What Is API Printing and How Can It Help Your Business?

What Is API Printing and How Can It Help Your Business

The new way to order prints is through API Printing. Are you API printing yet? If not, we have everything you need to know: about how it works, how it will benefit you, and how you can best use it for your company. With the growing spread of technology today, companies have been quickly adapting to API printing because it is extremely fast and efficient. With API Printing you can skip having to invest a ton of money into an inventory and machines. By using our API services to streamline your printing, you will be able to please your customers and make easy money. Learn more about API printing today:

API Printing and How It Works

API printing can seem like a hard concept to grasp, but it is actually here to make your life easier! API is when two separate applications communicate with each other, such as your e-commerce store and us, FoamCorePrint. Foam Core Print's API allows you to securely connect your e-commerce store to us and once your storefront is connected to our API all of your online orders can be automatically sent to Foam Core Print, where they will be fulfilled. 

This system is extremely useful if your store doesn’t have an integration already in place. You can avoid having to maintain an inventory or investing money into a warehouse. If you need custom prints, API printing is your most affordable and efficient choice. This is how it works:

white label printing services

1.    You sell your designs through your own website or app.

2.    We print and ship the products to your customers. 

3.    Your customer receives the products white-label.

4.    You receive your profit!

The point of API is so businesses don’t have to waste time and money on manual labor. It is an automatic and quick way to transfer data from one source to another. Think of the print as a segment of codes that are sent from one database to another.

Automated, Fast, and Efficient

API was specifically designed for businesses to save a ton of money and time. Not only is using API fast and efficient, but you will find it is a lot easier to manage than it sounds. We all know what Google wants the user to have the best experience and it's not just about having an API but a "properly designed API" results in greater user experience. Here are 8 ways that API plugins help businesses succeed.

Through the ability to automate various processes at once, your customers will receive faster results. In fact, technology today is much faster and efficient than people, in terms that it is actually replacing manual labor. The end result? There will be less room for human error.

This is why API printing will be saving you a ton of money and time. With API printing, you or your customers can completely customize their store’s integration. API can allow you to create unique products that are suited to your image. So whatever you consider being unique to your own product, API can deliver it. Most small businesses do not have the finance or resources to build there own API's so finding a solution for their company's needs that makes their orders seamless is a better more affordable option. This article from Techcrunch.com better explains the need for clients use for API to plug holes and fill gaps without them having to work so hard. 

Perfect for B2B Businesses and Wholesale

B2B businesses, or wholesale businesses, need API printing for many reasons. Wholesale businesses distribute products and goods to retailers, institutions, professional business users, and commercial retailers. If you are a business that is sourcing materials for your production process, you need API printing.

Essentially it works as a drop shipping process, where you order or sell your designs through your own website or app, while Foam Core Print will process and fulfill your prints, and ship them to your customers. There is absolutely no need for a stock when we print on demand. API printing is a solution for all developers because it creates an easy shop integration. 

Overall you will save a ton of money, avoid having to maintain and invest in a stock, and you can be entirely e-commerce-based without needing a warehouse, all while you keep your customers happy.

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Do you need API prints? FoamCorePrint is your number one professional API printing service. We offer businesses the ability to fully customize their prints, so you have more room to completely customize your store’s integration. Our API services can allow you to create a unique product that is suited to your image. Offered at competitive prices, we deliver high-quality products and ensure everyone is happy. Foam Core Print provides on-demand printing service your website or app. Contact us today for all your API printing needs, and for more information.


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