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Custom Fishing Rod Decals & Decorative Stickers

Custom Fishing Rod Decals & Decorative Stickers

Fishing is one of the most popular activities most Americans indulge in, it's an awesome past time, an opportunity to be one with nature (if you like stuff like that), and it sure serves as a good idea for a hobby. Of course, let’s not forget that it provides the opportunity to catch some great fish and make a nice meal out of them. A lot of things go with the activity of fishing, including but not limited to fishing rods. While many "fishing lovers" prefer to have their fishing rods designed normal, you can always choose to try something new and add some flair to yours with nice decals from Foam Core Print. This is why you need a fishing rod decal. The stickers are easily put on your rod, and they help raise their visual appeal a great deal. Plus, they actually aren’t difficult to use at all. So, if you’re looking to prepare for an upcoming fishing season, here are some amazing fishing rod decals that you can try out:

Bass Rod Skins

The Bass Rod Skins are incredibly beautiful. With a combination of green and black as base colors, the decorative stickers improve the appeal of your fishing rod and allow you to truly stand out from the crowd. Perfect to be one of your fly rod decals!

LEW’S Fishing Decals

This single decal is as beautiful as it sets, and there is no doubt to the fact that it is one of the most beautiful ones on this list. The decals, which are of exceptionally high quality, are made in a die-cut oval shape, which gives them the ability to wrap themselves around your fishing pole quickly. In addition to that, they also work effectively or tackle boxes, truck windows, and bass boas. They measure about 3.2 inches in width and 2 inches in height. The material is outdoor vinyl, and it is entirely water and fade resistant. With this decal, there is no doubt that you will be able to transform your fishing pole within a few minutes.  

St. Croix Fishing Rod Decals

St. Croix, the manufacturers of these fishing decals, has actually built a name for being one of the most popular manufacturers of high-performance fishing rods and equipment in the world, making this a very popular fishing brand sticker. It seems only right that their fishing rod decals will be of the same impeccable quality. These decals, with their die-cut oval shape and white border, look just as amazing as you'd expect. They work effectively for bass boats, truck windows, tackle boxes, fishing poles, and whatever it is that you need. They measure about 6½ inches in width, and their height is pegged at 2 inches. Just as a lot of options on this list, these decals are also made of outdoor vinyl, and you can as well have them used in any weather at all, since they’re water and fade resistant, making them one a favorite for fishing pole logos.

Self-Adhesive Measuring Tape Decal

Yes, deals are supposed to be aesthetically appealing. However, who says that they can’t be useful as well? These fishing rod decals measure 40 inches in length and 1 inch in height. They're custom printed on 3M vinyl; then the manufacturers went on to laminate them in order to provide protection from ultraviolet sunlight. With this lamination, the decals will be able to last for years, thus providing you with the proper value for your money. However, the most significant feature in these decals actually is featured in the design itself. Designed in the form of a measuring tape, these decals can actually be used for taking measurements of various things. Caught a fish? Why not measure it with your decal? The fishing rod decals come with adhesive on their backs, so you can easily have them attached to the outer part of your boat, the top of your boat (of course, as well as your fishing rod). The decals stick to various materials, including but not limited to fiberglass, plastic, metal, glass, wood, and much more.

Berkley Fishing Rod Decal Stickers

Just as it is with a lot of decals and stickers for fishing rods, the best part of this product is its aesthetic appeal. While it might not be able to help you take measurements like the previous option, there is no doubt to the fact that this deal isn’t attractive nonetheless. The high-quality decal is both water and fade resistant, and it is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, thus providing excellent value for every dollar spent.

USA Flag Fish Ruler Label

A brand known as 215 Decals designed this decal, and there is just so much about it that can be talked about. First off, as regards its visual appeal, the manufacturers definitely took a creative aspect to things. The deal features a full brand of the American flag (for those who will like to show their patriotic side). However, if you take a closer look at the decal, you'll find that it uses fishes in place of the stars. Points for creativity here! In addition to this amazing design, the decal also features a tape rule, which can help you with measurements. While the tape rule isn’t particularly long, it definitely does help with measurements nonetheless. So, with this, the decal has been able to blend visual appeal and additional functionality perfectly. The decal was designed on 3M vinyl and then laminated to protect against wear and tear caused by exposure to the sun’s rays. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it is sure to last long as well. The decal already has an adhesive material at the back, so you can have it glued to your fishing rod easily. It sticks to metal, plastic, glass, etc.

Rogue River Fish Rod Decal

This fishing decal would have to be one of the most realistic options on the market with a bold and outstanding design. There is no doubt that every fishing lover would want to have this large fish decal. Made in the USA, this 4x4-inch decal can stick to just about whatever surface you put it on without stress. The durable vinyl material of the decal makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and the sicker itself comes with awesome inspirational and sarcastic quotes for your pleasure as well.


All of these are great tips and you can't go wrong with any decal that you want. While these are some of the best and most popular designs, don't be afraid to come up with your own as well! Other types of stickers that you should definitely check out include:

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