Camera Calibration Pattern Generator - Online Pattern Creator!

Camera Calibration Pattern Generator

Generate Checkerboards & AprilTags Patterns Online

Customize a pattern to match your application perfectly. Once you've settled on a design, modify each detail, including your board's dimensions (height & width), the number of rows and columns, and so much more.

To place your order, click "add to cart," view, and approve your online proof. Update your shipping information and complete your purchase. From there, we can begin printing your Checkerboard & Apriltag targets, pack them safely and ship them directly to your door! If you have questions or would like assistance ordering your professional calibration target, start a live chat, email, or call toll-free 855-465-7744.

Camera Calibration Pattern Generator

Easy To Use AprilTag & Checker Generator

Our java based tools are easy-to-use. Without programming, anyone can easily create a pattern online in minutes!

Available Pattern Types

Our current pattern types include:

  • Checkerboard Generator

  • AprilTag Generator - Classic AprilTag 2 (gen1) & AprilTag 3 (gen2))

Generate Your Own Checkerboards

Generate Your Own Checkerboards

Use our checkerboard generator to design and print your own checkboard targets online.

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Generate AprilTags in Custom Layouts

Generate AprilTags in Custom Layouts

Design your Apriltags the way you want them. Select your tag family and update your preferences, such as border bits, height & width, marker or tag size, and SymmCorners.

  • Single markers from 4"x4" to 48"x48."

  • Custom apriltag layouts for large fields of view up to 96"x48."

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Helpful Design Tips

  • Begin with selecting your grid type, and enter your tag, marker, or checker size.

  • Always use the default "Calculated Board Size" option. This feature provides you with an even symmetrical board with enough white spacing around the markers, allowing for easier detection.

  • Adjust the number of columns (left to right) and rows (top to bottom) to fit within your desired field of view.

  • FoamCorePrint allows customers to upload their own files for calibration targets. However, we suggest that customers use our online tool to place their orders to ensure optimal results.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I download a printable PDF file of my design?

Once you've completed your design, we highly suggest you save the file and try printing your design at home. Additionally, you can measure your downloaded PDF document to confirm its accuracy. Please Note: Be sure to disable any page scaling when downloading PDF files to print on an inkjet printer, as this confirms your printer driver does not apply any scaling to your document. This process will ensure your new checker design properly matches your application's use.

Do you have a checkerboard generator?

Yes, we do, and our online tool is free and easy to use.

  1. Select the drop-down menu under "Select Grid Type" and choose "Checkerboard." 

  2. Enter the desired number of columns required for your application

  3. Now select the number of rows

  4. Finally, input the desired Checker Width; this dimension is in millimeters.

Do you have an AprilTag generator?

Yes, we do have an online free Apriltag generator. It is straightforward to use and highly accurate.