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Dibond Printing & When To Use It, The 411 on Dibond

Dibond printing is turning out to be one of the most popular forms of marketing as buyers are gaining knowledge about it. Composed of two aluminum panels of a foam core sandwiched between them it offers the right balance of durability and lightweight. Weighing about half as much as aluminum but with a thicker profundity of the boards, Dibond printing is an excellent choice for a durable, high-quality substance to print signs on. Dibond is one of the most robust, lightweight, and resistant to weather materials to print and make signs out of. It's an excellent choice for designing sustainable, strong signs for outdoor and indoor use. Dibond is printed precisely with solvent-free, non-toxic anti-UV inks. UV ink will help your symptoms from becoming damaged due to the sun and harsh weather conditions and will also retain its color for a long time. The Dibond print has been fused with aluminum for more than 15 years and is the leader in the industry thanks to its many benefits. Printing on Dibond holds the smoothest of surfaces which is why Dibond signs are a great alternative to other substances such as Plywood, Coroplast, and PVC.

Size, Shape, and Weight

Printing on Dibond can have a depth of 2mm or 4mm and is designed with two sheets that are .012 thick aluminum with a sturdy polyethylene inside sandwiched between two layers. Due to its structure, Dibond is lighter and thicker than aluminum and about one-half the weight of straight aluminum. The strength and flexibility make printing on Dibond to be shaped in any way that you like. Thanks to its flexibility you can be as artistic as you like when creating your design or sign. You can cut the sign to shape the outline of your logo, create a 3D look by stacking multiple Dibond Prints in front of one another to give it a layered effect.

Dibond Signs

Dibond Finishes

Aluminum sheets come in three different finishes- brushed aluminum, bronzed Dibond, and coil-painted finish. The brushed aluminum finish gives Dibond print a more metal look for a more original design feel. You can get just about the same finish look as aluminum signs with the only difference that it will be lightweight and much thicker. Buyers love using Dibond print because of the depth and consistency they have, whereas a conventional aluminum sign does not. Also, Dibond print can be done on both sides instead of just one which helps you save some extra cash by not having to buy two signs; you can include print on both sides and flip your sign as you see fit.

Dibond used for Photos

The high quality that Dibond printing gives is a shield to your investment in top-of-the-line photos by protecting the color and surface for durability. Printing on Dibond is an excellent choice because the material used on Dibond is resistant to harsh weather and environmental conditions so you can use it to display anywhere you like. Due to its two sheets of aluminum with a sturdy inside, Dibond will not bend, arch or curve. For this reason, there are also buyers who use Dibond printing as photo mounts in art galleries and touring exhibitions to show off their work.


Dibond is one of the strongest and long-lasting printing signage on the market that even if exposed to harsh weather, is decompose proof and resistant to fading. If Dibond print signs are used indoors they can last you up to 10 years or more- outdoors will last you up to five years. Dibond does not require much upkeep, but if cleaned regularly, it will look its best. You can simply wipe off the dust.


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