Custom Number Plate Graphics & Backgrounds | Top Decals and Stickers

DIY Custom Number Plate Graphics & Backgrounds | Top Decals and Stickers

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From cars to buses, vans, motorbikes, and buses; almost everyone is driving one of these. With a large number of car owners, there is no doubt that we can’t underestimate the need for number plates. Once you get a new vehicle, bike, or truck, the next thing is to get a unique number. There’s no negotiating a vehicle number, it’s nothing new to owners or non-owners. Once a number is given to a vehicle or car owner, a number plate is required to display the vehicle number. Since the vehicle number is a significant part of that vehicle, it must be displayed visibly for security or emergency reason and the easiest way to make it pop is by using high-quality decals or stickers. A number plate is so important that it’s the distinguishing feature of lots of cars, trucks, vans, motorbikes, and the likes. There are similar cars with even the same colors, but all vehicles have unique numbers so you need ktm numberplate backgrounds. Rather than the conventional metal number plate, you can go for a unique decal or sticker graphics that will definitely distinguish your car and catch the eye of the driver close to you. This decal or sticker will have eye-catching dirt bike number plate graphics or backgrounds; whether numbers, drawings, or words.  You can even get matching graphics with your siblings, spouse, friends, club mates, and other associations. If you have a sports team, or you belong to a group, you all can get matching graphics on the regular number plates or on your number plate decal. So, you can attach small and reasonably large stickers or decals on your number plates. You can also make a sticker or decal the size of the usual number plate. All these will add a unique touch to your motorbike, sports car and car, trucks, vans, and many more.

DIY Number Plate Graphics on Decals

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With decals, there are endless possibilities. The good thing about stickers is that you can customize them with diverse, unique designs. If you want, you can inscribe your family or club name on your number plate; or as mentioned earlier you can customize a number plate with all the details your vehicle will need.  Manufacturers of decals also make sizeable ones that can fit perfectly on your number plate without hiding the number on the plate. Now, you don’t have to be dependent on the specific designs created by these manufacturers. You can customize the number plate decals that suits your taste. Although they won’t look as sharp or professional as the ones you ordered online, they are fun to make. Making them will also keep you busy and bring out the creative side you think you didn’t have. However, we advise that you make number plate decals that aren’t too large. You can make smaller decals that can fit on a number plate.

Things you’ll need for a DIY Number Plate Decal to create awesome number plates, motocross decals/backgrounds, and dirt bike decals.

  • Computer/Laptop
  • Required Software
  • Decal paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Nail polish or epoxy (clear)
  • Hobby paintbrush

Step-by-Step Guide

Since you have a computer or laptop, the next step is to opt for the best graphics package for your decal or sticker. For a simple and effective process, use a graphics program such as Paint. Paint is pre-installed on most computers. This package is your best bet because it is easy to use. Next is to figure the type of graphics you want to design on your number plate. Do you want to create a full number plate or a sizeable sticker to place on your number plate? Do you want to design the name of your sports team, a name, or a pattern? You have to decide at this point. Do well to go for a simple and straightforward design. Smaller graphics won’t be evident and may defeat the purpose of making a number plate. Ensure that the graphics are not too large or too small. This will ensure that the number or letter or pattern fits well when you want to place it on your vehicle. To be sure, print out a sample on a paper and see how it fits. Print multiple decals on one sheet. With this, decals will come out small, and you’ll have more stickers in hand. Proceed to cut out the decal with an X-Acto knife or scissors. Ensure that you trim as close to the graphics or font as possible. This is a necessary step to allow the decal to fit appropriately. Take off the backing of the decal and place it in position on the provided space for a number plate. Now, apply a coat of nail polish or epoxy to cover the sticker and overlaps in the right spot. Allow the place to dry correctly; the nail polish or epoxy has to dry and cure completely before using it.

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Safety Tips to Remember

Now we know how to make and apply number plate graphics that are on stickers and decals, it’s best to have some valuable tips at the back of our mind.

  1. Know that placing the decal well will make the graphics and patterns stand out. Your unique graphic design will personalize your number plate to your specific taste. Whether it’s the whole number plate you’re making or just a sizeable decal showing your favorite number, sports team, and whatever you have designed om your decal.
  2. Do well to trim your decal correctly. Trimming makes the graphics stand out and steal the shine as it sits pretty at the front and back of your motorbike, car, truck, van, and the likes. Graphics on decals black spaces around the words, do well to trim them down. This is to avoid complications when applying the decal. Since number plate decals are not too large, you won’t have a problem. This is because larger decals are difficult to use because they need more epoxy.
  3. There’s another secret you must hold on to. It is best to put a layer of epoxy before you apply the decal; this makes it look a lot more professional than it would look if you don’t. Slightly apply a coat of epoxy before laying down the sticker. This will disguise the seams of the sticker on your vehicle. The Adhesive of the decal will stick better to the epoxy layer. Also, the first epoxy layer will disguise the seams of the decal once you apply the second layer of epoxy.
  4. Ensure that there is no dirt, hair strand, or fingerprints when applying the decal. Do well to clean the decal. Cover the top with longer scotch tape; use the excess length of the tape as a handle. Proceed to apply a small tape on the backside of the decal. This will remove the backing from the adhesive side of the decal.

Put the decal on the required spot with the scotch tape on. Remove the air bubbles from the under the decal. Once the decal is fixed on the number plate sticker spot, slowly remove the tape from the decal. Wrap up this process with a thin layer of epoxy on the decal. Leave to dry. In all, ensure you have these tips at the back of your mind. Follow the steps to make your own motocross or dirt bike number plate decal with the graphics of your choice. Do not forget to remove air bubbles underneath the decal. There you go!


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