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Mesh Banners

9 oz


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Here at all our materials we print including our Vinyl Mesh Banners are printed in full color digital print. Our Mesh Banner printing services can create an eye-catching banner that will uphold the outdoor elements and are great for high wind conditions. Typically, Mesh Banners are used for events such as festivals, celebrations, and concerts because they allow wind to pass through the material. Customized mesh vinyl banners by are surprisingly affordable and our in-house production and web-based customer service allow us to pass great savings on to you.

Also, check out our custom vinyl banners they are manufactured using the highest quality 13oz scrim banner material and printed using premium level permanent inks that will ensure your vinyl banner will remain vibrant and effective for years to come.

Vinyl Mesh Banners at have a 70/30 ratio and are always your best option for outdoor events. A 70/30 ratio means the banner is 70 percent Vinyl Mesh and 30 percent air holes allowing the banner to withstand the Mother Nature. The banner weight is reasonably light, durable and even with the perforated holes can still provide exceptional print quality for any consumers printing needs. These Banners typically can last for years if taken care of and kept clean. Simply roll up and store your Mesh Banner in an out of the way corner when not in use!
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