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Clear Window Decals: Spot White vs Flood White

Window decals are like stickers, but ones that don't leave a sticky paper residue when it comes time to remove them. They are also completely customizable, which make them wonderful for a range of things like creative gifts or advertising via a store or car. Window decals are an original way to entice customers into a store, especially as most people will look for a picture before reading about the store. 

How They Work

Window decals will all feature some adhesive backing. This allows them to be stuck to the inside or outside of the glass and makes them a semi-permanent option. While there will be some wiggle room to reposition when initially sticking, once the adhesive sets, your window will have a durable and long-lasting sticker. Most window decals (see how they compare to window clings here) are designed very similarly, but there are different kinds that you can get that deal with the amount of colored primer on the decal. These styles are spot white and flood white. It is important to consider the amount of visibility you need in your window decals. This is what spot white and flood white styles deal with. As the name would suggest, window decals are not meant for use on walls or other surfaces besides glass. They need a non-porous and smooth surface to stick best. They are perfect for when you want the background behind the decal to be still visible. A great example of how clear window decals can make things easier is their usability over vinyl lettering that is too small. Instead of having to cut or peel and place each letter, the desired color of ink can be printed into the design on a clear background, which makes this as usable as one large window decoration. This is much easier to position and less time-consuming.

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How They’re Made

Something to keep in mind is when white ink decals are needed. Many companies offer digital printing options for increased design options. However, many digital printers cannot print the color white. It doesn't register as a color, merely a lack of color. This means that they could print color around the lettering that is supposed to be white, but if a purely white decal is what you need, you'll need to source out a spot color printer. Otherwise, your white decal will just appear as a blank and see through the sticker.

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Spot White

Spot white is exceptionally useful for making an image pop. It doesn’t have to used purely for white text. Spot white can be printed behind other lettering to help it stand out, like behind black lettering in a clear decal that might otherwise be nearly invisible in a window. It can also be used for detailing around other elements in the decal. It is perfect for outlining and helping the decal pop without having a completely white sticker. This is the beauty of spot white printing on a clear decal: You get the detail you need in an eye-catching design while the background, perhaps the inside of the shop, is still visible.  

Flood White

Flood white is used when the entire image should be colored. Think of it as spot white being for detailed printing (some clear still showing), and flood white as all-over color printing (no clear whatsoever). This is how a decal can have a layer of white ink printed behind it to help what would otherwise be transparent ink to stand out. While most people don’t want an all-over-white sticker, they do want a readable decal. If the glass that the decal is placed on is tinted for example, or the window sees too little or too much sunlight, the decal can be difficult to read. Spot White printing can help add a background where necessary, while still providing a clear background around the lettering or picture.

 How Both Styles Can Benefit Consumers 

Advancement in technology has produced new printing styles and design options that have made fun things such as window decals possible (see also backlit film signage). Decals are perfect for catching a potential customer's attention, but they need to be printed well so that they are readable and serve the purpose of advertising that they were designed for. Spot white printing and flood white printing styles can be utilized to help bolster the quality of an image or wording printed onto a clear vinyl background. This provides advertising without sacrificing the natural light and visibility that a window provides and fortunately, we offer them both!

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