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Street Banners
Street Banners
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Street banners are a great way for cities or schools to promote upcoming events, festivals, or the next big game. Read More

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Street Banners to Hang Across or the Street / Overhead

Banners are one of the best ways to advertise significant events across the street, especially for a town or small city. Essentially, they are large and thick banners hung over a street so drivers and pedestrians can easily see the message from afar. If there is one sign to double print (print on both sides), it is street banners to effectively get your message out to the world.

Customize an overhead street banner with our custom graphics/artwork uploader. We can even help suggest some design layouts and images if you contact support in the bottom right corner! We allow the full range of colors to make sure your graphics pop and only use long-lasting print to ensure your banner is good for years to come. Here is what you can expect from our large overhead street banners:

  • Two or more years outside
  • Waterproof to survive the rain and humidity
  • Perfect for extreme temperatures - easily stays in negative temperature
  • Eye-catching colors that match your design
  • Reinforced corners

Double-Sided Street Banners

As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, we strongly recommend getting your street banners double-sided. Double sided banners allow drivers to see it from far away and will enable them to look at it again as they pass, allowing them to make notes of the banner, which helps deliver your message.

Over The Road Banners

We only use premium denier for these banners to survive all types of challenging environments. The vinyl mesh will help promote any event, whether hundreds of pedestrians or thousands of motorists whose eyes often fall on over-the-road banners. Here are several recommended uses for these large banners:

  • Community Events
  • Welcome Banners
  • Anniversary (for Cities/Towns)
  • Information Banners
  • Expositions/Events
  • Trade Shows
  • Large Announcements

And many more!

Know Your Local Requirements

Because of the size and the fact these banners are being hung high, reducing the street's visibility, these can't just be hung whenever and wherever you want. You should contact the city you plan on hanging these in to understand their requirements and get approval to avoid fees. Get in touch with your local chamber of commerce to contact someone who can direct you to the official city contact.

Street Banner Finish Options

Street banner finish options allow you to customize the hanging and support required for installation. You can opt for grommets in all corners or every two feet with heat-welded hems at no cost or upgrade to pole pockets for seamless, quick installation.

Pole Pockets

  • 4" pole pocket included supporting a 1.27" diameter pole

Heat Welded Hems & Banner Grommets

  • Grommets (nickel-metal)
  • Hems (heat-welded for maximum strength)

Step by Step Cleaning Instructions

  1. Use the first microfiber cloth and warm water to wash off any easy-to-remove dirt.
  2. Place an empty bowl next to your vinyl sign.
  3. Add dish soap into the bowl and add warm water.
  4. Soak the microfiber cloth in the soap water and gently wipe down the front and back of the banner.
  5. Be sure not to rub or wipe too hard; pay attention not to scratch the vinyl surface or ink.
  6. Take your second and final microfiber cloth and dry off all remaining water until dry to the touch.
  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 until you are happy with the results.

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The technician I spoke with was very helpful in advising me on the type of file to submit. The street banners came out beautiful. Service was fast. I will definitely order again from this company.

Frequently asked Questions


What is a street banner?

Street banners are typically made of vinyl and have a grommet in the top corner, which is used to attach it to a pole. The banner's shape varies depending on the type of pole that it will hang from. Street banners are often hung outside stores or other businesses, but can also be found hanging above doorways for interior decoration.

What are street banners made of?

Street banners are made of durable materials such as vinyl, PVC, or polyester. Street banners are therefore durable and can be used to promote a business, event, or product.

What is the average banner size?

The average banner size is typically 24 inches by 36 inches, but this can vary depending on the needs of the business. The most common form of banner is the vinyl material. Vinyl banners are made from a heavy-duty vinyl material which can be printed on with a large range of colors and finishes. The vinyl material is durable, waterproof and can be mounted in different ways to suit the needs of your business.

What can I use to hang a banner on a concrete wall?

You can use a string of fishing line or thin wire to hang your banner. You will need to drill two holes in the concrete wall, one at each end of where you want the top and bottom of the banner to be hung. Then tie one end of the line/wire around a nail that is secured into a stud in the wall, and then tie it securely around an eyehook on either side. The other ends should now be dangling down from both sides.

How long do street banners last?

Street banners last around two years on average. The amount of time they last depend on the material, the type of ink, and how often they are exposed to sunlight.


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