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Clear Window Decals

3.4 mil


- Backlit - Sign Display - POP Signage - Vehicle - Outdoor Signs - Indoor Signs - Trade Shows - Advertising


What Are Clear Window Decals

Clear window decals are one of the most popular mediums to display logos and short messages on glass by highlighting a graphic that is put onto transparent sheets made of vinyl. Common applications include glass doors, store fronts, automobiles, windows, etc as long as you can still see through it and the decal doesn’t take up the entire space.

Indoor vs Outdoor Usage

One of the great things about this advertising medium is that it’s great for both outdoor and indoor usage - anywhere there is a window you can use these decals as long as the surface is smooth (and preferably clean upon setting it). You are not limited as to how to use these and you can pick the best place to promote your business, store, or brand.


Clear Window Decals vs Vinyl Lettering

There is a lot of confusion about clear window decals vs vinyl lettering and it makes sense - if you’re just looking at the 2 there can be a lot of similarities, but in reality they are actually quite different. We know that clear window decals are  printed on a vinyl sheet, however with vinyl lettering your design is cut from the sheet instead of printed. There is more texture to it and vinyl lettering can have a little more pop and visual appeal, but can be a pain to set up.


Clear Window Decal Features

  • Installation instructions included
  • Vibrant colors
  • Transparent background
  • Indoor and Outdoor Usage
  • Waterproof and Weather Resistant


Although our transparent window decals are weather resistant, they aren’t completely weatherproof. Extended exposure to water will eventually damage the decal and wear away at the design so it’s best to dry it right away if possible to ensure you prolong the lifespan.

Many customers ask if they can wash the surface that they install it on - that’s okay but power washing after the decal is applied will damage it and is not recommended. Make sure the area is completely clean before installing the decal though as dirt and window scum may affect the placement and can cause ridges and wrinkles.

Ideally, use a damp (not wet), soft cloth to polish the messaging and surrounding areas. This way, you can either remove it completely or move it around in various positions during the cleaning process. Be careful - you can do this more than a few times, but not forever since the adhesive will lose its effectiveness.

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