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Decals are a great way to grab attention and show off all the things you love. From cars to fishing equipment, sports gears, and many other objects, decals can fit in with ease. Moreover, there's good news for dirt bike riders. You can make or purchase custom decals for this unique kind of motorcycles.  If you own a dirt bike, you can make or purchase awesome, fun and creative decals to display your team number, race squad, dirt bike club, favorite quote, idols and many more; the list is practically endless.  Dirt bikers can purchase stickers for a host of reasons. If you want to upgrade the look of your prized bike, decals are perfect for you. Custom dirt bike decals will also showcase your personality, brand, and style. If you’re an art lover who also own a dirt bike, you can showcase your creative side with decals. Simply attach custom made bike decals on your ride, and you'll definitely catch the eye of your bike buddies. 

How to Work the right position for the decal

  1. What place do you want to put the deal? Before you place the decal on your dirt bike, it is best to determine the right location to put it on the bike. Reason being that if you have a large decal there is the likelihood that it may expand to other parts of the bike. So, look at two to four possible options and examine their pros and cons. With this, it will be pretty much easier for you to determine where the sticker will fit.
  2. Place the sticker on your dirt bike and get your measurement. Before you apply it, makes sure your decal is against the bike. If you do this, you will be able to get a sample picture of how it will look when you stick it to the part you opted for. This is right because it allows you affirm if your desired placement position is the best for it or if you'll be better off with a different one. Moreover, you should ensure that the protective back on the sticker is still in place. This is great because it is not the right time for you to place the decal on your bike. At this point, your dirt bike should be squeaky clean and dry. This is to prevent water from smearing the back of the sticker.
  3. Map out the correct measurement of the decal. Now, you should hold the decal up against your bike; this will help you to get a proper view of where you want to place the sticker. A tape measure will help you determine the right placement. Do well to place two separate stickers on either side, this is great because they have to be at an equal distance from each other.
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How to Make Dirt Bike Graphic Decals

If you wish to hop on the DIY train, do well to follow our informative guide on how to make dirt bike decals. Necessary requirements for a DIY Dirt Bike Decal

  • Decal paper
  • Printer
  • Computer/Laptop
  • Required Software 
  • Scissors
  • Nail polish or clear epoxy
  • Hobby paintbrush 
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The Standard Procedure

As usual, you should have a computer or laptop, to begin with. The next step is to opt for the best graphics package for your decal or sticker. For an effective process, do well to use a graphics program such as Paint; this package is pre-installed on most computers. It is your best bet because it is easy to use.  Next is to decide on the type of graphics you want to design on your bike. There are lots of options, and it could be pretty confusing to make a choice. Do you want to create large or small font stickers for your dirt bike? Do you want to design the name of your bike club, a racing tourney, or an inspiring pattern? You have to decide at this point.  Do well to go for a simple design. Smaller graphics won’t be evident and may defeat the purpose of making a number plate.  We advise that you opt for graphics that are not too large or too small. Reason being that the number or letter or pattern fits well when you want to place it on your vehicle. To be sure, print out a sample on a paper and see how it fits. Make sure you print multiple decals on one sheet. With this, decals will come out small, and you’ll have a lot of stickers into work with.  The next step to carry out is to cut out the decal with an X-Acto knife or scissors. Ensure that you trim as close to the graphics or font as possible. This is a necessary step to allow the decal to fit appropriately.  Take off the backing of the decal and place it in position on your desired position on your dirt bike. Now, apply a coat of nail polish or epoxy to cover the sticker and overlaps in the right spot.  Allow the place to dry correctly; the nail polish or epoxy has to dry and cure completely before using it.  

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How to Apply Dirt Bike Decals 

It’s one thing to make or buy a decal for your dirt bike, it is another thing to apply them the right way. After all, proper application improves the overall appearance, so, you have to finish off properly. Here, we’ll take you through a few tips you surely must take into cognizance. Here we go:

  • First things first, identify all the positions you wish to place the decals.  This is important because placing the decal properly can transform the look of your bike from a plain dirt bike into a custom and personalized one. Who wouldn’t want this? 
  • Trimming: To apply decal the appropriate way, you have to trim any excess away. The reason behind this tip is that it improves the appearance of your dirt bike and the placement of the decals. Although the excess may initially seem to center the decal, it will cause more problems in the process when compared to a decal that’s properly trimmed to fit only the image, or graphics.
  • Most times, text decals usually have a lot of black space around the graphics so you can trim this down to avoid complications when applying the decal. It is for a fact that larger decals are usually more difficult to apply because they need more epoxy than smaller ones. 
  • However, though they may be difficult to work with, they should also be trimmed down for aesthetics and to function properly after a ride in muddy terrain or during rainy days.
  • Epoxy: Do well to always put a layer of epoxy before applying your decal to give it a professional finished result. Indeed, applying a light coat of epoxy before laying down the decal will visually disguise the seams of the decal on your dirt bike. What this means is that the decals adhesive will stick better to the epoxy layer and the initial epoxy layer will conceal the seams of the decal once the second layer of epoxy is applied.
  • Fingerprints: Make sure your fingerprints do not get on the decals when applying. It's not only fingerprints you should be aware of, but strands of hair could also disturb the process. Hair strands can quickly ruin the whole look of the decal’s appearance. Not to exaggerate but, if you add a top layer of epoxy that mistake will be there for a lifetime.
  • Although this may seem unnoticeable at first, over time the epoxied decal will begin to stick out like a sore thumb. Sure you don't want this to happen.
  • Do well to also get a clean decal. To achieve this, cover the top with a slightly longer scotch tape. Use the excess length of the scotch tape as a handle. Apply a small strip of tape on the backside of the decal to get rid of the backing from the adhesive side.
  • Now, do well to put the decal with the scotch tape still on. Proceed to remove all the air bubbles from under the decal. Once the decal has adhered to the bike part, remove the tape from the decal slowly. 
  • Do well to finish off with a thin layer of epoxy over the decal and leave it to heal to achieve a proper custom dirt bike decal
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