How to Put a Sticker On Your Car | Guide for Vehicle Decals

How to Put a Sticker On Your Car | Guide for Vehicle Decals

Getting a custom sticker is without a doubt one of the best ways to make your car stand out you can advertise your business with it, voice an opinion, or share a belief… all while never having to open your mouth.

However, as opposed to getting a retailer to apply your custom sticker (or decal, depending on what you call it) for you, you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

So, pay attention to the little details and see how you can get a fantastic result.

Working on the right position for the decal

What place for you want to put the deal?

Before you apply the decal, it is essential for you to determine the right location on the car that you want to have it placed. This is especially vital if you have a large decal that has the propensity to expand to other parts of the car itself.

So, look at various possible options and examine their pros and cons. This way, it will be much easier for you to determine where the sticker will fit.

Place the sticker on the vehicle and get your measurement.

Without applying it, hold the decal against the vehicle. This way, you will be able to get a picture of how it will look when you do stick it to the part of the car you have chosen, and is important before figuring out how to put on a decal. By doing this, you can assess whether your desired placement position is really the best for it or whether you'll be better served by selecting a different location.

Again, make sure that you keep the protective back on the sticker. This is just a reconnaissance mission it's not yet the best time for you to stick the decal. Also, make sure that the vehicle itself is dry. You don't want any water smearing the back of the sticker.

Get the proper measurement of the decal.

While holding the sticker up against the vehicle will help you to get a proper sense of where you want to place the decal, a tape measure will go a long way in determining the right placement.

While there aren't many measurement rules, you should know that if you are placing two separate stickers on either side then it is essential that they are set at an equal distance from each other. You want to ensure that the stickers are placed in an orderly manner, so keep this in mind.

Mark the location with masking tape

Now that you've gotten a measurement of where you will k the decal to be placed, just tear off little pieces of masking tape and use them to demarcate the corners where you will like for the stickers to be applied.

The masking tape will help to serve as a guide when you begin the process of applying the sticker, so it's definitely needed. Also, an added benefit of masking tape is that it won't end up scratching or leaving any damage to the vehicle.

Time to apply the sticker on the car

Clean your designated placement area

Once you have already determined the area where the decal will be placed, get a mild cleaner or a soft cloth and apply it on the car's surface. Rubbing alcohol is a common choice for this action, as it will ensure a proper cleaning action and evaporate quickly.

Also, keep in mind that you're cleaning the car. If you just spray it and leave it, there's a probability that the liquid will soak up the masking tape that you've installed as a guide for the sticker. To wit, make sure that you apply a piece of cloth or a rag and clean off the area where you plan to apply the decal to the car.

If your cleaner will leave a film on the car, then don't use it

There are some cleaners and spray-on cleaner waxes that tend to leave some residue on the vehicle. Most times, this residue isn't bad; it can actually help to maintain the shine of your car. However, for this purpose, you don't need it. In most cases, the residue ends up preventing the decal from effectively sticking to the vehicle.

For a quick job, you can just make use of basic car wash soap. This, as well as rubbing alcohol, are the most popular choices. They'll clean the area efficiently, and they don't waste so much time before drying off.

Also, if you will be making use of basic car wash soap, remember that you need to have the car rinsed. The soapy effect is a terrible base for the sticker, so ensure that the car is dry and clean. This is why most people prefer just to get alcohol.

Leave some time for the area to dry well

A car sticker will never stick well to a wet surface. So, you can either allow the area you cleaned to dry thoroughly or apply a dry towel to get things dry faster before you go on to use the decal. However, if you opt to go for the latter, then make sure that the material of the towel is soft and tender enough not to leave a scratch mark on the car's surface.

When you're done, ensure that the entire surface is dry before starting the actual installation.

Get the decal and peel off the backing

When the time comes to remove the decal's basking, you will have to be careful of one thing; size.

Depending on the size of the decal, you might have to choose between removing the backing entirely in one motion or taking it off one portion at a time.

Here's a rule of thumb; if the sticker is larger than your entire forearm, then you will most likely be better served if you take off the backing one portion at a time. Doing this will make things more manageable, and it will also see to it that the sticker doesn't end up getting tangled.

If the decal in just a few inches long, however, then you can eradicate the backing.

Getting the decal applied

Unpeel more of the backing as you move

As more of the performance sticker is being glued to the vehicle, get more and more of the backing peeled as more parts of the sticker are being revealed. By peeling the backing off a few inches at a time, you will be able to ensure that you can keep the decal straight, and you also won't have to worry about other parts sticking to each other.

Keep making progress but be careful so as not to make any forced errors.

Keep the transfer tape on

While you might be able to easily remove the transfer tape as soon as you press the decal onto the car or car windows, it is highly recommended that you keep it on and let it dry for a little while.

You can wait for half an hour, and you'll find that removing the transfer tape will be much easier. It will also reduce any chances of taking off any part of the decal with the tape.

Also, make sure that the decal is put in direct sunlight. It will make things faster and see to it that the transfer tape is more comfortable to remove, whether it is the car body, bumper, or windows.

Get a credit card

When you take the transfer tape off, it is normal for the decal to have some bubbles. To get rid of those, just press on them with a credit card and push them towards the end of the page.  However, make sure you read this Quora post about the potential cons of removing stickers from your car.

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    Can you apply waterslide model car decals to the car or are they designed for indoor use only and will just fade and peel?

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