner changes should be determined by the size and quality of the material and how often a church has an event that includes new artwork for its banners.


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