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Canvas Printing Options

Print your favorite images on museum-quality custom canvas to add a personal touch to your living or working area.

A classic canvas is the best way to create a consistent aesthetic in your home where you can decorate your space with a stunning horizontal, vertical, or panoramic print. Foamcoreprint makes all of them of 100% quality canvas and various sizes.

Whether you want the foam-framed version or the wood variant, we wrap both in canvas, with attached hangers and fade-resistant printing. For sure, you will enjoy it for years to come.

Custom Canvas

Affordable canvas prints are available at Foamcoreprint to meet a variety of demands. Printed on high-quality canvas, each custom canvas print looks premium and instantly elevates the decor of the place where you display it.

Each of our canvas printing options comes with the opportunity to either add a glossy or matte finish. Both options are excellent. Remember that painted artwork is most similar to our matte canvas prints. Some types available include:

Canvas Printing | 15 mil

Foamcoreprint uses your high-resolution photograph printed on a 15-millimeter thick canvas in our rolled canvas printing process to create artwork perfect for framing. Display your custom canvas prints on your house or office walls as wall art.

Canvas Poster Printing | 3/16-inch

Foamcoreprint custom poster canvas prints are an excellent choice if you would like the look of a stretched canvas picture on your wall but don't want to spend a lot of money.

We use a 3/16" polystyrene board embossed with a layer of paper and wrapped in your unique canvas design for our canvas poster printing. It is a low-cost, high-impact present for clients that don't break the bank.

Canvas Wrap Prints | 1 1/2-inch

Can turn your images into beautiful works of art, canvas wrap prints stretched over 3/4-inch deep wood frames are the most popular option.

Decorate your house or office with an original piece of art created from an image you took during a memorable trip, such as your marriage ceremony or holiday. The visual impact of our 3/4-inch wrapped canvas prints is astounding.

One person can quickly move or hang these because of their sturdiness. It's ready to hang, but don't worry; it's not too thick not to fit in a frame.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas | 3/4-inch

Our gallery-wrapped canvas prints are most commonly shown in art galleries of various sizes.

These bespoke canvas prints stretched across 1.5-inch-deep wood frames look their best when displayed on a wide wall with plenty of space surrounding them.

Skip the frame, and the image will focus everyone's attention.

Ideas for Using Custom Printed Canvas

Consider putting our canvas printing services to creative use.

Collage Prints on Canvas

If you want to print wall canvas prints, don't use a single high-resolution photo; instead, put up a gorgeous collage of images using our how-to. Photo collage canvas prints are an excellent way to showcase family photos and make wonderful anniversary gifts.

Canvas Art Prints on Multiple Pieces

Transform a stunning photograph into a gorgeous multi-piece canvas art poster and have them stop dead in their tracks. It creates a dynamic statement that becomes the center of attention for the entire room.

Closing Gifts for Real Estate

After the escrow closes, real estate brokers usually look for creative presents for their clients. A canvas poster of their new house would be a fantastic way to ensure they never forget you.

Engrave Your Child's Artwork

Print a high-resolution photograph of your child's drawing on canvas. Your child will be full of joy, and so will your grandparents.

Use our resources, such as a free online design tool, to immediately create your unique canvas prints. Canvas printing services like Foamcoreprint will print and ship your picture to you quickly.

What Kind of Canvas Do We Use to Print on for Our Customers?

Canvas printing on poly-cotton material gives your images a more natural look and feel than printing on plain paper. This is the material for you if you want to make your images look like they came from a museum.
For long-term endurance, we don't recommend cotton canvas, which many merchants claim to use.

Here's the reason:

Cotton is permeable fabric and wears out quickly. Cotton's strength as a canvas material isn't long-term. On the other hand, the elastic properties of polyester give it that advantage.
The sticky nature of pure polyester makes the print images appear to be on plastic.

Also, cotton canvas is more expensive and requires more upkeep, whereas polyester canvas is less expensive but offers little to enhance images.
So, we blend cotton and polyester to generate a canvas that is crease-free, light, and easy to maintain.

What Types of Images Can You Print on Canvas?

Look for high-resolution images with well-centered subjects and transparent backgrounds to get the best results. Images taken with a smartphone or social media are ideal for smaller photo canvases, while high-resolution photos taken with a digital camera are ideal for larger canvas prints.

What Printers and Inks Do We Use for Printing?

We use Flatbed Vutek H5s and HP Latex printers with premium permanent inks to ensure quality prints. We believe in eliminating waste and downtime by relying on dependable performance. With HP Latex inks, we can improve the quality of your images with brilliant and rich color. No specific ventilation or warning labels are necessary because we create the inks with the environment.

What Is the Procedure for Stretching a Frame?

The machine-driven canvas stretching offered by other online canvas print providers isn't what we believe produces the best results. Canvas is stretched by hand over our frames to give your images the best possible display.

Which Type of Wood Do We Use for Printing?

The kiln-dried pine wood used in our stretcher bars comes from sustainably managed forests. It's a sturdy piece of wood that can handle various canvas sizes. To make the canvas appear to wrap around the frame, we soften its corners.

What's Best About Our Canvas Prints?

Foamcoreprint got you covered with a lifetime warranty if you're looking for an elegant photo print. Along with a quality guarantee, there is a money-back guarantee if you don't like your canvas prints.

A printing medium that can withstand the test of time is essential for

  • Class artists
  • University faculty students
  • Learning interior designers
  • Teaching professional decorators
  • School courses

And anybody who has an excellent taste in decor.

With our easy-to-use photo editing tool and support information, you can preview how your images look on the canvas prints before you order.

Ordering Custom Canvas Prints From Us Is Simple

Creating a photo canvas print is as simple as clicking a button. To get started, click the "Upload Artwork" button below. We explain the entire process step-by-step, from design to payment, and if you have issues, contact the service desk.

Canvas prints bought from us come with a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Our prints go through high-quality printing equipment, which also protects them with a UV laminate that will not scratch or peel off.


What type of canvas is best for printing?

There are a few different types of canvas that are best for printing. The two most popular types are cotton and polyester. Cotton canvas is a natural fiber that is absorbent and has a texture that can be enhanced with oil paints. Polyester canvas is a synthetic fiber that is less absorbent but has a smoother surface, making it better for printing photographs.

What is the difference between an art print and a canvas print?

The difference between them is an art print is a reproduction of an original work of art, often created by a printing process such as lithography or screen printing. A canvas print is a reproduction of an original work of art that is printed on canvas.

Can a regular printer print on canvas?

Yes, a regular printer can print on canvas. However, the results may not be as good as if the canvas were printed by a professional printer.