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Automating Your Orders with API Printing

API may seem like a daunting thing to those who aren’t super “techie.” API stands for Application Programming Interface, which sounds even worse than API. However, there is no reason to fear—API is actually here to make your life easier. If you’re running a business and you’ve heard of API, but you’re not sure what exactly it is and how it will benefit you, then you are in the right place. Many businesses today are finding that API has helped them succeed and find that it is more efficient. Learn how you can automate your orders with API Printing:

What Is API Printing?

API Printing is when two applications communicate with each other, such as your e-commerce store and Foam Core Print. The use of Foam Core Print is to connect your store with us via API, so all of your online orders will be automatically sent to Foam Core Print to be fulfilled. This system is extremely useful if your store doesn’t have an integration already in place or if you have other essential needs for order fulfillment that aren’t already taken care of by default ecom stores. If you need a custom print, API printing is the way to go.

Why Using API Is Fast and Efficient

Not only is using API fast and efficient, but it will save you a plethora of time and money. Through automating different processes, your customers are receiving more rapid results. You can also look at it this way; as technology today is much faster and efficient then people, there will be less room for human error. This results in saving a ton of money and time. Its efficiency stems from the ability to customize your store's integration completely. Whatever you consider unique to your own product, API can let you do those things efficiently. For example, customers can generate completely different print files for each order, and generate unique customized orders.

high level API diagram

How It Improves Your Business

API will increase your entire business proposition and help you save valuable resources. How is this possible? API successfully builds efficiency, improves customer experience, and helps reach new customers - perfect for a dropshipping business or those dealing with large quantities of orders. Using API means you can basically transfer back and forth data seamlessly. For example, you can transfer data from software to an app, or from the app to third-party apps. There many ways in which your business can benefit from API:

  • Allowing businesses to integrate easily.
  • Increases sales by access to new customers.
  • Keeps businesses on target or under budget.
  • Provides your business with complex logic (without having to invest resources)
  • Enabling customers and product use to solve a particular problem by using API.

Foam Core Print

For all your API needs, Foam Core Print has the best-automated API printing service for your wholesale needs. Increase your business’ success by increasing your efficiency and making happy customers. We make API to make your life easier, you will never have to deal with submitting data again. Join the world of print automation with Foam Core Print.


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