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Rolled canvas prints are great for wall art, pop signage, trade shows, and more. Rolled canvas printing can upgrade your artwork into gallery quality prints. Read More

  • 15 mil
  • Protective Coating $13.00


Rolled Canvas Printing

Give your home or office a new look today with a Rolled Canvas Print by With this tasteful new look, your canvas allows any simple image to stand out in a room and add a bit more class to the desired area. Like always, we provide our customers with exceptional quality printing and materials using 15mil Artist Canvas at our usual low wholesale to consumer prices. We offer the highest quality rolled canvas print durable from cracking, warping, bowing, moisture, and light. Printing on Canvas allows the consumer to print any image at any size and never sacrifice picture quality and clarity.

Completely customize your Canvas and have your image printed only on the front or have it stretched around the sides to create a unique look. also provides gallery wrapped printing, so no matter how you decide to use your Canvas, we guarantee it will give you the desired look you are trying to achieve!

Rolled Canvas Prints Available Sizes

Rolled Canvas is a streamlined production process that allows for roll-to-roll printing, so manufacturing custom sizes is no challenge. The range of size options is next to limitless, ranging from 8x8" to 60x60" on one sheet, so ordering the correct custom size is a breeze.

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Frequently asked Questions


What is meant by canvas print?

A canvas print is a type of artwork that has been reproduced onto a canvas. This is done by stretching the fabric over a frame and then applying ink or paint to it. Canvas prints are often used for decoration in homes, as well as commercial spaces like restaurants and hotels.

How much does it cost to print a large canvas?

The cost of printing a large canvas is dependent on the size and type of canvas. For your canvas printing needs, visit us at where we offer competitive prices.

Can canvas prints be framed?

Canvas prints can be framed in a variety of ways. You can frame the canvas print with an inch or two of white space around it, or you could choose to mat and frame the entire piece. It is also possible to use different frames that are not traditionally used for canvases, such as gold frames.

Are canvas prints good quality?

The answer is yes. Canvas prints are very good quality because they are printed on canvas, which has a texture that makes it feel like an oil painting. The surface of the canvas also provides a natural resistance to water and other substances so that you don't have to worry about spills or splashes damaging your artwork.

Do canvas prints fade?

Canvas prints fade over time. The canvas is made of cotton and the ink that's used to print on it could be water-based or solvent-based. Water based inks are more likely to cause fading because they contain acid which causes the pigments in the ink to break down, causing a change in color. It is possible for some dyes to be added into the mix of these types of paints, but this does not guarantee that your print will stay vibrant for longer periods of time.


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