Aluminum Signage becoming more popular than Dibond Signs?

Why Aluminum Signage Is Becoming More popular Than Dibond Signs?

When it comes to choosing the best option to promote a business and its products and services with signage, it can become a dilemma. With so many alternatives how do you choose? Dibond signs and aluminum signs are the most favored in the marketing industry. So, why is that?

Dibond Signs

Dibond signs are generally used for retail and office mounting, parking lot signage, typography signage and stenciled signage as well. So, what are Dibond signs? Dibond signs are comprised of two sheets of aluminum covered by a hard polyethylene core. Polyethylene is a common plastic that is used in many domestic packaging and products. The mixture of metal and plastic makes Dibond an attractive and durable material for signage display. Dibond signs can also be cut to any shape you like, which makes it an excellent choice for mounting typographic signage.

What is aluminum signage and why is it the number one option when it comes to marketing displays?

Aluminum signs hold one of the sturdiest and most adjustable of materials in the signage industry. Aluminum signs give a professional presence which makes it an excellent fit for both indoor and outdoor use. They are also the most versatile and most affordable of signage materials. Aluminum signage can also be modified to custom aluminum signs with different looks and feels that include reflective aluminum, brushed aluminum, and standard aluminum. So how do each of these give aluminum signs their professional finish?

For instance, reflective aluminum is a mixed product that is profound and very visible and attractive, particularly at night. The printing procedure is what differentiates them all. For this aluminum signage, an extra layer of vinyl is added which gives it additional freedom for design.

Aluminum Sign Printing

Reflective and Brushed Aluminum

Reflective aluminum signs offer visibility, durability and give a professional finish and can last for up to 5 years. Brushed aluminum signage offers a contemporary and attractive look that many businesses favor. Choosing brushed over reflective can benefit your office, home or retail store. Brushed signage’s are very much like standard aluminum signage but are usually 3mm in thickness and are thicker than standard aluminum. This type of signage is weather resistant, solid and can be displayed indoors and outdoors and can also last up to 5 years. Standard aluminum signs are well known for their durability and can also last for many years to come if cared for properly. They are stylish yet simple signs that are the most affordable of the three and usually hold a semi-gloss finish. Standard aluminum signs are generally coil-coated with white paint and are double-sided.

Brushed metal sign

What's the best choice?

As you can see, aluminum printing is by far the best option in the marketing industry for many reasons. They are one of the most affordable signage’s in the market even though you would think otherwise for its innumerable qualities. They hold one of the strongest materials in the signage industry and remain lightweight and long lasting. One of the most notable distinctions of aluminum signage is its versatility and the fact that it can be displayed and installed anyplace. See what else we have at

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