8 Best Sticker Maker Apps and Websites to Design Online | MUST TRY #1

Over the years, there have been a lot of innovations that have completely transformed the way humans communicate.

Even the messages being sent on mobile phones, which were seen as great leaps themselves, have now evolved as well. As opposed to just leaving boring, old messages for your loved ones, you can now add a little bit of personalization and make your messages much more entertaining.

One of the most recent marketing innovations is stickers which have a ton of different use cases such as:

With stickers, you can do just about anything; you can take existing pictures from your picture library and personalize them, you can show your artistic side by making drawings and edits to images, and you can even work with some of the custom emojis on your mobile phone as well to - you just need an easy-to-use sticker creator.

With that in mind, we take a look at some of the apps and sticker sites that are helping to make this a possibility so that you can design your own stickers online.

1. FoamCorePrint

Absolutely the best place to buy stickers and customize them!! We're a little biased, but for good reasons. Many of these other websites that sell stickers are simply resellers, but we create everything in the house and use UPS for fast shipping and available tracking so you know your order will arrive when you need it.

We allow customizable artwork as a sticker design maker and provide FREE consultations about how to make your design on the sticker pop and be effective. We even allow emojis and selfies, which is what some of the other apps/sites only allow you to do. Most other online platforms won't even let you, but we actually specialize in photo cut-outs as a premier sticker maker.

With top-tier customer support (you can do online live-chat, email, or call) and the highest quality online with at-market prices, it doesn't get better than this. We even do wholesale / reselling for those who may want to dropship or order custom stickers in bulk and we are the #1 online decal maker.


2. Sticker Maker Pro (App)

Sticker Maker Pro is more of an app for the iMessage. It allows you to add a personal touch to all your messages by providing the sticker feature and is a basic make your own stickers app. It helps you to convert pictures from your photo library into stickers. You can practice a little bit of your creativity on the app by drawing and doodling anything you like, and you can have fun with it. You never know what will bring in that inspiration.

The Sticker Maker Pro is available on the Apple store for iOS-based devices, and it also comes with some pretty cool in-app purchases as well. Make your design then send it to us to get it printed.

3. Aviatar

Have you got a banging selfie and you’ll like to create a personal sticker from it online? Then, Aviatar is without a doubt the tool that you need to us and helps to buy stickers online.

Aviatar will help you to create your personalized stickers and add emojis to pictures. The pictures you create can then be shared across a wide array of messaging and social media platforms. With hundreds of emoji options and animated stickers, this picture editing and stocker development tool is the dream of every creative person.

Aviatar is available for iOS and Android devices, and it is entirely free.

4. Emoji Me Face Maker

What’s your favorite kind of emoji?

Will you like to spruce it up a little bit?

If you will, then Emoji Me Face Maker is one tool that you should consider getting.

Just as it is with many options available on this list, the Emoji Me Face Maker provides the ability to customize your very own emojis and stickers. You can take advantage of the many effects, cool features and custom stickers available in the app and have fun with them. Of course, as soon as you finish with it all, feel free to share your stickers and emojis with your friends and loved ones via any of your social media and messaging apps.

The Emoji Me Face Maker is available on the Apple store for iOS devices.

5. PicsArt Photo Studio

In PicsArt Photo Studio, you get a photo editor, a collage maker, and a powerful tool for making drawings.

The app is easy to use, and its collection millions of global users give it credence as one of the best sticker maker apps out there.

PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the few apps available on the marketplace which provides users with the ability to express themselves freely. The app comes with hundreds of awesome edits and features (including over 3 million stickers) available, and you can rest assured that this app will suit you and your creativity needs.

Edited pictures can easily be shared on various social media platforms, and you can also check out the app’s challenges to help improve your inspiration levels.

The app is available on both iOS and Android devices

6. YourMoji

YourMoj is an innovative app that provides the ability to create your custom emojis. It also improves your ability to explore popular emojis, GIFs, and stickers and save them for later use.

Of course, the most significant advantage of this platform is the fact that it provides just about all of the custom stickers and emojis that you could ever need.

Millions of custom emojis are available on YourMoji, and you can also create custom stickers to be used on a wide array of applications from your phone.

Sticker, GIFs, and emojis created with YourMoji can easily be shared from the YourMoji keyboard, and you can effectively make use of them within any on your messenger apps and social media platforms.

7. LINE Creators Studio

LINE Creators Studio allows users to create stickers “in a flash” from their smartphones. The ease of access that this app provides is one of the many reasons why many people are switching to it when it comes to sticker making and creation.

With LINE Creators Studio, you can take ordinary photos from your phone and have them made into stickers. Also, if you have illustrations that you want to make into stickers, the app works just as well. Stickers can get a personal touch, thanks to the feature that lets you add text to drawings.

When you finish with your session, you can get your created photos reviewed and shared with your friends over various platforms. Plus, if you’re down to make a little money, the LINE STORE and in-app Sticker Store are available for you to sell your stickers.

8. Assembly

For those who might not know it, Assembly is much more than just an app that helps with making stickers. Rather, it is a graphic design platform that provides a vast range of possibilities to the average smartphone user.

The Assembly app offers a building block approach to design, enabling people to create logos, scenes, and icons. The library of shapes on Assembly contains a wide array of options that can easily be connected. Downloading the app will give you access to over 150 shapes, and there are hundreds more available or you to download.

Projects made can easily be shared through a variety of apps, as well as on the cloud.

Assembly is available on iPads and iPhones.

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