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Backlit FIlm Printing
Backlit Film Printing
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Backlit Film Printing is for displays and directories are very popular in malls, financial institutions, restaurants, airport backlit displays, trade show exhibits and special events. Read More

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Custom Backlit Poster Printing

Backlit film is the best and the only advertising medium for lightboxes to have light illuminate your messaging from behind. They are commonly used at malls and movie theatres to make the advertisement visible and provide a surreal glow of light. We print ours on high quality non-adhesive 10 ml backlit film material, which is much more durable and has better messaging than the 8 ml industry standard, which tends to curl.

Ideal Use Cases for Backlit Film

Backlit Films are lightweight vinyl materials that make them weather resistant and highly durable. They are a fantastic eye-catching way to display information in a captivating way that is effective throughout the day, not just at night. Backlit Film Printing is an everyday use case that is becoming more popular is for several industries, to name a few;

  • Movie Posters at theaters
  • Menu boards at a local diner
  • Eye-catching table centerpieces at a corporate event

Directories are prevalent in malls, and financial institutions, restaurants, airport backlit displays, trade show exhibits, and special events.

Backlit Poster Benefits

The illumination behind the poster can bring aspects of the sign or graphic to particular light that regular posters cannot do. There is an enhanced vibrancy with the backlight that makes the message hard to forget; hence, it is used in places with a lot of stimulation, like malls or airports.

What to Expect from FoamCorePrint’s Backlit Printing Services

We’re confident that our product and service will be enough for your use cases. Highly customizable, our backlit prints will capture the eyes of traffic so that your poster is prominent and memorable by using all available colors and customizable designs and pictures.

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Frequently asked Questions


What is backlit film printing?

Backlit film printing is a type of print that uses a light source behind the paper to create an image. The paper is placed on top of a screen and it blocks out areas where there are not any images.
Backlit film printing is used for posters, banners, business details, large format graphics and more. It's also called reverse-process because the ink goes against what you would expect when looking at traditional lithography methods.

What are backlit posters made of?

The graphics are printed on a matte polyester film with a thickness of 9 mil, which generates visuals that are brilliant and vibrant. This backlit poster is constructed of an opaque material that has remarkable light diffusion capabilities, making it suitable for use both indoors and out. It may be used both indoors and outdoors.

What is the difference between backlit and frontlit?

Backlit is very similar to frontlit. Backlit fabric allows for more light to pass through than regular cloth because the major light source is located behind the banner. This is particularly handy if you need to conceal light sources such as spotlights behind a banner owing to a shortage of available space, for aesthetic or safety reasons.

What are the benefits of backlit film printing?

The benefits of backlit film printing are that it is cheaper, more efficient, and produces a better quality print.

Backlit film printing produces amazing images by printing on one side of the film with a glossy finish and the other side with a matte finish. The finished piece appears to have been illuminated from behind, resulting in a stunning variety of contrast and color. Colors and text will leap out at the spectator when they are illuminated by a diffused light source contained within a box.

Why is backlit film printing better than traditional digital printing?

Backlit film printing is better than traditional digital printing because it can be used to print on many different types of surfaces. It also has a wider color range and produces sharper images, which makes the final product look more professional.


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