Return Policy -


return policy goods are not returnable

What Can Be Done?

Since our orders are customized to each client, unfortunately, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for any purchases made on Once a sale is made, it is final.

** However, sometimes there are mistakes made during an order. If this is the case, you must correspond with via chat email or trouble ticket within 24 -48 hours of delivery and before any feedback is left so that we can work with you to make the issue right. Please read our Quality Guarantee Commitment for more information.

If we do not receive any communication from you within 24-48 hours, we, unfortunately, cannot issue a refund or take corrective action as we will presume that there are no issues with the order.

If there has been an error with your order, send us photos and supporting required images documenting what has gone wrong, whether it is damaged, a misprint, or something else. If pictures cannot capture the issue, then we ask that you return the order to us so that we can inspect it and gain a complete understanding of what went wrong.

Once we have inspected your pictures or your returned order, if it is determined that the error was on our end, we have two different options to address the error:

Option 1:

We can reprint the misprinted or damaged items for your team. In addition to this, we will provide you with a pre-paid label so that you can return the items to us without any additional expense to you. ** Note** Any goods ordered through a reprint will go through "Rush 2-day production" and ship with your "original" shipping priority from the initial order. If you need the items to arrive sooner than this, you can order an expedited shipping option at the additional cost. Once the issue has been addressed to your satisfaction, you must return the damaged items from the original order within 10 business days. If your team fails to return the items within this time frame, you consent to charging the credit card on file for the cost of the original order.


Option 2:

We can provide a 20% refund on damaged or incorrect items only (does not include the cost of shipping or tax collected).

Shipping Damage Claims 

If, upon investigation, we determine that any damage to your order is due to shipping, we will file a shipping claim immediately. You MUST keep the damaged products and the original shipping box they arrived in to make a claim through UPS. Sometimes, the shipping company will order an inspection of the product (within 5-7 business days), and we want to be able to respond to this appropriately. Without the damaged products & the box they arrived in, UPS can not complete a damage claim investigation; therefore, the UPS damage claim will be denied, and a reprint will also be rejected. In this event, you would still be eligible to receive a 20% refund on the subtotal of the order.

We will then Rush 2-day production and reprint a new order at your "original shipping selection" to ensure that you receive the merchandise that you need as soon as possible. ** NOTE if you need your items faster, you can upgrade the production or ship method (At the client's cost) to accommodate the NEW delivery dates required. Please make sure that you retain all the original packaging and merchandise until you hear otherwise from our team.

Orders Placed Without Artwork Being Approved

Orders placed where the artwork is not approved (and production has not begun) can be canceled within 120 days of the order being placed and receive full money back refund on the credit card used for purchase. Orders past 120 days without artwork approval are entitled to an instore credit in the total purchase amount.


1. Any orders that are returned undeliverable or are refused delivery.

2. Issues of color shift due to art files submitted in RGB or CMYK formatting issues.

3. A cancellation notice that is not received before the order is already in production.

4. If the items have been used before the complaint is filed.

5. A fuzzy or low quality printed item due to a low resolution or low-quality image uploaded to

6. Orders that are dated by the time they arrive at the customer. The customer is responsible for ensuring sufficient time for shipping, including potential shipping delays.

7. Any orders that are returned or lost due to incorrect shipping information provided by the customer.

8. Issues that arise from artwork submitted by the customer include missing bleed, misspelling, errors with punctuation or grammar, incorrect fonts, missing crop marks, or receiving incorrect finished product size due to incorrect scaling of artwork submitted.

** NOTE: Any Artwork That Is Upload & Approved To Is Set to be Printed "As Is," Meaning We Do NOT Make Any Edits or Adjustments To The Files.