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Custom Acrylic signs are a great way to display corporate logos in style. Use an acrylic sign as an amazing way to show high-end unique imagery. Read More

  • 1/4"
  • 1/8"
  • Flood White - Install from Inside $25.90
  • Spot White - Install from Inside $25.90
  • 1" All Corners $3.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $3.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $3.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $3.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $3.00
  • Circle $0.60
  • Oval $0.60
  • Special $19.42
  • Top & Bottom Center $3.00
  • Top Corners $3.00
  • All Corners $3.50
  • Stainless Steel Standoffs $18.95


Custom Acrylic Signs

Perhaps one of the most versatile materials out there, acrylic is a classic choice for any kind of signage a business might need. Use Acrylic signs for everything from tradeshow displays to indoor purchase signage. The flexible plastic from which the acrylic signs lends itself to just about any use. They are durable and frequently finished with a matte coating to make them stand out even more.

An Acrylic Sign For Every Use

An acrylic sign is an excellent choice for just about any business. is here to help if you consider purchasing this kind of signage, and you ought to know a bit of the material. Acrylic signs are made from a colorless cast polymer, similar to glass, but much more durable and lightweight. This polymer is then taken to a printer, where the acrylic sign will get your images reverse-printed directly to the substrate.

So, do you plan to display this sign in a high-traffic area or where customers will see it?

Depending upon where you plan to use the sign, you should consider purchasing one of our acrylic signs with a standoff. This transparent plastic or glass backing allows the sign to be mounted to a wall in an aesthetically pleasing manner. An acrylic sign with standoff has several purposes, most commonly as a corporate logo, directional sign in a building, or other internal use in an area where design and aesthetic decisions matter.

Of course, there is no limitation to our custom acrylic signage application. Due to the high-tech digital printing used, custom acrylic signage can showcase just about any message you would like. You are probably so accustomed to seeing this type of signage that you don't even recognize it anymore out in the world. However, anytime you go to a sporting event, industry show, or conference, chances are custom acrylic signs surround you.

Acrylic Sign Print Options

There are only two major print options, either flood white or spot white finish, for transparent substrates like acrylic or plexiglass. They are both wholly unique and achieve complete opposite results. Click to read our blog post for a more detailed look into spot white vs. flood white! The most crucial detail to note is if you intend on having transparency (clear) in the final design.

Spot White Install From Inside

Spot white means the white ink layer is only printed behind in select areas in the file where there are defined colors. The graphic artist controls what remains clear by leaving transparency and allowing the beautiful clear finish to show through the sign. Popular uses are listed below:

  • Logos
  • Business signs
  • Restaurant menu
  • Tradeshows
  • Corporate signage
spot white acrylic sign

Flood White Install From Inside

Flood white means the whole design area gets a complete coated UV layer of white ink. The ink will "flood" any clear or transparency in the file, converting them to white. If you had a photo to print, flood white is perfect for you! The full-color image gets printed on the first pass, and the second pass brings the flooded white to support the full-color inks.
  • Perferct for photos
  • Solid color graphics
  • Logos
  • Corporate office signs
  • lightboxes (illuminated outdoor signage)
flood white acrylic sign

Acrylic Sign Cut Options

Cut options are a fantastic way to enhance the shape of your final design. Cut options are always optional and are not a requirement for any order. Some cut finish like oval and circle cuts have automated options where no additional art setup is required. At the same time, halo (contour cuts) and "exact" cut options require advanced artwork setup. Here's a link to our guide on setting up cut files.

Halo Cut

Halo cuts have also been known to be called contour cuts. The design style is entirely custom to the shape, with a border (in most cases white) around the outside of the signs edge.
halo cut visual example

Circle Cut

The circle cut options indicate you would like perfectly cut round acrylic signs. There is no need to demonstrate the circle shape in the file or include a dieline. There is no additional artwork set, and we do ask you have a .25" bleed or upload a square design with colors flooded edge to edge of the artboard.
circle cut visual guide
special cut visual example

Special Cut

With a special cut, the design style is entirely custom to the shape, with no border on the exterior; they may have drill holes in special sizes or even unique placement of holes. The special cut allows you to control the shape of the sign's outside and inside cut paths.
circle cut visual guide

Oval Cut

Oval cuts are similar to the circle cuts above; however, the finish is an oval shape. In addition, there is no additional artwork set, and we do ask you include a .25" bleed or upload a rectangular design with colors flooded edge to edge of the artboard.
Rounded Corder Options

Rounded Corner Options

A rounded corner is a finish option that allows you to change the exterior shape of your design without having to make any alterations to your art file. The round corner radial bend options are as follows:

  • 1" All Corners
  • 3/4" All Corners
  • 1/2" All Corners
  • 1/4" All Corners
  • 3/8" All Corners

Hanging and Mounting Options

Acrylic and most outdoor business signs will be mounted with standard drill holes .25" in each corner and fastened with screws or bolts. However, you can opt for standoff hardware for a more elegant and unique feel. Standoffs are a bolt and screw system that allows for an off-the-wall float mount through .41" predrill holes in each sign corner.

Additional types of standard Acrylic and Plexiglass mounting options are as follows;

  • Flush mounted with double-sided velcro tape
  • Mounted with drill holes
  • Loctite
  • VHB acrylic tape (great for outdoor mounting)
  • Edge grip standoffs
  • Dual-Grip Sign Standoff
Clear acrylic sign mounted with standoffs

Common Sizes

Acrylic signs, like any material, have a maximum threshold size; the full sheet is 48x96". However, there is an additional 2" on all sizes of the sheet required for bleed. The "bleed" is required to print full-color edge to edge, allowing for clean lines around all borders of each manufactured sign. The maximum print area on a full sheet is 46x94". Standardized or commonly ordered sizes are listed below from smallest to largest:

  • 12" x 18"
  • 18" x 24"
  • 24" x 24"
  • 24" x 36"
  • 24" x 48"
  • 36" x 48"
  • 36" x 72"
  • 46 x 94" (max size)

Plexiglass Signs

Do you know the difference between an acrylic sign and a plexiglass sign?

A name used interchangeably with acrylic. Plexiglass is a brand name for the material from which these signs are derived. As its name would suggest, plexiglass is an alternative to glass that is just as durable and scratch-resistant with only half the weight. Plexiglass signs' versatility is because they are not glass but rather a form of plastic polymer.

Because of this, plexiglass signage is commonly a go-to for indoor and outdoor substrates.

While there are several brand names for the polymer polyacrylate, you've heard of plexiglass before, as it is the most common. Whatever your need, is happy to supply the plexiglass signage that will take your business to the next level.

Acrylic Signs Around The Office

Speaking of supplying signage, most of our customers looking for acrylic signage come to us for one of two purposes. While this material's uses are unlimited, most are looking for either acrylic wall signs or acrylic office signs. Acrylic wall signs, as mentioned above, are beneficial for corporate logos. When looking for this kind of signage, businesses often opt for a transparent Plexiglass sheet with their logo or message printed on its front and a standoff on the back, allowing them to mount it over a desk or in some other prominent location in the office. However, some choose to have each letter or symbol signage in their logo. These kinds of frosted acrylic office signs can make an excellent impression on your customers and visitors to your office.

The other primary use of this kind of material is acrylic wall signs. As you would imagine, these are for use internally. Most offices opt for a modern, clean-cut look nowadays, and these signs are perfect for that. Rather than having ugly door hangers or cheap plastic cards that slide in and out, aesthetically conscious offices opt for acrylic office signs. The scratch-resistant, translucent material allows for a flawless look, sporting whatever creative messaging you need. Even the standoffs are incorporated into the design. For instance, a school might use these signs to mark their administrative office, with the two words aligned between the studs from the standoff.

As you read through this, you probably had several different images in your mind of what your sign could appear. What does that picture look like in your head? Can you now put it into words when you describe the sign?
Whatever your need, there is a strong chance acrylic signage can provide a permanent and durable solution. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can solve your signage needs!

Care & Maintainance For Your Acrylic Signs

Cleaning and maintaining your Acrylic sign is simple and easy for someone to clean regularly. Here is a list of things you'll need, along with step by step instructions on how to clean and care:

Item List

  • Two microfiber cloths
  • One medium-size bowl
  • Dish soap (dove works great)
  • Hot or warm water, a bucket would be great.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Use the first microfiber cloth and warm water to wash off any easy-to-remove dirt.
  2. Place an empty bowl next to your Acrylic sign.
  3. Add dish soap into the bowl and add warm water.
  4. Soak the microfiber cloth in the soap and warm water and gently wipe down the face of the board.
  5. If you remove the sign from standoffs, do not rub or wipe too hard; pay attention not to scratch the inside ink surface layer.
  6. Take your second and final microfiber cloth and dry off all remaining water until dry to the touch.
  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 until you are happy with the results.
red micro fiber cloth care and maintain


If given the proper care and maintainance you should expect the lifespan of Acrylic signs to be 3 years but can vary depending on extreme weather, hail, and constant or direct sunlight.

Other Factors

  • Installed in a place without constant direct sunlight.
  • Installed adequately to a flat surface or post.
  • Exposure to contact abrasive products.
  • Proper care and maintenance are regularly performed.
3 year lifespan

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Frequently asked Questions


What are acrylic signs?

Acrylic signs are a type of sign that is made from an acrylic material. Acrylic signs can be cut to any shape and size, but the most common forms are square or rectangular. The colors on these signs may fade over time due to exposure to sunlight, so it is best to use UV-protected inks if you want your sign to last a long time. These signs are often used for outdoor signage because they can withstand rain and other weather conditions without fading or cracking.

What is plexiglass sign?

A Plexiglass sign refers to what is more commonly known as Acrylic. They are the same thing but unique brand names because they have special features that make one more desirable for a photo-quality finish. Acrylic is the only brand product we will offer in stock.

What are acrylic signs made from?

Acrylic is a type of plastic that can be made into various shapes. Acrylic signs are typically used for advertising businesses or products, and they are often seen in high-traffic areas such as airports, train stations, malls, schools, and hospitals.
The artist will first sketch the design on paper with a pencil to create an acrylic sign. The illustrated design is then transferred onto a sheet of clear acrylic using carbon paper or tracing paper placed between the two sheets of material.

Plexiglass vs Acrylic vs Polycarbonate

All of these trademarked branded products are the same on appearance alone. They all seem very similar to glass yet have rugged, clear plastic features. They all will give you the same outcome on print quality, but you'll have to get down to the science of each unique product and its characteristics to find the best solution for your project. Below is a breakdown of some fantastic product facts you can dive into:

  • Ultra-high gloss more so than Polycarbonate
  • Water like finish 
  • Indoor Applications
  • Gloss or matte finish
  • Non-Glare perfect for framing
  • Offer more scratch resistance than Polycarbonate 
  • 10x more impact resistance than glass
  • UV resistant best for Indoor and Outdoor applications
  • Gloss only
  • Light-Diffusing/Sign-Grade Acrylic Sheet
  • scratch resistance 
  • Anti-Fog
  • 250x more impact resistance than glass
  • Outdoor applications 
  • Ultra heavy-duty, commercial-grade usage (Some Polycarbonate is even utilized as Bulletproof glass in armor vehicles)
  • Gloss or matte finish

How thick are acrylic signs?

Acrylic is a type of plastic. Acrylic signs are often made from the same material as acrylic paint, which is also a type of plastic. Acrylic signs can be anywhere between 0.2mm and 6mm thick, depending on the thickness of the plastic used to make them and how many layers of it are applied to create a sign.

How do you make an acrylic sign stand?

Acrylic signs can be made to stand and displayed vertically from a handful of methods, the most popular, affordable way being a simple wooden base sign holder. Here's a list of the most common ways to make an acrylic sign stand:

  • Acrylic display stand
  • Wood base acrylic sign hold
  • Acrylic stand off wall mount
  • Stand up sign holders

Are acrylic signs durable?

Acrylic signs are very durable and can last for a long time. Acrylic is resistant to fading, water, heat, chemicals, and other environmental factors. The only thing that will cause an acrylic sign to break down is exposure to UV light for too long of a time.

Is there a difference between acrylic and plexiglass?

There are many differences between acrylic and plexiglass. Acrylic is a type of plastic, while plexiglass is made out of polycarbonate which is a type of plastic. The difference in the two materials can be seen through their different properties such as hardness or flexibility. Plexiglass has a higher clarity than acrylic, but it also scratches easier than acrylic does.

What do acrylic signs cost?

Acrylic signs with full-color print cost $24.80 per sqft and can be as low as $18.91 an sqft depending on the volume at the time of purchase.
Acrylic Sign Cost Breakdown
Units Size Cost Per Unit Sqft Discount Subtotal Total
1 12x12" $24.80   $24.80
50 12x12" $24.06 -$36.81 $1,203.00
200 12x12" $21.86 -$589.00 $4,372.00
400 12x12" $18.91 -$2,356.00 $7,564.00

Are acrylic signs waterproof?

No Acrylic signs are not waterproof; they are, however, weather and chemical resistant. Acrylic signs are designed for long-term use outdoors and have a thin layer of UV-resistant protection to help cut the UV light from the intense sun.

How do you hang an acrylic sign?

Now that's an easy one, standoffs, of course! Standoffs are the most common method you can use to hand your acrylic sign. A standoff looks like a complicated version of a screw, and it is. It's a separator that's threaded. What are standoffs? They come in different lengths to raise one material over another. They consist of a wall screw, barrel, and cap, usually stainless steel or aluminum. Please take a closer look in detail with images at our blog post.

How do you mount custom acrylic signs?

Mounting custom acrylic signs depends on how much freedom you have at the installation site. If you can flush mount using screws, the best option is standoff hadrware. 
Standoff Acrylic Mounted Sign

How large are the standoff holes and where are they placed?

Standoff holes are .41" and placed .75" on center from each corner the option is selected. Products over 36" will get six standoffs total, 3 standoffs on top and 3 on the bottom. Immediately after your purchase, you will upload your graphics and see a visual representation of the standoff holes in the online proofing stage.

Can you put acrylic signs outside?

Yes, that exactly what acrylic were made for! Custom acrylic signs are design for long term use outdoors and have a thin layer of UV resistant protection to help cut the UV light from the intense sun.

What is a cut option?

A Cut option is not required; it is a unique finishing option for shapes other than squares or rectangles. Here is a list of Cut options styles;

  1. Circle-Cut (perfect circles) We prefer you submit full-scale square designs with your colors flooded edge to edge; you will see the final circle layout in the proofing process.
  2. Oval-Cut (perfect ovals) same as the circle above; we prefer you submit full-scale rectangle designs with your colors flooded edge to edge.
  3. Halo-Cut (you are in control of the path the CNC machine takes, unique custom outside shape) 
  4. Special-Cut (custom shape, inside and outside cuts are okay) Both Special & Halo Cuts require additional art set up; check out How to Set Up-Cut Files.

Do drill holes go all the way through the board?

Yes, drill holes go all the way through the board. Drill holes are designed with screws and bolts to secure the signage safely to a pole or wall.

How big are the drill holes and where are they placed?

Drill holes are .25" and placed .75" on center from each corner the option is selected. Immediately after your purchase, you will upload your graphics and see a visual representation of the holes in the online proofing stage.

Can I drill my own holes in acrylic?

Yes, you can. While the acrylic material is fairly easy to drill through with the proper home drill and bits It is not recommended.

Does acrylic come in matte finish?

No at this time we do not offer acrylic in matte.

What type of finish does Acrylic have?

Acrylic naturally has a gloss finish, full-color print images looks amazing. If your looking to turn heads with style Acrylic signs are for you!

What is the turnaround or lead time for custom acrylic signs?

Standard turn around is 3 business days and is based on the approval of the art file for the order, not the time of purchase. We do offer next day turnaround as well as same day production. The cut off time for production to begin is 10am PST for "standard" 3 day turnaround, 8am for next day & same day production. The website is fully automated and will generate pricing when you add items to cart so the best way to get pricing is to add all items to your cart and "proceed to checkout" to update your zip code for shipping & turnaround options for grand total pricing.

How do I upload Artwork?

You will need to place the order and fully complete the transaction. Once the order has been placed, you will be directed to the Upload Artwork page. From there, you will be able to upload your artwork and view the pre-proof. 

In proofing, you can scale, stretch, and adjust the file to fit if any scaling is needed. If everything looks great, go ahead and send your artwork to print, and production will begin. You can remove and upload as many times as you like; production will not start until you approve the proofs.

What are the best or acceptable file formats for the best results?

File types accepted: Photoshop (PSD, TIFF, EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG) Illustrator (AI, PDF, with all fonts outlined) Any other graphic program capable of creating a PDF, TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PNG, SVG file. Our preferred file format is a Print-ready Vector PDF set up in CMYK with bleed.

What if I need help with a design?

Great question! We now offer a FREE ONLINE DESIGN TOOL its very easy to use and it will allow you to upload designs and create vector files that print flawlessly. As an additional option we do have an in house graphics team that can help create the design of your dream, start a chat or email the details of your requests to schedule a phone call to go over pricing and the final details.

What if I have a question about a proof?

Great question! Please DO NOT send art files to print if you have any questions about your online proofs. Please contact us via live chat, email at, or call 855-465-7744 before sending files to print. There is a 10 min window approved proofs can be removed and taken out of the production line; clients can remove approved art files within the 10 min window from the user dashboard in the order history tab.

How do I remove an Approved online proof?

There is a 10 min window after proofs are approved where they can be removed and taken out of the production line; clients can remove any approved art files within the 10 minutes of approval of that specific art file. 

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. User Dashboard 
  3. Order History  
  4. Locate the Order# in question.
  5. Click "See All Jobs / Details"
  6. Under the Actions section, if the "Replace Artwork" is RED, you are inside the 10-minute window and CAN remove the file by selecting the button.
  7. If the "Replace Artwork" button is "Grayed Out," it is past the time of removal, and production has begun.


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