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Gallery Wrap Prints
Gallery Wrap Prints
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Gallery Wrapped Prints are a great way to make custom artwork into showroom quality masterpieces. Upgrade your home or office today with gallery wrap prints! Read More

  • 1 1/2" Frame
  • 3/4" Frame
  • Image Wrap $6.76
  • White Edge $0.00
  • Black Edge $5.41
  • Hanging Hardware $7.50
  • Protective Coating $5.56


Custom Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Canvas Wrap Printing is a cost-effective and straightforward way to transform your family photos into beautiful, elegant artwork. We start by printing the photograph directly onto high-quality rolled canvas material with the sleekest ink to ensure that the image shows at its best. Our skilled technicians then stretch around a wooden block, with various widths and sizes available. Tight corners and seams are essential; we ensure each piece is produced and stretched to perfection. Gallery Wrap Printing by allows you to fill any room with museum-quality masterpieces at affordable rates.

Choose a variety of styles! You can print multiple photos on a single Canvas with an Image Collage. Wall clusters allow you to design your wall with various prints in an artistic fashion. Choose from any of our different wall cluster templates. Need help with a design? Ask us about our in-house graphic artist's design team that can work with you to create your custom gallery wrap prints with vibrant, long-lasting, high-quality inks that sure last in time! only prints on canvas using the latest digital technology. We can also mount your print, so it's ready for hanging when it arrives.

We pride ourselves on bringing you the best quality products at the lowest possible price, so you can rest assured when placing an order with that top quality is 100% guaranteed! You'll be impressed with a low affordable cost-efficient product that will last year after year.

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Frequently asked Questions


What is a gallery wrapped print?

A gallery wrapped print is a type of art that has been stretched across the frame without any gaps or borders. This means that the artwork will continue around the sides and back of the frame. The image on canvas can be printed, painted, drawn, photographed or scanned onto to make it look like an original piece of art.

How do I choose the right size for my Gallery Wrap Print?

If you want to buy a print that is ready for framing, then the size of the print should be proportional to the size of your frame. A photo with an 8x10 inch (20x25 cm) frame would need a 5x7 inch (13x18 cm) or 4x6 inch (10x15 cm) print.

How do I hang my Gallery Wrap Print?

A Gallery Wrap is a type of print that wraps around the frame, so you'll need to hang it in such a way that the ends meet. The easiest way to do this is by using picture wire and hooks. To install your wire, measure from the top of your frame's backboard (or stretcher bar) to where you want the bottom left corner of your art to be. Then measure from there horizontally across to where you want the bottom right corner, then up vertically for about 1/8 of an inch. Use the wire and hooks to hang your art.

You can also use picture wire and hooks to hang a Gallery Wrap on a drywall or stud wall, but you'll have to anchor it into the wall studs in some way.

What is the difference between canvas and gallery wrap?

There is a difference between a gallery wrap and a stretched canvas that many individuals are unaware of. Using gallery-wrap over wooden bars is a contemporary way of displaying art. The painting can be displayed without a frame since there are no visible staples or nails anchoring the fabric to the wooden stretcher bars. Canvas is used for the artwork.

Can I order a custom Gallery Wrap Print?

Yes, you can. You can visit for your custom gallery wrap print needs. Gallery-wrapped prints are a great way to make custom artwork into showroom-quality masterpieces. Upgrade your home or office today with gallery wrap prints!


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