Calibration Pattern Generator

Generate perfect CMYK print-ready PDFs for print-at-home tests, office, or large format printing. Select a camera calibration pattern type, insert your specific requirements and begin designing downloadable full-scale vector PDFs. Such an easy-to-use interface makes generating the perfect target for your needs a breeze.

Step one how to order calibration target board

Helpful Tips

  • Begin with inputting your tag, marker, or checker size.
  • Always use the "Calculated Board Size" feature. Using the calculated board size will always allow for an even, symmetrical board with enough white spacing around the markers, allowing easier detection.
  • Adjust the number of columns (left to right) and rows (top to bottom) to match the desired ratio.
  • Use the "Calculated Board Size" as a point of reference for the final exterior dimension for the board.

  • If using an at-home or office printer, you may want to be sure the final board size matches the size of the paper in the printer. In addition, be sure no scaling or rasterizing is applied to the vector PDF before print.

  • Click Download Your PDF.

  • When downloading a PDF for use on FoamCorePrint's calibration target boards, use the "Calculated Board Size" for your "Order size." Ordering the correct board size will ensure the file will not be scaled up or down.

  • After checking out and uploading your PDF to your order, please double-check the "file size" matches the "order size" before sending the proof to print.

Step two how to order calibration target board
Step three how to order calibration target board

Once You Have Input Your Specific Needs Above In The Design Tool And Have Generated Your PDF, Click The Link Below And Complete Your Transaction. After Checkout, The System Will Ask You To Upload Your Vector PDF To Proof Your File. If The File Size Matches The Order Size, The File Will NOT Be Scaled Up Or Down In Any Way.