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Impossible Shot 1/2" Gator Board
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Impossible Shot - Gator Board

Are you looking for a fun new game to play with all age groups? Look no further; the impossible shot is here to fill the void! The impossible shot game was made famous in a church setting and used as a youth group game. They were commonly used as a great way to break the ice with newcomers and an opportunity for students to invite friends or have a fun target to shoot!

Even though the game was founded initially and used in a church setting, it is becoming much more popular as a team-building activity for corporate events and even work parties. It's a great way to get a crowd to interact with a speaker, answer questions, and earn chances to take THE IMPOSSIBLE SHOT to win prizes.
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How The Game Is Played

They are many different ways to play the game, but it's all really up to the event's organizer. The broad bases are all the same.

  1. The game would start with selecting game contestants. (how they are chosen could be a raffle or handpicked by crowed interaction)
  2. After the contestants are selected, they would each have 60 seconds to complete four shots or as many as possible.
  3. In the first three shots, the event host would hold up a hula-hoop on stage while the contestants would move through a lineup of three different projectiles. The particular items can be whatever you choose; the most commonly used items to play with are low-impact Nerf Guns, Nerf football, or a soft Frisbee.
  4. The final shot (the "impossible shot," if you will) Involved the event host bringing out a Nerf Gun with a tip-safe dart & the 1/2" Gatorboard impossible shot game board. (Do NOT use Nerf Bow and Arrow on Gatorboard Impossible show game, see PVC Impossible shot for a more rugged finish.)
  5. Place the board in the corner of the room or hanging from the ceiling with strings.
  6. You can only imagine how excited the crowd gets when someone makes the dart through the center of the target and wins whatever prize is being given away!

Create excitment with an intro clip

Below is an excellent introduction clip that introduces the game's start using exciting visual and sound media.

What Is The Game Board Made From?

The impossible shot game is manufacture to order and made from durable 1/2" Gatorboard. Gatorboard is comprised of compressed black foam board with a clay face and a matte finish. Gator is much more durable than foam board and is dent, crease, and bend resistant. Perfect to be used on a stage with lighting and to shoot soft-tip darts to win the game. Check out Impossible Shot 1/4" PVC board for an upgraded structure and more robust finish!

What Comes Included?

  • The "Special" cut (unique shape) 1/2" Gatorboard Impossible Shot game board with the center hole cut out (3.69")
  • Drill holes: Placed in the top corners to hang your game from celings, walls, or where you see fit.
  • Finish Size: 24.9"x27.5"
  • Physical Weight: 1.286 lbs

**The Nerf guns, Nerf football, or Frisbees are NOT Included**

Disclaimer: Playing the game is done at your own risk; is not liable for Injury while playing the game. We only offer suggestions on how we are told the game is played and offer the game board a solution for clients who do not have the custom artwork for the game.

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Frequently asked Questions


What is Impossible Shot target?

The Impossible-Shot board is a target that can be used to practice shooting. The target has five rings, the outermost ring being the bullseye with three inner rings of decreasing size inside it.
The smaller rings are good for practicing precision shots because you have less room for error. 
It also provides an excellent way to work on your mental focus and concentration by limiting your field of vision to just one small area of the target at a time.

How Is The Impossible Shot Game Played?

The Game is played in such way where you have to take a shot from the furthest point on the court and make it. The rules of the game depend on the organizer, but the usual is that the player who makes the shot first wins, but if they miss, they lose.
  • In order for someone to win, there needs to be two shots made before one of them misses. 
  • If both people miss their shots, then it becomes sudden death and whoever shoots first wins.

What is Impossible Shot target made of?

This version of the game is made from a durable 1/2" Gatorboard, though it is depending on your settings. The object of the game is to shoot at a hole in the center of the target, but it's not as easy as you might think.

For a more durable, rigid, water and weather proof version visit Impossible Shot 1/4" PVC

Who created the Impossible Shot Board game?

Kurt Johnston created this amazing game for youth groups. Do you think you can make the impossible shot? Order one today and have fun!

Where can I buy a impossible shot target board?

Impossible-Shot is a fun and engaging game. You can purchase the board on the Foamcoreprint website at

Can I add personalized content and ads?

Yes, when making an Impossible-Shot game, you can print all sorts of personalized content and ads that are tailored to your ineterests. Just get in touch with our designers and your personalized content and ads will be visible to all playing the game. We will make sure you won't be disappointed with quality of our services!


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