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Showcase your favorite memories and impress guests with stunning photos printed in HD acrylic prints. With just a few clicks, you can easily upload your digital images and transform them into elegant fine art. These prints are perfect for creating personalized gifts, Christmas presents, and more! Read More

  • 1/4"
  • 1/8"
  • Flood White - Install from Inside $25.90
  • Spot White - Install from Inside $25.90
  • 1" All Corners $3.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $3.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $3.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $3.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $3.00
  • Circle $0.60
  • Oval $0.60
  • Special $19.42
  • Top & Bottom Center $3.00
  • Top Corners $3.00
  • All Corners $3.50
  • Stainless Steel Standoffs $18.95


Custom Acrylic Prints

High-quality Acrylic Printing with Fade-Resistant Latex Inks

Indoor / Outdoor - Fully Customizable - Same-Day Production & Fast Shipping

  • Create your own acrylic photo prints online

  • Vibrant colors, printed directly onto acrylic glass

  • Custom size options in two thicknesses (1/8" and 1/4")

  • Gorgeous Acrylic Glass Look

Special Finish Options

  • Rounded Corners

  • Custom cut styles include Halo (custom cut with border), circle, oval, and special cuts (custom cuts along the inside & outside perimeter)

Mounting & Hanging Options

  • Drilled Holes: Top and bottom Center, Top Corners, and all Corners

  • Hardware: Stainless Steel Standoffs - Size (3/4" x 1")

Top-Quality Acrylic Printing: Transform Your Photos into Modern Wall Art

Looking for a sturdy, visually compelling solution for your photo display needs? Look no further. Photographers and interior designers favor our custom acrylic prints for their resilience and crystal-clear visuals. They are designed to make any image pop with vivid detail without the complicated order process. Our method ensures a glossy finish while preserving image clarity from corner to corner. This means you get breathtaking, enduring quality every time. Turn your photos into striking wall art with our high-quality acrylic prints today!

Acrylic Prints Features


Our acrylic prints are designed to stand the test of time, offering a perfect blend of durability and resilience. They are built to withstand years of display, indoors or outdoors, maintaining their vibrant colors and crystal-clear details.

High Resolution & Clarity

Our advanced HP latex printers print your design on the inside surface, protecting it from wear and tear. This method enhances lifespan and impressive luminosity, ensuring your design's enduring appeal for years.

Standoff Display

Our professional metal standoffs at each corner of your print allow for effortless wall mounting. Pre-drilled .41" holes are already in place to give your display setting a polished and professional look.

Perfect Thickness

These acrylic prints come in two popular thickness options, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs. 1/8" is sleek and lightweight, but 1/4" is hardwearing and ideal for adding depth to your prints!

Acrylic Photo Prints Technical Specifications

  • Material Thickness: 1/8", and 1/4"
  • Physical Weight: 0.064, and 1.281 lbs per ft.²

  • Panel Type: Shatter-resistant glass-like acrylic sheets

  • Panel Color: Transparent

  • Print Type: Full-color printing on the reverse side with Latex Inks, offering spot white or flood white finish options for a smooth and vibrant result.

  • Finish Style: Glossy Finish

  • Use: Indoor or outdoors with sturdy construction hardwearing for personal custom artwork, business logo, or office signage such as wayfinding, nameplates, and warning signs.

Why Choose Us for Your HD Acrylic Prints?

Reverse Printed

Our reverse printing method prints your image on the inside of the acrylic. This protects your image from scratches, physical damage, and UV rays, ensuring lasting vibrancy and clarity.

Custom Sizes & Shapes

Get your prints in any size from 6" x 6" to 48" x 96", in any shape you desire. Break free from standard squares or rectangles with our halo cut option. Provide a dieline for our CNC machine to create eye-catching, unique pieces. Just follow our simple guidelines for preparing cut files, and your order will be a flawless success.

Luminous Appearance

HD Acrylic prints are renowned for their luminous appearance. The high-definition printing on the clear acrylic surface produces a vibrant, radiant display that brings images to life in stunning detail.

Guaranteed Quality Everytime

With an unwavering commitment to quality, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. If not, we'll make it right by reprinting your order. Discover more about our quality guarantee here.

Two Ways to Design & Order Your Acrylic Prints Online

Upload Your Artwork

The sky is the limit when it comes to your designs. We allow you to create and upload your designs in just a few clicks. Click the "Upload my artwork" button below to view your free digital proof quickly. We suggest full-scale PDFs in CMYK at 300 dpi to ensure the best acrylic prints possible!

Upload My Artwork

Online Desing Tool

Our online design tool should help you customize your acrylic prints in minutes. It is intuitive and creates head-turning custom acrylic prints in the shortest time.

Below are the features of the design tool.

  • Easy to use

  • Choose from thousands of stock photos.

  • Add logos and swap clipart, colors, backgrounds, icons, upload photos, and more.

Design Online
Vibrant acrylic photo print with vivid colors

The Magic Behind Acrylic Photo Prints

Acrylic photo printing is an innovative art form that utilizes personalized photographs with translucent acrylic glass, creating modern and aesthetically pleasing high-quality photo-grade prints. The process involves top-of-the-line printing technology and powerful latex inks to make high-resolution prints directly to the substrate at 1000 DPI.

We recommend selecting vibrant photos, such as outdoor scenery or underwater shots, to achieve the best acrylic prints. Their bright colors and intricate details stand out when printed on acrylic, perfectly highlighting them across any space for a stylish, unique touch.

Custom acrylic prints with various size and shape options

Crafting Your Custom Acrylic Prints

A personalized custom acrylic print reflects your style and personal taste. Use our online designer to select from several acrylic products, upload images, add text, or choose hardware for your mounting option. Endless creative opportunities await you from various custom sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and mounting options!

Size and Shape Options for Personalization

When designing an acrylic print, custom sizes and shapes offer immense possibilities to craft a product that perfectly captures your desired style. Whether you prefer square prints or more expansive displays, both provide their unique charm. The size of the acrylic print greatly influences its visual presence. Larger Prints stand out as the center point, while small prints offer subtlety with equally attractive appeal. Changing the shape of such artworks (for example, hearts or ovals) enhances aesthetics overall.

Selecting the Right Thickness for Impact

Acrylic prints come in 1/8 inch (3 mm) or 1/4 inch (6 mm) thicknesses, which you can pick depending on the desired visual effect. Adding an eighth inch to the acrylic print’s total thickness gives your image greater depth and dimensionality.

Mounting Choices for Easy Hanging

When displaying an acrylic print, selecting the right mounting option is key. An array of solutions is available, with float mounts, wire hangers, and inset metal frames all offering advantages. This latter choice, in particular, gives a depth of 3/4" inches. It makes the artwork stand out, showcasing its vivid colors and impressive image quality for maximum effect! Not only does this setup ensure that your acrylic piece is visible as intended, but it is also secure when hanging on display.

HD acrylic print showcasing high-definition quality

The HD Acrylic Print Experience

Acrylic printing can be done to a very high standard with HD Acrylic, using UV-resistant ‘cast’ acrylic that is face mounted onto 1/4” crystal clear acrylic. This specific process involves Moab Slickrock Metallic Photo Paper, which results in an exceptional brightness and iridescent look compared to other metallic papers, which only show their shine on the non-inked white areas of images.

This technique produces the best-quality prints—detailed visuals featuring excellent clarity combined with vibrant hues bring photographs truly alive! First, they are printed onto Epson’s specialist paper before being mounted on the protective layer of ink-resistant acetate, which creates magnificent work every time and makes your photos stand out even more than usual!

Sleek acrylic wall art adding sophistication to the space

The Allure of Acrylic Wall Art

Adding acrylic prints to any space can bring a feeling of modernity and sophistication. The sleek, reflective finish combined with striking colors creates unique artwork personalized according to your style and vision. Acrylic wall art serves as more than just decoration- it makes a bold statement in galleries or homes, turning them into individualized works of art by forming eye-catching collages on walls.

From Image to Acrylic Masterpiece

Acrylic printing fuses art and technology to create high-definition photo prints with breathtaking colors and details. An image is replicated onto the rear of a plexiglass sheet using highly concentrated UV inks, which produces an accurate mirror reflection for vibrant and bold hues throughout. Archival materials are utilized for print accuracy to ensure consistency between color contrast, detail level, and the original artwork or photograph’s form. In other words, your favorite images can be transformed into brilliant acrylic masterpieces!

A Spectrum of Colors in Acrylic Photos

Acrylic photo prints are highly coveted for their vivid spectrum of colors. The acrylic material boosts these hues, presenting extra depth and maximizing the saturation and intensity of each hue.

Their glossy face mounting on quality acrylic sheets achieves an exceptionally clear outcome in photography presentations, making them a desirable choice to display photographs.

Innovative Display Options for Every Professional Photographer

Acrylic prints provide a fresh and captivating way to display photographers' work. Wall displays effectively blend photos with art, enabling you to construct your own exhibition in any home or office environment.

Split Acrylic Prints inject sophistication by dividing images into exclusive arrangements - making landscapes, portraits, and patterns more impactful than ever! Alternatively, one single acrylic print offers a singular focus with great visual clout. Specialized formats also give acrylic prints unparalleled charm, greatly increasing their aesthetic value.

Acrylic Prints Use Cases

Here are some of the most popular ways to use our acrylic prints.

Decorative Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints are sleek, modern, and attractive. The face mounts, in particular, have high-definition photos with vivid and saturated colors to bring more vibrance to your room. It also has enhanced clarity as light refracts off the surface.

Besides, the refraction gives the print an attractive 3D appearance. When added to your room or office, this great artwork enhances its aesthetics and appeal.

Promotional Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints are durable—they can last 30+ years when mounted outdoors. This makes our prints suitable for long-term wall displays and other applications requiring a professional look.

You can use them to advertise products, events, sales floor offers, and promotions. You can also use them to design pop-of-purchase displays or brand the company's logo.

Directional Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints' ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions makes them a perfect option for directional signage. They are commonly used to show direction, helping people unfamiliar with certain places easily navigate.

The most common directional signage is arrows pointing to different amenities like restrooms in public spaces, exits, etc. You may also see them at airports or in malls.

Gift Packages

Acrylic prints are sleek and frameless, making them attractive. Therefore, they are a perfect gift package for our loved ones and close friends. Custom-made acrylic prints are affordable gift packages for holidays, weddings, and anniversaries.

You only need to choose your favorite image, and our team at FoamCorePrint will do the rest.

Acrylic Prints Placement & Maintenance

Acrylic prints can withstand harsh environmental conditions outdoors, such as direct sunlight. They last fairly long outdoors, so placing them outside isn't a problem. However, they last even longer when you put them indoors.

The only thing you'll have to monitor is the humidity level inside your house. The prints last longer in low-humid areas.

For proper acrylic print maintenance, please avoid chemicals and solvents. Exposing it to too much water can leave behind streaks that may damage your print.

When cleaning, use a soft, dry microfiber or cotton cloth. Alternatively, you can use compressed air to clean the acrylic print. Wipe it gently and regularly to keep it in good condition.

Things You'll Need To Clean Acrylic Prints

You'll need the following to clean acrylic prints:

  • Water

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Plastic cleaner

Cleaning an Acrylic Print Step by Step

  1. Using a soft microfiber cloth, gently wipe down your acrylic print. This practice will remove any built-up dust or debris accumulated on your print.

  2. Spray the acrylic photo print with a plastic cleaner. Avoid using alcohol-based cleaners, ammonia, or any other harsh chemicals.

  3. Wipe off your acrylic print with the soft microfiber cloth. Wipe the surface dry to avoid leaving behind streaks. Avoid using paper towels as they have varied absorption and softness, which may leave streaks or scratches.

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Frequently asked Questions


How do I hang my acrylic glass print?

We have several mounting and hanging options. You can choose from either of the following options.

  1. Stainless Steel Standoffs. This mounting option involves the drilling of small holes (.41") into your acrylic prints. The print is then hung on the wall using studs or small screws. The acrylic print mounted flush against the wall brings your room a modern look and vibrancy. This option is best suited for small acrylic prints only. Larger prints (over 36") will need more than the four standard standoffs, making the acrylic print less appealing aesthetically.

  2. Acrylic Table Stand. The acrylic table stand holds the acrylic print vertically, either on the shelf or on the table. This option is great for timeless decor and comes in custom-size options to accommodate your prints.

  3. Drilled Holes. Drilled holes offer a secure and sleek way to display your acrylic prints on walls. Precisely measured and cleanly drilled, these holes allow for easy hanging with a floating effect, enhancing the print's visual appeal without the need for a frame.

What are the production and delivery timelines for acrylic prints?

At FoamCorePrint, the standard production time is three business days, but if you need your prints sooner, you can upgrade the turnaround time to either next-day or same-day production. This, paired with various shipping options, will allow you to get your prints as soon as the very next business day!

How do I customize and order an acrylic print?

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to make your high-quality acrylic prints online line in just a few clicks.

  1. Enter the size you'd like on the pricing tool and select the finishing options of your choice

  2. Click "Get Started" and choose your design method. Either upload your artwork or create something new with our online design tool.

  3. View and approve your online digital proof

  4. Enter your shipping address and finally make payment

  5. Sit back and let us work our magic!

Expect your stunning HD acrylic prints to arrive within 7-10 days, ready to captivate and impress as they adorn your space.

Is acrylic print better than canvas?

Acrylic prints have a greater capacity for protection and longer life than canvas. Their sturdy surface is resilient against cracks or damages, making them an ideal choice of material.

What are the benefits of using high-concentration UV inks in acrylic printing?

Using high-concentration UV inks in acrylic printing creates vibrant and bold colors with a high-definition (1,000 DPI) output, yielding a mirror image directly on the back of the plexiglass sheet.

What are the effects of acrylic prints on a given space?

Acrylic prints can modernize a space into a personalized art gallery, contributing to its contemporary and stylish look. This type of material offers an artistic touch that enhances the overall atmosphere.


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