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Styrene signs are excellent for large or small inline store displays, handheld restaurant menu boards, event badges, or even school parking passes. Click "Get Started" to begin your order and upload your artwork file today! Read More

  • .015
  • 0.030
  • 1" All Corners $3.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $3.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $3.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $3.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $3.00
  • Halo $7.15
  • Circle $0.60
  • Oval $0.60
  • Special $7.15
  • Top & Bottom Center $3.00
  • Top Corners $3.00
  • All Corners $3.50
  • Top Corners $2.50
  • Top & Bottom Center $2.50
  • All Corners Only $3.00
  • Top Center $2.00


Custom Styrene Signs

Extremely Flexible - Fully Customizable - Ships Next Business Day

  • Order your custom styrene signs online

  • Available in .030" and .015" thick

  • Digitally printed in full color directly on durable material

  • With fade-resistant UV-cured inks

  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • Any custom shapes or sizes ranging from 4"x4" to 48"x96"

Special Finish Options

  • Round Corners (1", 3/4", 1/2", 1/4" and 3/8" all corners)

  • Custom cut styles include Halo (custom cut with border), circle, oval, and special cuts (custom cuts along the inside & outside perimeter)

Mounting & Hanging

  • Drilled Holes: Top and bottom Center, Top Corners, and All Corners

  • Grommets: Top Corners, Top & Bottom Center, All Corners, Top Center

Styrene signs are a versatile material that can be used indoors and outdoors. They come in various frames like poster frames, floor stands, and temporary outdoor signs. These signs are commonly used for A-frame sign inserts, restaurant menus, and trade show displays, as they are lightweight and withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Styrene signs are durable and water resistant, ensuring long-lasting results. They're easy to transport and store away, making them perfect for handheld menus that need to be wiped down and sanitized. When printing on .030-thickness styrene plastic, the colors appear bright and vibrant, making your image pop!

Looking for high-quality photos to frame? Look no further than our styrene signs. With the ability to print in any custom shape or size, you can create the perfect look for your project that fits within the frame at the exact size you need. Upload full-scale high-resolution images at 300 dpi to ensure high-quality printed photos. Click "Get Started" below to upload your artwork and view your free online digital proof in seconds!

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What is Styrene Printing?

Styrene sign printing is a popular method for printing high-quality images onto styrene material. The printing process involves melting the polymer on the sheet's surface using a heated roller, which then spreads and cools down. This results in a high-quality print that is durable and long-lasting. Your design is digitally printed with a full-color direct print process, cut with a CNC machine, and then transferred to the material with a positive emulsion film. The emulsions are composed of two layers: one containing metal particles in suspension and another containing polymers. When heat is applied to these materials, they fuse, creating a solid coating. This creates a patterned effect similar to silk screening but without physical contact between the screen and the substrate.

Styrene signs have proven to be a top choice for businesses looking to attract and retain customers. With their vibrant colors and eye-catching designs, these signs will grab the attention of anyone passing by. In particular, indoor retail businesses such as coffee shops and restaurants have found that styrene signs are the perfect way to promote their brand and draw in new customers. So, if you're looking for a sign that is both effective and affordable, styrene is the perfect choice!

Styrene Signs Features

Affordability Icon


Get versatile signage at an affordable price point compared to other options.

Lightweight Icon


Styrene plastic is an extremely lightweight sign option compared to other, more rigid signs. You can hang your styrene prints using adhesive strips, double-sided velcro, or hooks from center or corner grommets.

Full-Color Direct Print Icon

Full-Color Direct Print

Your design will print directly onto the styrene's smooth surface in full color, ensuring your artwork will stay vibrant and pop, lasting for 3+ years.

Double Sided Icon


Print the same image on both sides of your sign, or choose different images for each side. The choice is yours with our double-sided styrene signs!

Styrene Signs Additional Specs

  • Material Thickness: .030", and .015"
  • Physical Weight: 0.14, and .012 lbs per ft.²

  • Sheet Type: Lightweight and flexible plastic material

  • Panel Color: White polystyrene film

  • Print method: Full-color direct print with UV inks

  • Print Type: Single or double-sided

  • Finish Type: Matte finish

  • Use: For personal custom artwork, menu boards, and pop signage in retail stores, this product is suitable for indoor or temporary outdoor use with its flexible construction.

  • Installation: Multiple installation options include drilled holes with grommets, double-sided Velcro tape, and 3M adhesive stripes.

  • Estimated Lifespan: 3+ years with proper care & maintenance

  • Common Sizes (WxH): 12"x24", 18"x18", 24"x36", 18"x24", 18"X36", 24"X24", 24"X48", 36"X36"

What Can Styrene Signage Be Used For?

Over the last decade, trade shows and marketing signs have grown dull to extravagant and eye-catching with digital printing and design evolutions. Styrene signs are an excellent example of that evolution and proof that great trade shows, menu displays, and in-person advertising can incorporate more than one look. Indeed, clients no longer feel resigned to one selection but create a customized blend of signage to fit each part of their marketing campaign or project. At FoamCorePrint, we are skilled at making polished, beautiful designs to your specifications. As a leader in our field, we build a relationship with your vision and find a way to create precisely what you want and more. Styrene printing is a great place to start, as it is a popular, affordable, and reliable option.

Styrene signs are created out of flat, flexible plastic. Sometimes called polystyrene signs, their plastic construction and assembly are resistant to weather, bumps, drops, and scratches. They are often compared to Sintra PVC boards. We wrote an article about their similarities and differences a while back; feel free to click the link to learn more: "Styrene Printing VS Sintra Board".

As with modern-day expanded printing options, Styrene signs come in standard shapes (rectangles and squares) or can be custom cut into various shapes. The Styrene material is both flat and flexible, making it easy to roll up, tube, and transport. This feature helps save on shipping costs and makes it convenient to travel with promotional signs to trade shows or businesses on the go.

Styrene Signs Versatility

Styrene is a versatile material that can keep your prints flat and even. It comes in different thicknesses and weights, making it suitable for framing, mounting, and finishing. The signs made from this material can be displayed in box-style containers or traditional menu-style signs, frames, purchase signage, or displays. You can choose to print on one or both sides of the sign for better exposure.

Styrene Material Thickness Options

When it comes to choosing the thickness of your styrene signs, there are two options available: .030" and .015". Although both thicknesses are great choices, it is recommended to use .030" thickness for double-sided printing. However, if you prefer a thinner sign, you can use .015" styrene. But keep in mind that .015" has some limitations. .015" styrene is relatively thin and cannot be used for multi-sided printing as the image from one side is visible through the backside.

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Frequently asked Questions


What is a styrene sign?

Eye-catching styrene signs are a type of plastic that can be used to make yard signs, billboards, and other signage. Styrene signs are usually made from styrene monomer, heated, and cooled to form polystyrene foam. This process creates a very dense material that does not absorb water or rot.

Is styrene good for outdoor signs?

While you can use Styrene outdoors, it is unsuitable for long-term outdoor signs. Styrene may last outdoors, but styrene signs are not designed for long-term outdoor events. Styrene will weather and fade very quickly in direct sunlight, and it is not recommended to post or mount it in direct contact with UV lighting from the sun. The intended use of Styrene is for indoor businesses to ensure maximum longevity for the sign.

Is styrene sign plastic waterproof?

Although styrene signs are derived from plastics and hold water-resistant properties, they are still not considered waterproof.

What type of material is styrene?

Styrene is a type of plastic that is often used in the manufacturing of products such as water bottles, food containers, and toys. It is a durable material that can be recycled.

Is styrene foam board?

No, the styrene sign is not made from foam board. Styrene boards and foam boards are unique products with separate installation applications and product requirements. Foamboard is a paper-derived product, whereas styrene is a blend of liquid styrene polymer and reinforcing fibers like glass, carbon, and epoxies. Essentially, styrene has more of a traditional flexible plastic-style signage. Here's a breakdown of the unique characteristics of both products:


  • Derived from Paper 

  • Can bend crease and dent easily

  • Indoor applications 

  • Lifespan 3-5+ years indoors 

  • Will absorbed moisture

  • It cannot be sanitized or cleaned with warm water and soap

  • Maximum size 48x96" with full bleed

Styrene Board

  • Derived from Monomer

  • Bend, crease, and dent-resistant

  • Indoor applications/ temporary outdoors 1-3 months

  • lifespan 3+ years indoors

  • Moisture resistant

  • Highly Hygenic friendly

  • Maximum size 46x84" with full bleed

What is styrene sheet used for?

A styrene sheet is commonly used for retail signage to cover sizeable square foot areas with a substrate. Styrene is very thin and can ship rolled in smaller rolled material boxes, unlike foamboard, which is flat and must ship flat. Styrene sheets can cover the same areas as foam; however, they can be sent for a fraction of the cost of foamboard. See more details on Styrene vs. Foamboard

Is styrene the same as PVC?

No styrene sign is not the same as a PVC sign. PVC is a polyvinyl-derived product, whereas styrene is derived from a monomer and is essentially a blend of liquid styrene polymer and reinforcing fibers like glass, carbon, and epoxies.

How long do styrene signs last?

Styrene signs are a type of plastic that can be used for signage because it is lightweight and inexpensive. The styrene sign also has amazing clarity, making it easy to read from a distance. The life span of a custom styrene sign varies depending on the environment, but they generally last about 3-5 years if stored properly and well maintained.

What are the benefits of using styrene printing?

Styrene printing is a print process that uses styrene to create an image on paper or cloth. The benefits of using this type of styrene are:

  • It allows for more detail than screen printing because it uses less ink and thinner lines.

  • The images created by this process have a matte finish, which gives them a unique and modern appearance.

  • This type of digital printing is usually cheaper than other types because it doesn't require expensive inks and materials.

Overall, styrene printing is a great option for producing high-quality, cost-effective prints with intricate details and a modern matte finish.


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