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Cardstock Printing
Cardstock Printing
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Printing on cardstock is perfect for wedding, birthday or holiday invitations. Use the "special cut" option to cut them in ANY SHAPE or custom sizes! Read More

  • 12 pt
  • 24 pt
  • 1" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/2" All Corners $2.00
  • 1/4" All Corners $2.00
  • 3/8" All Corners $2.00
  • Halo $2.43
  • Circle $0.15
  • Oval $0.15


Custom Cardstock Printing

FoamCore Print offers high-quality card stock posters at a reasonable price and is the best place to get them if you're wondering where to print on cardstock! We offer 24-48 hour turnarounds and fast shipping once you order online with us—print on one side or two a high-quality Card Stock Poster with vibrant, long-lasting inks and colors.

We will assign a member of our design team to work closely with you to create custom artwork that makes a great lasting impression! At FoamCorePrint, we strive to give you the best kind of product at the lowest cost possible - whether you want them, custom printed or even if you require large, heavy cardstock posters.

Printing on cardstock paper makes it easy to turn your favorite photos into long-lasting framable photo prints that will surely last in time. Card Stock Posters come in 12pt card stock and 24pt Card Stock. These Affordable Card Stock Posters are perfect for framing large prints and pictures in the office or your own home. Of course, we have the most popular printing options:

Common Sizes

  • 18 x 24 cardstock
  • 12pt card stock / 24pt card stock
  • 18 x 18 cardstock
  • 4x6

Printing on cardstock is trendy at weddings and children's parties. Custom invitations or cardstock prints are a great way to deliver a high-quality message or thank you cards for upcoming or past events. Printing on cardstock paper has become a standard on any formal occasion and is affordable to deliver any message to your closest friends and family members. Get your card stock online today, and we'll print them for you A.S.A.P.!

Order Your Cardstock Prints Today! offers high-quality print on card stock posters at reasonable price and is the best place to get them if you’re wondering where to print on cardstock! We offer 24-48 hour turnarounds and fast shipping once you order online with us. Print on one side or two a high-quality Card Stock Poster with vibrant, long-lasting inks and colors.

We will assign a member of our design team to work closely with you to create custom artwork that makes a great lasting impression! At, we strive to give you the best kind of product at the lowest cost possible - whether you want them custom printed or even if you require large, heavy cardstock posters.

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So, don't be afraid to start a live chat or contact us to help you make the best product selection for your next project.

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Verified Buyer
13 days ago by (NC, US)

Love the custom printing options and was very satisfied with how easy it was to add things to the cart and checkout /approve the proofs especially with so many different cards. I also was very appreciative of the quick responses from customer service and the quick delivery! The only thing that wasn't 5 stars is the quality of the printed cards. They are a little blurry and not a perfect finish but may have been partly due to the choices I made since this is not something I do regularly

Verified Buyer
7 months ago by (WA, US)

I somehow got a printout from a normal 8.5x11 paper that was on 11.5x11 - I can cut it down to size, but if that was somehow a selection that I made during the ordering process, I was not aware of it.

Verified Buyer
a year ago by (CA, US)

Frequently asked Questions


What is printing on cardstock?

It is the process of creating a printed image on paper or card stock. Cardstock is usually thicker than regular paper and can be used for things like invitations, greeting cards, and brochures.

If you are looking for the best service, visit us at

What is the best way to store my cardstock?

Cardstock paper should be stored flat, not in a pile. It is best to store it in an envelope or box with the edges neatly lined up against each other. Cardboard boxes work well for this purpose and can help keep dust off your cardstock.

What are the benefits of printing on cardstock?

It is an excellent option for businesses looking to create a tangible, professional-looking product. The quality of the cardstock printed matters in this type of printing because it will be used as a physical object with which customers interact. Whether it's lighter or heavier paper, it is vital that it feels good and has a nice finish so that your customers can feel confident when using your product or service. Cardstock also offers more durability than regular paper prints, which means you don't have to worry about them bending or getting ruined easily.

What are the different sizes of cardstock?

The most common sizes of cardstock are A6, A5, and US Letter. Other sizes include:
  • A4 - Slightly smaller than the size of a letter-sized sheet of paper
  • Legal - The same size as an 8.5 x 14 sheet of paper
  • Letter - Half the size of legal sized paper

How much does a typical cardstock print job cost?

The typical Cardstock print job with full-color direct print costs $10.14 per sqft and can be as low as $2.56 an sqft.
Cardstock Print Cost Breakdown
Units Size Cost Per Unit Sqft Discount Subtotal Total
1 12x12" $10.14   $10.14
50 12x12" $9.51 -$31.58 $475.40
200 12x12" $7.61 -$505.27 $1,522.80
400 12x12" $5.09 -$2,021.07 $2,034.80
600 12x12" $2.56 -$4,547.40 $1,536.60

How do I print to PDF on cardstock?

Easy, print your PDF on cardstock with us! Add the item to your cart in the size you need, check out, and upload your PDF. It's that simple! Visit and print your PDF on cardstock today!

Can any printer print on cardstock?

No, you can not. Not all home inkjet printers are capable of printing on cardstock paper and could lead to paper jams. Not only that, but home printers are generally limited to legal paper in size at most. It is much easier to find a company to print on cardstock for you than printing on cardstock at home.

What are the different weights of cardstock?

There are many diffrent weights, from lighter to heavy cardstock. Ranging afterwhere from We offer two difrent weight thickness cardstock: 12pt. and 24pt cardstock

What is points vs pounds in cardstock printing?

Either can be used as a form of thickness measurement. Each pt. is equal to .001 inch. So 12pt cardstock is .012" thick. At the same time, pounds is measuring the physical weight of the paper in pounds.

Is cardstock waterproof?

Unfortunately, since cardstock is derived from paper, it is not a great candidate for outdoor usage. However, we offer other materials designed for outdoor use that are water and weatherproof. Sinta PVC or Aluminum are both tremendous affordable, weather-resistant sign options.

Is card stock durable?

Yes, cardstock is durable for an indoor product. The lifespan of cardstock averages around 3-4 years if stored correctly and out of context with direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun can dramatically impact cardstock posters' lifespan. It's suggested to maximize the lifespan of cardstock store in cold, dark, or low moisture, low heat spaces.

What is 12pt paper in lbs?

12pt paper type is around 100lb, but this is not an absolute as all paper types have their own unique physical weight and you could use lighter or heavier paper.

How do you print double sided on cardstock?

Yes, you can print double sided on cardstock, though it demands slightly higher prices. Printing on cardstock double-sided is very easy; select our "Print on Back" option when adding to the cart. After you have completed check out, the site will direct you to upload your art file, where you can upload as many unique front and back files as you like.

What are rounded corners?

rounded corner optionsRounded corners refer to the finish of the physical product itself. The edges will have a nice straight cut finish without rounded corners, where round allows smooth rounded corners. The measurements refer to the corners' severity or degrees (radial bend). Rounded corner sizes from less to more dramatic corners;

  • 1/4"
  • 3/8"
  • 1/2" standard
  • 3/4"
  • 1"

What is a cut option?

A Cut option is not required; it is a unique finishing option for shapes other than squares or rectangles. Here is a list of Cut options styles;

  1. Circle-Cut (perfect circles) We prefer you submit full-scale square designs with your colors flooded edge to edge; you will see the final circle layout in the proofing process.
  2. Oval-Cut (perfect ovals) same as the circle above; we prefer you submit full-scale rectangle designs with your colors flooded edge to edge.
  3. Halo-Cut (you are in control of the path the CNC machine takes, unique custom outside shape) 
  4. Special-Cut (custom shape, inside and outside cuts are okay) Both Special & Halo Cuts require additional art set up; check out How to Set Up-Cut Files.

Does cardstock come in matte or glossy finish?

Cardstock posters have both a gloss and matte finish option. Our glossy finish is a liquid coating applied to the substrate and appears to have a shiny sheen. At the same time, the matte finish seems flat dull and will drown out any glare from surrounding bright lighting. The finish is always a personal preference; however, always keep in mind the surroundings. If you are at a tradeshow with lots of lighting and plan to take pictures for social media, you may want to consider a matte finish. The matte cardstock finish will help knock down glare and allow for the highest quality photos. Overlighting is why the matte finish is always the preferred finish option for showroom settings or tradeshows.

What sizes does cardstock come in?

Custom printing is manufactured to spec or "custom to order," meaning the clients selects the exact finish size down to 100th of an inch. We can manufacture as small as 2x2" and as large on one sheet at 48x96".

What is the turnaround or lead time for custom printing on cardstock?

Standard turn around is 3 business days and is based on the approval of the art file for the order, not the time of purchase. We do offer next day turnaround as well as same day production. The cut off time for production to begin is 10am PST for "standard" 3 day turnaround, 8am for next day & same day production. The website is fully automated and will generate pricing when you add items to cart so the best way to get pricing is to add all items to your cart and "proceed to checkout" to update your zip code for shipping & turnaround options for grand total pricing.

How do I upload Artwork?

You will need to place the order and fully complete the transaction. Once the order has been placed, you will be directed to the Upload Artwork page. From there, you will be able to upload your artwork and view the pre-proof. 

In proofing, you can scale, stretch, and adjust the file to fit if any scaling is needed. If everything looks great, go ahead and send your artwork to print, and production will begin, though you can trust our professional artist with your work, as well. You can remove and upload as many times as you like; production will not start until you approve the proofs.

What are the best or acceptable file formats for the best results?

File types accepted: Photoshop (PSD, TIFF, EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG) Illustrator (AI, PDF, with all fonts outlined) Any other graphic program capable of creating a PDF, TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PNG, SVG file. Our preferred file format is a Print-ready Vector PDF set up in CMYK with bleed.

What if I need help with a design?

Great question! We now offer a FREE ONLINE DESIGN TOOL its very easy to use and it will allow you to upload designs and create vector files that print flawlessly. As an additional option we do have an in house graphics team that can help create the design of your dream, start a chat or email the details of your requests to schedule a phone call to go over pricing and the final details.

What if I have a question about a proof?

Great question! Please DO NOT send art files to print if you have any questions about your online proofs. For more info, please contact us via live chat, email at, or call 855-465-7744 before sending files to print. There is a 10 min window approved proofs can be removed and taken out of the production line; clients can remove approved art files within the 10 min window from the user dashboard in the order history tab.

How do I remove an Approved online proof?

There is a 10 min window after proofs are approved where they can be removed and taken out of the production line; clients can remove any approved art files within the 10 minutes of approval of that specific art file. 

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. User Dashboard 
  3. Order History  
  4. Locate the Order# in question.
  5. Click "See All Jobs / Details"
  6. Under the Actions section, if the "Replace Artwork" is RED, you are inside the 10-minute window and CAN remove the file by selecting the button.


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