Aluminum Signs vs. Dibond Signs And What's Best For Your Project

Choosing the perfect sign for your project or your business often feels like a weighty decision. Whether it's for business use or an individual purpose, you know that you want a sign that will serve your purpose, be eye-catching and attractive, durable, and cost-efficient! When it comes to choosing between Dibond signs and Aluminum signs, customers often want to know what the difference is between the two, and which one might be better for their needs.

Dibond Signs

If you want an excellent example of printing on Dibond, look no further than your traffic signs! Dibond has an enamel surface and comes pre-painted. It can be made in a variety of colors, and multiple shapes. You can have it printed with logos, or customized images or photos, or even personalize it for a neat gift. One of the reasons that Dibond signs stands out is because it's resistant to the weather. It is primarily used outdoors and is rigid, lightweight, and easy to use. It's usually the choice when strength is an issue. Dibond prints are stable to temperature changes, flat, and also resistant to impact. In addition to traffic signs, they're used as directional signage, for information, as wall signs, and shop fascia signs. 

dibond aluminum
Dibond Printing

Aluminum Signs

Aluminum Sign Printing
Aluminum Sign Printing

Okay, so Dibond is modern and customizable, but aluminum has been in use for a very long time. It's popular because of its reliability, and it's strong, too. A few great examples of printing on aluminum would be road signs, parking signs, and license plates. Aluminum signs can be printed in color with various options and often have explicit instructions or messages. That message may be a display or a specific advertisement. As mentioned above, Dibond is usually used outdoors, and while it can be used indoors, aluminum printing offers an industrial look and are commonly always used outdoors. Aluminum printed signs are durable, and you can choose from single or double-sided! Aluminum printing on signs is sturdy yet lightweight and an excellent option for outdoor signage. Its core is made up of recycled composite and then sandwiched between aluminum. aAluminum printed signs are built for durability and longevity. You can opt for just one side of color, multi sides, and include full color. Because aluminum signs are rigid and easy to mount, there is no need for backing to mount them on. They can be bent or curved, and they're rust-free and weatherproof! If you'd like a higher-end look, you can use standoffs to mount on any wall. Standoffs are screws that mount your signage to the wall and "standoff" the wall making it appear to float. Most corporations that utilize Dibond indoors use standoffs to give an elegant feel. I still don't understand what standoffs are? Read this article and better understand standoff mounting options. Aluminum is thin and lightweight, easy to care for, durable, and professional. Custom aluminum signs are perfect for building signs, pool and spa areas, service signs, real estate signs, directional signage, parking garage signage, construction signs, and informational signs. If you're still not sure which type of sign is right for you, take a look around at your competitors, projects, or businesses similar to yours. What kinds of signs are they using, and how do they look? Your decision may be easier if you can see those signs in action.

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