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Graduation Banners
Graduation Banners
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Graduation banners are are great way top show your loved ones just how proud you are. Celebrate the occasion with style! Read More

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  • 18 oz
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  • 3" All Sides $3.22
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Custom Graduation Banners

When you order a graduation banner, you want to be sure that it is up to snuff. After all, you do want to make sure it looks incredible. Just remember, this banner is something that will appear not only at the graduation party itself but also in your scrapbook for the rest of your life. Every time you go back to look at and remember the occasion, you will see the graduation banner. There is no right way to do it for graduation banners. You know your graduate better than anyone else, so your style and taste are critical in determining how it should look. Of course, standard features include images of graduation caps and gowns, "congratulations" type messaging, confetti, and other things associated with a celebration. We can print whatever you can design, so make sure the banner is something that you and the graduate will both enjoy seeing displayed on their big day. You want to show everyone that comes by just how proud you are of your graduate, and you want them to feel how significant their accomplishment is.

Affordable Personalized Banners

When designing your graduation banner – whether you use our on-page designer or already have something in mind, you need to remember that it is your banner. is here to provide an affordable option for you to take your celebration to the next level. Our personalized graduation banners are durable, high-quality materials that will store and handle well. They are meant to be hung and will display well indoors or out. We aim to provide the best price and the best quality on all of our products so that you can purchase your banner from us without a doubt in mind. A personalized banner for graduation is critical to your celebration, and we want to be the ones to print it for your family.

Quality Banners

Our process for uploading and ordering your custom graduation banner is meant to be a breeze for you. Once you have a design in hand, input the specifications of your order—input what size and shape of the banner you need for your occasion and any other custom options. After you do this, tell us where to have it delivered, and we will do the rest. Our team will get to work right away using our cutting-edge printers and expertise to create your banner exactly as you have specified.

Of course, designing a banner can be a big thing to tackle. While you most likely already have something designed and ready to print, if you are still thinking things through, we recommend starting on paper and sketching out what you think it should look like or using our free design tool. Custom graduation banners reflect your intricacies, so you should not rush the process.

Speaking with your team is a great way to develop more ideas. If you are stuck, it might be worth consulting with a design professional to understand better what to do. Contracting with someone to do the design for you can speed up the process and reduce your job to merely uploading the design for us to print. works hard to ensure that we earn your recommendation. Chat with one of our customer support specialists, and they will be happy to walk you through the process and address any concerns you might have. If you have any questions or concerns during the ordering process or other times, we are here to answer them. aims to be the leader in the custom printing industry for graduation banners and all other media. Let us know if anything is unclear in our process or if you have any concerns about your order!

Special Finish Options

Special finish options allow you to customize the hanging and support required for installation. You can opt for grommets in all corners or every two feet with heat-welded hems at no cost or upgrade to pole pockets for seamless, quick installation.

Grommets & Heat Welded Hems

  • Grommets (nickel-metal)
  • Hems (heat-welded for maximum strength)
grommet and heat welded hems

Pole Pockets

  • 4" Pole pockets (supports up to a 1.27" diameter pole)

Step by Step Cleaning Instructions

  • Use the first microfiber cloth and warm water to wash off any easy-to-remove dirt.
  • Place an empty bowl next to your vinyl sign.
  • Add dish soap into the bowl and add warm water.
  • Soak the microfiber cloth in the soap water and gently wipe down the front and back of the banner.
  • Be sure not to rub or wipe too hard; pay attention not to scratch the vinyl surface or ink.
  • Take your second and final microfiber cloth and dry off all remaining water until dry to the touch.
  • Repeat steps 4 through 6 until you are happy with the results.
cleaning instructions for banners with red microfiber cloth

Final Thought

There are few events in life that can be said to happen once only. Think of things like birthdays, retirements, marriages (hopefully), and of course, graduations. While someone may pursue further education and have another graduation, they will only ever graduate from each degree level once. Whether it is high school, undergraduate, Mater's, or something else, that proud moment can be said to occur only once. Because of the singular nature of this moment, you need to make sure that it is unique. If you are a proud parent, grandparent, brother, or other relation, you want to ensure that your graduate knows that you understand how meaningful this is for them. There are few things more able to make that statement than a graduation banner.

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Frequently asked Questions


What size are graduation banners?

The typical size of a graduation banner is about six feet by three feet. This size can vary depending on the type of material used for the banner and how many people are in attendance at the ceremony.

What should graduation banner say?

In the United States, graduation banners are typically designed with a school's name or logo in the center. The banner is typically red, white and blue and has a gold fringe around it. Banners can also be customized to include the student's name or other words of congratulations.

Can you customize your graduation banner?

Yes, you can customize your graduation banner. There are many websites online where you can create a custom banner in minutes and have it delivered to your door within days! One example is which offers quality and affordable graduation banners.

How long do graduation banners typically last?

Graduation banners usually last for 3-5 years depending on the quality. The best graduation banners will be made of vinyl and have a long life expectancy because they are more durable than other materials.

What are the top materials to use for a graduation banner?

Poster board is a good material to use for banners because it is durable and can be cut into any shape. Paper, tissue paper, or fabric would also work well as they are easy to cut and store.


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