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Quality Guarantee

Our Policy

It can be uncomfortable when an order doesn't meet expectations. Although it is not common at FoamCorePrint, we strive to correct any problems promptly. Our quality guarantee protects our customers, so If you have a problem or an issue with your order when it arrives, please get in touch with us immediately. To avoid abuse of our policies and maintain the best prices for our products, problems or complaints must be reported within 7 business days of delivery.

Step 1: Letting Us Know

Provide your order number to customer services via trouble ticket, email, or call 855-465-7744, and let our team make it right. You can find your order number on your order confirmation email or by logging into and navigating to the "Order History" tab.

Step 2: The Fix

Option #1

If the mistake were something we messed up, we would reprint, pack and ship your order with the original production and shipping method for free (upgraded shipping options are available at an additional cost).

Option #2

We can refund 20% of the subtotal (purchased products) on damaged or incorrect items. The refund does not include shipping, processing, design, or other additional fees.


  1. Orders that are returned as undeliverable or refused delivery.

  2. Color shift issues due to incorrect art file formatting (RGB or CMYK).

  3. Cancellation notices that are not received before production begins.

  4. Complaints about items that have already been used.

  5. Fuzzy or low-quality prints - Caused by low-resolution or poor-quality images.

  6. Issues with artwork submitted by the customer, including missing bleed, spelling errors, incorrect punctuation or grammar, incorrect font choice, or incorrect finished product size due to improper scaling of the submitted artwork.

  7. Orders that are returned or lost due to incorrect shipping information provided by the customer.

  8. Orders that do not arrive on time due to shipping delays. Orders must be placed with sufficient production and shipping time, including potential delays. Your production turnaround is what we can control. Once your order ships, we trust UPS to execute your estimated delivery date.

Shipping & Damage

FoamCorePrint ships all our products through UPS. If your order arrives damaged, we will work with our preferred UPS representative to open a claim for the damaged products and reprint them for free in the meantime.

How the process works & What we need to open your claim

In order to maintain our quality guarantee, we must fully cooperate with UPS during their investigations. Failing to comply with providing the required images or cooperating with the UPS investigation results in damaged claims and reprint requests being denied.

Throughout the claims process UPS may request to inspect or "collect" the damaged items and or box/packaging material. We ask that you hold the original box, packaging, and damaged products until UPS has completed the investigation or the claim has been closed. Below is a list of seven different photos UPS requires for us to open your claim:

  1. A photo showing the damaged item and how it was packaged inside the box
  2. A photo of the damaged item
  3. A photo of the packaging material used
  4. A close-up photo of the shipping label with the tracking number (generally starts with 1Z)
  5. A close-up photo of the box manufacturer’s certificate (round stamp on the outside of the box)
  6. and Two photos showing all six sides of the package (one showing the top and two sides, another showing the bottom and opposite sides)

File Formats Accepted

The claim application supports the following file formats:

• .JPG
• .TIF
• .BMP
• .PDF
• .PNG