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Frequently asked Questions

What are the accepted file types?

File types accepted: Photoshop (PSD, TIFF, EPS, PDF, JPEG, PNG, SVG) Illustrator (AI, PDF, with all fonts outlined) Any other graphic program capable of creating a PDF, TIFF, EPS, JPEG, PNG, SVG. However, the best file formats are PDF and AI files. Vector PDFs are our preferred file format. Vector files are created with shapes and colors and will always print at 300dpi at any scale. Speicial cut or unique custom shapes require additional steps for artwork setup.

What should the resolution of my files be?

We recommend a resolution of 300 dpi at full scale. Large items such as Vinyl Banners and Billboard Banners can be submitted with 150 dpi at full scale. See the diagram below for additional details and print scenarios.
resolution grid

What color mode is ideal for optimal results?

Color is as essential to us as it is to you. If you have specific colors that have to be matched, start a live chat, or call to speak with a representative before you approve the proofs on your order. Color artwork should be submitted in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) color mode, and black/white artwork should be provided in Grayscale.

Can you match Pantone PMS colors?

Yes we can match Pantone PMS colors and there are special instructions to set up the files for PMS color matching.

How do you set up for Pantone PMS in Illustrator?

For PMS color matching, the PMS colors should be set up as a "Pantone+ Solid Coated Spot Color." To assign the correct mode for PMS spot colors, follow these instructions: Assign a swatch > Open swatch library > Color books > Set as a Pantone+ Solid Coated > Input your PMS color code.

What does bleed mean in printing?

The term bleed refers to any design elements that overlap a document's border. Full bleed printing is printing your artwork on a surface that is slightly larger than the size of the finished product. The excess is then trimmed off or "cropped" to get the finished product to its final size. Learn how to set up a bleed in Illustrator on our "How to Prep Cut Files" page. See Step 2: Adding the Bleed.

What is an example of setting up bleeds?

We ask that customers provide a 1/8" or .125" bleed on documents. This .125" bleed will make your file size .25" larger than the final size of your document on all sides. Let's say you are printing a 24x36" poster board. If you add .125" bleed to the left and .125" bleed to the right and then do the same top and bottom, the result is a document that is 24.25x36.25".

Why do we need bleed in printing?

We need bleed print to avoid unwanted white edges; bleed allows seamless edge-to-edge printing. Without full-bleed printing, any minor shift during the production process could result in the color and design not extending to one or more edges. Professional materials printed via a full bleed process are more visually attractive and professional-looking than materials printed without full bleed.

What is the required bleed?

Create all files with a .125" to .250" bleed.

What if my files don't have bleed?

Our system will autometed bleed for you, bleed is not longer a requirement unless printing unique shapes using custom provided dieline. See the guidelines on how to set up cutfiles and see Step 2: Adding the Bleed.

Should I include crop marks in my design?

Crop marks are NOT required, but you can include them if you like. If you visibly see the crop marks in the online proof "inside the BLUE trim line," please remove the crop marks and reupload the file because the effects are not in the correct format and will print if in the proofing view.

What do I need to do with my fonts?

Outline all fonts whenever possible. If your fonts cannot be outlined, be sure to include the fonts with your artwork. Fonts must be embedded in PDF or AI files.

What is the safe zone margin?

The safe zone margin is a printing term that refers to the margin of space required from the edge of your design to where your text or images start. The safe zone we suggest for all essential images/text is kept 1/2" or .50" inside the trim line to ensure the design remains intact.

Can I use borders in my artwork?

We do not recommend you use a border; however, if you do, it is essential you allow at least 1/16" of cutting space to around the border to maintain an even appearance.

Where Is my order?

To view the details and status of your order:

Click on "Shopping Cart Icon" in the top right of the site. Select "Sign In" and enter the username and password to log in. > Click on "Shopping Cart Icon" and select "User Dashboard." From there, you will see ALL jobs (including past jobs that have been completed). Open jobs are a job that requires an artwork upload or pending proofs approve so production can begin.

What kind of inks are used?

We use permanent UV protected inks. All of our products are printed "Full Color" with four-color inks: (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).

Can I request a spot color?

Yes, please start a live chat or call (855) 465-7744 to ask for clarification about the color you are trying to match.

How do I upload artwork?

You will need to place the order and fully complete the transaction. Once the order has been placed, you will be directed to the upload artwork page. You will be able to upload your artwork and view the pre-proof. You will see an online proof that will allow you to crop, resize, stretch or scale before approving. If everything looks great, send your artwork to print, and production will begin.

Can I cancel or Change my order?

We will be glad to cancel or change your order within 2 hours of purchase if the artwork has NOT been approved. You will have a 10-minute window from the approval of the online proofs to make changes and or cancel the order. We have a fully automated printing system, which means; 10 minutes after the approval of your artwork, production will begin. If production has already started on the order, WE CAN NOT MAKE CHANGES OR CANCEL THE ORDER, and there are NO REFUNDS. Once your order has been successfully placed and approved, your total refund may be subject to administrative or labor and fees.

What is your return policy?

At Foamcoreprint.com, all orders are custom to each client and, therefore, cannot be returned. We will be happy to reprint an order that contains a print or production error. If there is an error with your order, you must notify Foamcoreprint.com within 24-48 hours (2 business days) and return the damaged product within 7 business daysClick here for more details on our return policy.

What if I am not satisfied with my order?

Foamcoreprint.com is committed to your satisfaction, see our quality guarantee. We will gladly correct errors due to print or production. However, we are NOT responsible for customer design errors such as typing, color, image, etc. You must approve your artwork before it goes into production, be sure your artwork is free of errors in the online proof prior to approving and production begins.

Do you have a reseller program?

Yes, we have a free reseller program for brokers, graphic designers, print shops and more. Start chat to see if you qualify today!

What are standoffs?

A standoff looks like a complicated version of a screw, and it is. It’s a separator that’s threaded. What are standoffs? They come in different lengths to raise one material over another. They consist of a wall screw, barrel, and cap, usually made of aluminum. Please take a closer look in detail with images at our blog post.

How large are the standoff holes and where are they placed

Standoff holes are .41" and placed .75" on center from each corner the option is selected. Immediately after your purchase, you will upload your graphics and see a visual representation of the standoff holes in the online proofing stage.

What are rounded corners?

Rounded corners refer to the finish of the physical board itself. The edges will have a nice straight cut finish without rounded corners, where round allows smooth rounded corners. The measurements refer to the corners' severity or degrees (radial bend). Rounded corner sizes from less to more dramatic corners;

  • 1/4"
  • 3/8"
  • 1/2" standard
  • 3/4"
  • 1"


What are easels?

Easels are cardboard adhesive-backed units that fold down flay to the back of the board but allow to be propped up and vertically displayed on a tabletop. Generally used for tradeshows, retail stores, farmer's markets, pop displays, and more. Easels are available in multiple sizes ranging from 3" to 36" in height. Here's a list of stocked easel sizes;

  • 3"
  • 5"
  • 7"
  • 15"
  • 18"
  • 24"
  • 36"


Do drill holes go all the way through the board?

Yes, drill holes go all the way through the board. Drill holes are designed with screws and bolts to secure the signage safely to a pole or wall.

How big are the drill holes and where are they placed?

Drill holes are .25" and placed .75" on center from each corner the option is selected. Immediately after your purchase, you will upload your graphics and see a visual representation of the holes in the online proofing stage.

What are grommets?

A grommet a nickle,metal or brass ring that pierces the board through .38" premanufactured holes in the corners. The grommets for yard signs act as structural integrity for the signage when hanging or mounting from hooks, screws, or even zip ties.

Do grommets go all the way through the material?

Yes, grommets go all the way through the materail. When applied, the grommet penetrates the surface through the center and the backing of the material.

Where are grommets placed and how big are the holes?

Grommets are placed .75" on center from each corner the option is selected, the holes themselves are .37". The placement of your grommets is crucial to avoid unwanted holes in your designs. Grommets are an automated hanging option and, when selected, will be placed automatically without any person looking at your art files.

substrate grommets

What if I need help with a design?

Great question! We now offer a FREE ONLINE DESIGN TOOL its very easy to use and it will allow you to upload designs and create vector files that print flawlessly. As an additional option we do have an in house graphics team that can help create the design of your dream, start a chat or email info@foamcoreprint.com the details of your requests to schedule a phone call to go over pricing and the final details.

What if I have a question about a proof?

Great question! Please DO NOT send art files to print if you have any questions about your online proofs. Please contact us via live chat, email at info@foamcoreprint.com, or call 855-465-7744 before sending files to print. There is a 10 min window approved proofs can be removed and taken out of the production line; clients can remove approved art files within the 10 min window from the user dashboard in the order history tab.

How do I remove an Approved online proof?

There is a 10 min window after proofs are approved where they can be removed and taken out of the production line; clients can remove any approved art files within the 10 minutes of approval of that specific art file. 

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. User Dashboard 
  3. Order History  
  4. Locate the Order# in question.
  5. Click "See All Jobs / Details"
  6. Under the Actions section, if the "Replace Artwork" is RED, you are inside the 10-minute window and CAN remove the file by selecting the button.
  7. If the "Replace Artwork" button is "Grayed Out," it is past the time of removal, and production has begun.