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Mesh Banners
Mesh Banners
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If you want your message on durable, high quality mesh banners, look no further. Weather and water resistant, this is one of our best selling products. Read More

  • 8 oz
  • Corners Only $0.00
  • Every 2 Feet $0.00
  • All Four Sides $0.00
  • 3" All Sides $4.56
  • 3" Left and Right $2.56
  • 3" Top and Bottom $2.56
  • 3" Top Only $2.56


Custom Mesh Banners

You can't overlook marketing and advertising when you are a business owner. It is a crucial part of selling your product. And what better way to make your product or service known than through banners.

Here at Foamcoreprint, we know what you need for the perfect outdoor mesh banners, and we are prepared to offer you that.

If your business is set up in an outdoor setting, then the mesh banner is ideal for you. We offer mesh vinyl banners that are budget-friendly. Our weather-resistant banners will serve your advertising needs for as long as needed.

What is a Mesh Banner?

It is a banner that has small holes. The tiny holes allow wind to pass through. The benefit of this is that resistance against the wind is significantly reduced.

Unlike the vinyl banner, which usually experiences the "sail effect" and flaps about excessively in windy conditions. It usually leads to tearing for most vinyl banners. In addition, they produce a lot of flapping noise or wind slits, which can disturb people on your business premises.

However, this is not the case for our mesh banner. Our mesh design counteracts problems in standard vinyl banners and is thus great for outdoor use and windy environments.

Where Are You Likely to Find Mesh Banners?

They serve the function of indoor and outdoor use. However, the mesh banner's best used in outdoor events and settings. You are most likely to find them being used in the following areas;

  • Construction sites
  • At sporting events
  • Playing fields and sporting venues
  • At your product launch event
  • At Storefronts
  • birthday parties
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Outdoor celebrations and festivities
  • Bridges
  • On-chain link fences

8oz Mesh Banner

The Foamcoreprint banner is manufactured using a polyester material that is durable even to extreme UV light, unlike fabric banners. It is an 8 oz vinyl mesh banner. The printable area of the mesh pattern banner is 70%, while the holes constitute 30% of the banner.

This means that our custom-printed banner has a transparent look and appearance. And because of this, we recommend that you don't use tiny text or tiny graphical pictures or messages on the banner. And yes, when doing this, you are making a small trade-off for the visuals but consider the wind resistance and extra durability you will be getting in return.
8oz Mesh Banner

Features of Our Mesh Banners

Below are the features that will make you want to try out our high-quality custom mesh banner.

Great for windy locations

It is the main benefit that our outdoor mesh banner will provide you. It is wind resistant. With this custom-printed banner, you are assured that your banner won't tear or fly off with the wind. Therefore, you can place the banner very high on top of buildings, thus increasing your visibility.

Durable Material

Unlike fabric banners, we make our mesh banners with sturdy mesh vinyl material. This means that our mesh banner material won't tear or rip that easily. This feature is beneficial on a construction site being used as fence banners.

Our mesh banners will last for many years if well taken care of.

And if you are wondering whether you can store this banner when not in use, yes, you can. This means that we offer retractable banners. Roll up your custom-printed banner without worrying about damaging it and store it in a safe place.

Our mesh vinyl banners are reasonably light, so after rolling the banner, you can easily carry it around.


Our custom banners are water-resistant. The premium level permanent UV inks used on our mesh banners can withstand excessive rainfall. With our banners, your message or advertising won't wash off for a long time, and you will continue to display your product or service through adverse weather conditions.

UV Resistant

Our mesh banner is made of material that is UV resistant. It can take on direct sunlight as we incorporate special UV inks during the printing process. This means that you can use our mesh banners even in areas with extreme sunny conditions like Arizona or Florida.

You will use our fade-resistant banner as your outdoor sign without compromising its message.

Digital Print

Our printing equipment can print full-color graphics. We use direct print technology. Whether it is a picture, logo, or text, we can digitally do mesh banner printing for you, ensuring that you pass your message the way you intend to.

Flexibility in Size

We can print out any custom size for your banner. You will need to consider the space your banner will occupy, your advertising needs, and whether you are targeting a small or large crowd.

However, our clients have various popular banner size options—for example, the 2 by 4 ft, 3 by 6 ft, 5 by 10 ft.

A point to note here is that with the banner size, you want to achieve maximum visibility so a large mesh banner will be ideal for you.

Mesh Banner Finishing Options

At Foamcoreprint, we pride ourselves on being professional. That is why we provide finishing options that you can choose from. They come at an extra added fee. They help in setting anchor points that enable the banner to hang. They include;

  • Pole Pockets. At 4 inches, these pole pockets are sewn at the top and bottom of the mesh banner. The benefit of pole pockets is that you can hang your banner between posts or with rope. However, you can't use a pole pocket with another finishing option.
  • Sewn Hem. This finishing is for you if you wish to have a mesh banner with hemmed edges. We create your banner with heat-welded hems. The result is reinforced edges on all the four borders of your custom-printed banner.
  • Grommets Flush Cut. Grommets are the brass metal rings or eyelets that we will fix on your mesh banner if you opt for this finishing. With these optional grommets, you can hang the banner onto a fence, wall, or side of a building. You can use ropes or zip ties to hold your banner in place on these surfaces. We install the grommets on the four corners of your banner. We can place them periodically along the length for big mesh banner signage.
Mesh Banner Finishing Options

Turnaround Times for Your Mesh Banner

Get your order through UPS on any business day. Usually takes between one to five business days. Please also make sure that you have sent your preferred designs and any other vital information to include in your custom-printed mesh banner so that we can begin on your order immediately.

We also offer design services. You can also use our online design tool to draft a design that you may want on your banner's surface area. And if you don't fancy the design tool, you can also use our highly skilled professional graphic designers to set up your art file and create custom mesh banners.

It is also important to note that your banner might be complete, but UPS does not do delivery on public holidays. Your delivery will arrive on any business day. However, we do our due diligence to inform you when you can expect your order.

Are You Ready to Order Your Customized Mesh Banner?

Your quality customized fence banner awaits you. Make an order at our checkout page and get your outdoor banner now.

In addition, Foamcoreprint prices are budget-friendly, and our in-house production and a customer service representative will give you significant savings on your banners.

For more information on mesh banners, contact us on any business day at 1(855)465-7744.

More On Mesh

Here at, all the materials we print, including our Vinyl Mesh Banners, are printed in full-color digital print. Our Mesh Banner printing services can create an eye-catching banner that will uphold the outdoor elements and are great for high wind conditions. Typically, Mesh Banners are used for events such as festivals, celebrations, and concerts because they allow wind to pass through the material. Customized mesh vinyl banners by are surprisingly affordable, and our in-house production and web-based customer service will enable us to pass significant savings on to you.

Also, check out our custom vinyl banners; they are manufactured using the highest quality 13oz scrim and printed using premium level permanent UV inks. Direct print ensures your banner will remain vibrant and compelling for years.

What Makes Mesh Banners Different?

Vinyl Mesh Banners have a 70/30 ratio and are always your best option for outdoor events. A 70/30 ratio means the banner is 70 percent Vinyl Mesh and 30 percent air holes, allowing the banner to withstand mother nature. The banner weight is reasonably light and durable, and even with the perforated holes can still provide exceptional print quality for any consumer's printing needs. These Banners typically can last for years if taken care of and kept clean. Roll up and store your Mesh Banner in an out of the way corner when not in use!

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Frequently asked Questions


What is a mesh banner?

A mesh banner is a type of sign that hangs in front of an establishment. Mesh banners are typically made from lightweight materials, and they often have the ability to be seen from both sides. This type of sign is most commonly used by restaurants or bars as a form of outdoor advertising.

Are mesh banners see-through?

Both sides of the banner can be seen through, especially from the back. Mesh vinyl allows the sound to easily pass through without creating an echo or barrier, making it ideal for stage banners and concert banners, allowing you to cover your speakers and other music equipment.

How long do your mesh banners last?

With proper care, cleaning and storage, Foamcoreprint mesh banners can last years while still serving their advertising purpose. You can consider a Foamcoreprint mesh banner a good return on your investment.

What are mesh banners made of?

Mesh banners are made of a vinyl material that is stretched over a frame. The banner can be hung from the ceiling or displayed on an easel, depending on what you need it for.

What does a mesh banner look like?

A mesh banner is a type of banner that has many small holes in it, so you can see through the banner. The material often used to make these banners is nylon, vinyl or polyester.

Can your mesh banners be double-sided?

No. mesh banners can not be printed double-sided. However, we recommend printing on 18oz vinyl for double-sided. The single-sided option improves the overall quality of the graphical visuals and message displayed on the mesh banner.

Will my design lose any detail with the mesh material?

Yes. Your design will lose some slight visual appearance and depth of image. However, this is a reasonable trade-off for the strength, durability, and wind-resistant banner you will be getting in return.

Are your mesh banners handwoven?

No. Our mesh banners are machine-made, which is why they are high quality and durable. You will also experience timely delivery with us because of this.


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