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  • 3.4 mil
  • 1" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $2.00
  • Spot White $0.26
  • Flood White - Install from Inside $0.26
  • Spot White - Install from Inside $0.26
  • Transparent $0.00
  • Halo $0.20
  • Circle $0.03
  • Oval $0.03


Custom Clear Window Clings

Are you looking for a way to grab the onlooker's attention? Look no further; is your choice for static clear window clings. This high-quality material comprises a thin plastic material that adheres to using static electricity.

When applying a clear static window cling, you will need to find a smooth surface such as a window or a mirror for installation, and this will give it the ability to be removed and repositioned to your liking. Clear glass and light backgrounds are generally the most common surfaces this material should be applied to, and usually, you would want to avoid dark backgrounds or tinted glass.

Spot White vs. Flood White Print Option

When choosing a print option, you should ask yourself one central question. Does your print-ready file have transparency in the design? If the answer is yes, you should choose "spot white" as the print option.

Spot White

Spot white will allow all transparencies in the design to remain transparent in the finished product. All transparent materials must have a layer of white ink printed to support the colors so your design does not look like a stained glass window. A layer of white ink has to be printed behind all the file areas where color is defined. With spot white selected, you indicate you have transparency intended to remain transparent in the final design. You can choose spot white for installation from inside or a standard exterior install for both installation types.
spot white insall from inside

Flood White

Select the "flood white" option if you DO NOT have clear or transparent in the final design. Flood white will virtually print a solid layer of white ink behind the entire file, "flooding out" any transparent material. Flood white will be explicitly used if you intend to install the product from the inside. This option would reverse print your design allowing the material to cling from the inside and outward through the glass. Even though the material is clear with the "flood white" print option, there would be no clearness in the finished design's final appearance.

Double-Sided Print Option

Need your clear static window cling to be printed on both sides? No problem, now prints clear static window clings double-sided! This material comes with a white liner in the center, enabling you to print the same message on both sides or print two different messages.

Customize any artwork and shape you desire for your clear static window cling, leaving no job too big or too small for production. Affordable, high-quality static clear window clings from start here because we never sacrifice quality and always pass the saving to you!

Clear Window Cling Cut Options

Cut options are a fantastic way to enhance the shape of your final design. Cut options are always optional and are not a requirement for any order. Some cut finish like oval and circle cuts have automated options where no additional art setup is required. At the same time, halo (contour cuts) cut options require advanced artwork setup. Here's a link to our guide on how to set up cut files.

Halo Cut

Halo cuts have also been known to be called contour cuts. The style of the design is entirely custom to the shape, with a border (in most cases white) around the outside of vinyl.
halo cut visual example

Circle Cut

Circle cuts are precisely what you would think they would be. The circle cut options indicate the vinyl decals are cut into perfect round cut decals. There is no additional artwork set, and we do ask you include a .25" bleed or upload a square design with colors flooded edge to edge of the artboard. There is no need to indicate the circle shape in the file or include a dieline. 
circle cut visual guide

Oval Cut

Oval cuts are similar to the circle cuts above; however, the finish is an oval shape. In addition, there is no additional artwork set, and we do ask you include a .25" bleed or upload a rectangular design with colors flooded edge to edge of the artboard.
circle cut visual guide

Rounded Corner Options

A rounded corner is a finish option that allows you to change the exterior shape of your design without having to make any alterations to your art file. The round corner radial bend options are as follows:

  • 1" All Corners
  • 3/4" All Corners
  • 1/2" All Corners
  • 1/4" All Corners
  • 3/8" All Corners
rounded corner options

Material Technical Spec

  • Roll Size 54x1800"
  • Physical Weight .012 per ft.²


If the proper steps are followed on installation, you should expect the lifespan of a clear window decal to be 1 to 3 years, but this can vary depending on extreme heat and or constant direct sunlight.

Other Factors

  • Indoor or Outdoor application
  • Installed in a place without constant direct sunlight.
  • The surface of the install location must be adequately cleaned before installation. 
  • Installed adequately to a flat surface.
  • Exposure to contact abrasive products.
clear window decal lifespan

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Frequently asked Questions


What is clear static cling?

What is clear static cling?

Clear static cling is a plastic film that is often used to cover windows. Clear static cling has an adhesive backing, which allows it to stick to the surface of the window without any need for tacks or tape. It's not designed to be removed and re-applied repeatedly, so in order for this material to work effectively on a window, it needs to be applied once and left there permanently.

Is static cling tint better than adhesive?

The answer to this question is that it depends on what you are using the tint for. If you want a temporary window tint, then static cling would be better because adhesive can peel off and leave residue behind. However, if you want an opaque tint that will last longer than static cling, then adhesive would be better.

Can I reuse static cling window film?

No, you cannot reuse static cling window film. Static cling window film is a one-time use product that should be discarded after installation. The adhesive on the back of the material may lose its adhesiveness and it could fall off your windows, which would make them less energy efficient.

Does window cling stick to plexiglass?

Yes, window cling does stick to plexiglass. However, window clings lack adhesive that generally adheres to flat surfaces; clings can stick to mirrors, windows, glass, and other surfaces for decoration purposes.

Do window clings stick to metal?

Yes, they do. Window clings are a type of decal that can be applied to glass, metal and other smooth surfaces.


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