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Brushed metal signs are a great way for your business to stand out from the rest. Use standoffs to add a 3D effect when mounting your aluminum signage. Read More

  • 1/8"
  • Halo $27.36
  • Circle $0.60
  • Oval $0.60
  • Special $27.36
  • Stainless Steel Standoffs $18.95
  • 1" All Corners $3.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $3.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $3.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $3.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $3.00
  • Top Corners $2.50
  • Top & Bottom Center $2.50
  • All Corners Only $3.00
  • Top Center $2.00
  • Top & Bottom Center $3.00
  • Top Corners $3.00
  • All Corners $3.50
  • Spot White $36.48
  • Transparent $0.00


Custom Brushed Aluminum Signs

Custom signage is critical for any business, especially for companies with customer-facing operations. Perhaps because of this, there are many different materials that you can have a sign made of. For that reason, you need to think long and hard about the kinds of materials that will go into how you present your business. is here to help answer any questions you may have as you examine all our products and decide which is best for your business.

One of the most aesthetically appealing yet durable materials is brushed aluminum. Brushed aluminum comprises a durable polyethylene core and two aluminum sheets on either side. Aluminum has a metallic brush finish that creates a beautiful and professional appearance. The solid polyethylene core adds much more durability than a few aluminum sheets would otherwise provide by themselves without ruining the presentation. For this reason, brushed aluminum is one of the most popular types of material used today for business aluminum signs.

** NOTE All FoamCorePrints's Brushed aluminum is 1/8" ACM material; for more information about ACM material's specs, please read the FAQ at the bottom.

The Benifits of Brushed Aluminum Signs

Brushed aluminum signs are an elegant and appealing design choice. We supply custom brushed aluminum signs in any size and even have options for unique custom shapes cut to your specifications. For instance, many of our customers use brushed aluminum signs for indoor and outdoor use when showing their logo and name, parking lot and room markings, and other aluminum signs usage. Whatever the job, our brushed aluminum sign will satisfy your business needs.
When you purchase brushed signs from, you want to ensure that your brushed metal signs stay in mint condition. You can clean brushed aluminum signs with any damp non-abrasive cleaning cloth. Precleaning will remove any dirt and dust buildup and ensure that the aluminum sign, your aluminum logo, or aluminum letters look shiny. The best way to avoid scratches and other forms of damage to your brushed aluminum sign is by hanging it in the proper location. When you hang the aluminum signs, place them somewhere high and out of the way. Keeping them out of the course will help avoid bumps and other accidental damage.

Getting Creative With A Brushed Aluminum Sign

Of course, not all uses of this kind of aluminum signs have to be for business. Many homes have gotten a significant boost to their aesthetic and decorative appeal from a brushed aluminum print. This is similar to what you would get with signs, except you can have whatever image you like custom printed on the face of it—giving you a highly durable and unique way of displaying these pictures.

You submit your photo to, and we will use our advanced digital UV printers to print your unique graphic onto the rigid surface of brushed aluminum signs. After the brushed aluminum sign is treated, your finished product will shine beautifully. If you're looking for a refreshing and unique gift idea, brushed aluminum signs are also the perfect fit.
Brushed Aluminum Sign

Brushed Aluminum Finishing Options

Spot White Finish

  • A spot white finish is a process where a layer of white ink is printed before the colors defined in the artwork; this process blocks out any brushed finish. Any areas in the left transparent file would allow the beautiful brushed finish to show through.
Brushed aluminum sign with a spot white finish

Transparent Finish

  • No supporting white layer is used on a transparent finish, and in fact, white ink color is completely ignored. The brushed finish will shows where and if white is present in the file used for the brushed aluminum signage. If you have white in your print-ready file you MUST used the spot white finish.
Brushed aluminum sign with a transparent finish no white ink

Brushed Metal Cut Options

Cut options are a fantastic way to enhance the shape of your final design. Cut options are always optional and are not a requirement for any order. Some cut finish like oval and circle cuts have automated options where no additional art setup is required. At the same time, halo (contour cuts) options need an advanced artwork setup. Here's a link to our guide on setting up cut files.

Halo Cut

Halo cuts have also been known to be called contour cuts. The style of the design is entirely custom to the shape, with a border around the outside of the signage.
halo cut visual example

Circle Cut

Circle cut options indicate the signage is cut into perfect round circle-shaped signs. There is no need to indicate the circle shape in the file or include a dieline. There is no additional artwork set, and we do ask you have a .25" bleed or upload a square design with colors flooded edge to edge of the artboard.
halo cut visual example

Rounded Corner Options

A rounded corner is a finish option that allows you to change the exterior shape of your design without having to make any alterations to your art file. The round corner radial bend options are as follows:

  • 1" All Corners
  • 3/4" All Corners
  • 1/2" All Corners
  • 1/4" All Corners
  • 3/8" All Corners
Visual Rounded Corner Options

Hanging Brushed Metal Signs

If you are seriously considering ordering a brushed metal sign, you should know where you want to hang it. The first step in this process will be deciding what size of aluminum sign you would like. Imagine where it will go in your room or office, and think of what would fit that space best. It may help measure the wall space and see what looks proportionately sized.

You must also consider color contrasts and other design issues with your brushed metal sign. If you want help visualizing it, you can upload an image of your picture of doing a rough design of your aluminum sign and see a digital version of how it will appear in real life. Pre-proofing can help your visualization process and help with planning. It helps to think of the room as a whole and consider how each individual, discrete part fits into that.

Of course, you still aren't done once you have the colors and sizing picked out. It would help if you also considered how you would hang your brushed aluminum signs. Most of our customers use standoffs, small cylindrical pegs that you can mount a screw through and hang the sign on. These custom signs are designed to be attractive to the eye and provide a solid foundation for the sign. Of course, you could also opt for a more traditional way to hang the aluminum sign.

However you go about hanging brushed metal signs, they are sure to be a great addition that completes your home or office. These metal aluminum signs are perfect for commercial or personal use and will stand the test of time indoors or out. is your partner for all your printing needs!

Close up of our standoff hardware

How large are the standoff and drill holes?

The drill hole option makes .25" drill holes which are perfect for mounting with screws to flat mount to the wall or stucco. The drill hole option is not compatible with the holes needed for customer proved standoffs. Standard standoff holes are a bit larger .41" and can vary depending the hardware being selected. It is important if you have your own standoffs to research the diameter of the hardware and order with a special cut option and include accurate full scale drill holes needed for the standoff hardware you have selected.


If the proper steps are followed on installation, you should expect the lifespan of Brushed and standard Dibond signs to be 5 to 7 years but can vary depending on extreme weather, hail, and constant direct sunlight. Use our UV gloss coating for additional protection from the sun.

Other Factors

  • Indoor or Outdoor application
  • Installed in a place without constant direct sunlight.
  • Installed adequately to a flat surface or post.
  • Exposure to contact abrasive products
Dibond Lifespan 5-7 years

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Frequently asked Questions


What is brushed aluminum?

Brushed aluminum is a trademarked brand of aluminum composite material. Unlike the standard aluminum, brushed aluminum signage comprises two sheets of aluminum, reinforced plastic core, or PVC with a layer of polyethylene sandwiched in between that makes it extremely durable. The front, back, and solid polyethylene core of brushed aluminum have been sealed with an adhesive, creating a tight, long-lasting bond. Read more about What you need to know about Dibond signs.

What type of aluminum is used for signs?

Standard aluminum used for brushed aluminum signs is ACM (aluminum composite material); Dibond is a trademarked brand of aluminum composite material manufactured by 3A Composites and is considered "branded." In contrast, ACM would be regarded as "generic." only uses genuine Dibond to manufacture brushed aluminum signs.

Is brushed aluminum durable?

Yes, brushed aluminum is highly durable and has the most extended lifespan of any brushed metal signst in the printing industry. Dibond's Lifespan stretches anywhere from 5-10 years, depending on upkeep, servicing, and most importantly, the sign's environment. Brushed aluminum though is easy to scratch, that's why it is mostly used indoors, where it serves for many years with proper care. However, apart from this fact, brushed aluminum is equally durable as standard aluminum panel sheet.

Will an aluminum sign rust?

No, aluminum sign will not rust. Aluminum sign is made from waterproof and weatherproof composite sign materials and will not rust. As such, aluminum sign is most durable, even in moist conditions.

How do you make aluminum signs?

Easy! Make your brushed aluminum signs with us! Add your aluminum sign to the cart in the size you need, check out, and upload your PDF. It's that simple! Visit and make custom brushed aluminum signs today!

Can I order a double-sided aluminum sign?

Yes, you can print double-sided on the aluminum sign just like with regular aluminum signs. Ordering double-sided custom brushed aluminum sign is straightforward; select our "Print on Back" option when adding the aluminum sign to the cart. After you have completed check out, the site will direct you to upload your art file, where you can upload as many unique front and back files as you like.

How much does a metal sign cost?

The start price of metal sign cost with full-color direct print costs $45.22 per sqft and can be as low as $21.25 a sqft.
Metal Sign Cost
Units Size Cost Per Unit Sqft Discount Subtotal Total
1 12x12" $45.22   $45.22
100 12x12" $44.26 -$95.88 $4,426.10
500 12x12" $40.43 -$2,397.00 $20,213.00
1250 12x12" $33.23 -$14,981.25 $41,543.75
2500 12x12" $21.25 -$59,925.00 $53,125.00

What is laminated aluminum sign?

A laminated aluminum sign is the process of printing on 3m adhesive back vinyl film and then mounted to the aluminum sheets after the graphic is mounted to the standard aluminum an additional protective film to protect against weather elements. 

What is a brushed metal print?

A brushed metal print is another term for a fine art metal print or even brushed aluminum signs. Simply put, a brushed metal print is a sign constructed from aluminum or sometimes or metal alloy.

How do you get brushed Aluminium finish?

Easy! We print your desgins in full color will be printed directly onto the surface of Brushed aluminum at 1000 dpi. In the printing industry, using flatbed UV digital printers is referred to as "Direct to Substrate Printing."

Is Dibond a metal sign for businesses?

Yes, Dibond is considered a metal sign and is excellent for businesses. Brushed metal signs for businesses are made from Dibond because of its rugged and weather resistance properties. Dibond is fade-resistant, weather-resistant, and incredibly durable and can be used on both exterior and interior signage. Expect 5-10 years out of your brushed metal signs. An aluminum sign constitutes an effective tool for any enterprise to communicate its vision and represent its identity. 

What are the brushed aluminum thickness options?

At this time, the brushed aluminum thickness option is 1/8" or .125" thick. Custom brushed aluminum signs are not available in any other thickness options.

What material is ACM?

ACM is an abbreviation for Aluminum Composite Material; ACM (also known as Dibond) comprises two thin sheets of aluminum sandwiched and a solid, dense polyethylene core.

What is Dibond?

Dibond is a trademarked brand of ACM comprised of two thin sheets of aluminum sandwiched together with a solid polyethylene core manufactured by 3A Composites.

What is the physical weight of 1/8" Brushed Dibond per sqft?

The physical weight of .125" Dibond is 0.78125 lbs per ft.². The formula for weight calculation on your specif dimension product can be figured by multiplying your length x width divided by 144 = Your Physical Weight.

Is a brushed aluminum sign waterproof?

Yes, brushed aluminum signs is water, rust and weather proof. An aluminum sign is light, resist extreme weather with ease, and still retain their initial quality and vibrancy. This effect gives brushed aluminum extra appeal. 

What is the print option spot white?

​A print option is a critical finishing option when purchasing a brushed aluminum sign that will determine the final look of your sign. Most substrates are white, to begin with, making them a perfect canvas for direct print. Textured materials like brushed aluminum tend to allow the board's texture to show through the ink. A spot white lay of ink is required to "block out" the textured surface behind the color ink layer. Without a white layer of supporting ink, the final appearance of the sign would allow the brushed aluminum texture to show through the color in your design.
Spot White Print Option
brushed aluminum spot white
"Spot white" is a printing term that refers to the white ink layer printed in select areas in the file where there are defined CMYK colors. This means the graphic artist controls what remains to hold the brushed metal textured finish by leaving those areas transparent on the print-ready file.

Do drill holes go all the way through the sign?

Yes, drilled holes should go all the way through the board. The drilled holes are designed with screws and bolts to secure the brushed aluminum sign safely to a pole or wall.

How big are the drill holes and where are they placed?

Drilled holes are .25" and placed .75" on center from each corner the option is selected. Immediately after your purchase, you will upload your graphics and see a visual representation of the holes in the online proofing stage.

Can I drill my own holes in brushed aluminum signs?

Yes, you can. While brushed aluminum material is fairly easy to drill through with the proper home drill and metal bits It is not recommended.

What are standoffs?

A standoff looks like a complicated version of a screw, and it is. It’s a separator that’s threaded. They come in different lengths to raise one material over another. They consist of a wall screw, barrel, and cap, usually made of aluminum.

How large are the standoff holes and where are they placed?

Standoff holes are .41" and placed .75" on center from each corner the option is selected. Immediately after your purchase, you will upload your graphics and see a visual representation of the standoff holes in the online proofing stage.

What are rounded corners?

visual of rounder corner potoionsRounded corners refer to the finish of the physical board itself. The edges will have a nice straight cut finish without rounded corners, where round allows smooth rounded corners. The measurements refer to the corners' severity or degrees (radial bend). Rounded corner sizes from less to more dramatic corners;

  • 1/4"
  • 3/8"
  • 1/2" standard
  • 3/4"
  • 1"

What is a cut option?

A Cut option is not required; it is a unique finishing option for shapes other than squares or rectangles. Here is a list of Cut options styles;

  1. Circle-Cut (perfect circles) We prefer you submit full-scale square designs with your colors flooded edge to edge; you will see the final circle layout in the proofing process.
  2. Oval-Cut (perfect ovals) same as the circle above; we prefer you submit full-scale rectangle designs with your colors flooded edge to edge.
  3. Halo-Cut (you are in control of the path the CNC machine takes, unique custom outside shape) 
  4. Special-Cut (custom shape, inside and outside cuts are okay) Both Special & Halo Cuts require additional art set up; check out How to Set Up-Cut Files.

Does Dibond come in matte or gloss finish?

Brushed aluminum Dibond is only available in matte finish. In comparison, standard Dibond is only available in a gloss finish, while the inks will remain to appear matte. We do not have an option for a UV gloss finish on brushed aluminum signs at this time.

What size do brushed aluminum signs come in?

Everything Foam Core Print offers is manufactured to spec or "custom to order," meaning the clients selects the exact finish size down to 100th of an inch. We can manufacture as small as 4x4" and as large on one sheet at 46x94".

What is the turnaround or lead time for metal signs?

Standard turn around for brushed aluminum signs is 3 business days and is based on the approval of the art file for the order, not the time of purchase. We do offer next day turnaround as well as same day production. The cut off time for production to begin is 10am PST for "standard" 3 day turnaround, 8am for next day & same day production. The website is fully automated and will generate pricing when you add items to cart so the best way to get pricing is to add all items to your cart and "proceed to checkout" to update your zip code for shipping & turnaround options for grand total pricing.

How do I upload Artwork?

You will need to place the order and fully complete the transaction. Once the order has been placed, you will be directed to the Upload Artwork page. From there, you will be able to upload your brushed aluminum signs artwork and view the pre-proof. 

In proofing, you can scale, stretch, and adjust the file to fit if any scaling is needed. If your brushed aluminum sign looks great, go ahead and send your artwork to print, and production will begin. You can remove and upload as many times as you like; production will not start until you approve the proofs.

What are the best or acceptable file formats for the best results?

File types accepted for your custom signs: Photoshop (PSD, TIFF, EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG) Illustrator (AI, PDF, with all fonts outlined) Any other graphic program capable of creating a PDF, TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PNG, SVG file. Our preferred file format is a Print-ready Vector PDF set up in CMYK with bleed.

What if I need help with a design?

Great question! We now offer a FREE ONLINE DESIGN TOOL its very easy to use and it will allow you to upload brushed aluminum signs designs and create vector files that print flawlessly. As an additional option we do have an in house graphics team that can help create the design of your custom signs, start a chat or email the details of your requests to schedule a phone call to go over pricing and the final details for your brushed aluminum sign creation.

What if I have a question about a proof?

Great question! Please DO NOT send your brushed aluminum signs art files to print if you have any questions about your online proofs. Please contact us via live chat, email at, or call 855-465-7744 before sending files to print. There is a 10 min window approved proofs can be removed and taken out of the production line; clients can remove approved art files within the 10 min window from the user dashboard in the order history tab.

How do I remove an Approved online proof?

There is a 10 min window after proofs are approved where they can be removed and taken out of the production line; clients can remove any approved brushed aluminum signs art files within the 10 minutes of approval of that specific art file. 

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. User Dashboard 
  3. Order History  
  4. Locate the Order# in question.
  5. Click "See All Jobs / Details"
  6. Under the Actions section, if the "Replace Artwork" is RED, you are inside the 10-minute window and CAN remove the file by selecting the button.
  7. If the "Replace Artwork" button is "Grayed Out," it is past the time of removal, and production has begun.


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