Our Guarantee

Quality Guarantee

Our Policy

It is always a little bit awkward whenever an order does not turn out as exspected. While this is not a regular occurrence at Foamcoreprint.com, we want to ensure that we move quickly to correct any issues. We offer a quality guarantee to all of our customers. If something has gone wrong with your order, we simply ask that you contact us within 24-48 hours (2 business days) of receiving it and let us know what the issue is. We do this to ensure that our policies are not abused so we can continue to offer the best prices on all of our products. Any issue or complaints about an order received within 24-48 hours (2 business days) ensure that it is eligible for our standard return policy, which is as follows:

Option 1:

We can reprint the misprinted or damaged items for your team. In addition to this, we will provide you with a pre-paid label so that you can return the items to us without any additional expense to you. ** Note** Any goods ordered through a reprint will go through complementary Rushed 48-hour production and ship with your "ORIGINAL SHIPPING METHOD" from the initial order. ** If you need the items to arrive sooner than this, you can order an expedited shipping option at "THE CLIENTS OWN" additional cost. Once the issue has been addressed to your satisfaction, you must return the original order within 7 business days. If your team fails to return the items within this time frame, you consent to Foamcoreprint.com charging your credit card on file for the cost of the original order.


Option 2:

We can provide a 20% refund of the subtotal (purchased products) on damaged or incorrect items.


1. Any orders that are returned undeliverable or are refused delivery.

2. Issues of color shift due to art files submitted in RGB or CMYK formatting issues.

3. A cancellation notice that is not received before the order is already in production.

4. If the items have been used prior to the complaint being filed.

5. A fuzzy or low quality printed item due to a low resolution or low-quality image uploaded to Foamcoreprint.com.

6. Artwork files that are dated by the time they arrive at the customer. The customer is responsible for ensuring that sufficient time is given for shipping, including potential shipping delays.

7. Any orders that are returned or lost due to incorrect shipping information provided by the customer.

8. Issues that arise from artwork submitted by the customer including missing bleed, misspelling, errors with punctuation or grammar, incorrect fonts, or receiving incorrect finished product size due to incorrect scaling of artwork submitted.

Policies For Reprints & Refunds Of Incorrect Orders

1. If we do not receive any communications from you within 24-48 hours (2 business days) of your receipt of the order, we will assume that there are no issues and are, therefore, under no obligation to take any corrective action. 

2. In the rare case that your order has any issues with print, production, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible. Failure to notify us within 24-48 hours (2 business days) of receiving your order may mean that we cannot address the issue.

3. For shipping Damaged Reprints: You MUST keep the damaged products along with the original shipping box it arrived in so a claim can be made through UPS. Without the damaged products & the box it arrived in, UPS can not complete a damage claim investigation, therefore the UPS damage claim will be denied, and a reprint will also be denied. In this event, you would still be eligible to receive a 20% refund on the subtotal of the order.

The requirments for opening a UPS damage claim per UPS policy. If for any reason the client can not provide all images needed to open a damaged claim your reprint will be denied.

4. Whenever you file any claim for damages or a misprint on a job, we ask that you provide us with evidence of this. Often, this will be photos to show us the errors. If we cannot determine the issue through photos alone, we will require that the product be returned for inspection before we can take any corrective action.

5. Since all our orders are customized to the specific client, we cannot accept any returns and exchanges. All orders are absolutely final.

The Promise We Make

Whoever you are, wherever you are ordering from, we value your business. We know that there are many different websites you could have gone with for your printing needs, so we are honored that you have chosen us. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality our printed products, we will make it right for you by reprinting the items. We just need a little help from you to make this happen. To ask for a reprint, please inspect all the parts of your order within 24-48 hours (2 business days) of its arrival and send an email to info@foamcoreprint.com with images and the details of the issue that occurred. Foamcoreprint.com strives to handle "reprint requests" the same business day reprint requests are submitted.