Vinyl Banners vs Fabric Banners - What to Choose and Why

Vinyl vs. Fabric Banners | Pros and Cons of Uses, Cost, and Reusability

Imagine strolling through a conference or convention and eyeing all the beautiful banners, proudly showing off their business or product. They all look really appealing and do a great job highlighting their products and services: except for one particular banner. This banner is faded, wrinkled, and difficult to look at. Good thing is - you know it didn't come from us at The scary reality is that banner could be yours if you decide not to pick out the right type that fits your needs and provides the best look to show off your product. If your banner doesn’t look good, prospects won’t have any interest in giving you their business. This can cause you to waste a large amount of time and money. You can prevent this by considering certain factors when deciding between vinyl or fabric banners to display your brand. To look at paper and vinyl banners check out this article. Before coming to a decision on what type of banner you want to promote your business, let’s first balance the positives and negatives of each banner type. We’ll focus on specific qualities and attributes they both bring to the table.

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Scroll down to look at our cheat sheet to see which one is better if you want to skip the in-depth look.


Vinyl Banners

When it comes to the ultimate fight between a banner vs. the wind, the banner will only be declared the champion if it is made of vinyl. These banners normally consist of heavier weights with stronger and straighter edges than fabric banners. This makes them able to withstand the outdoors longer as well. Even though it’s not the best idea to display your banner in the rain, it will be able to handle all different types of weather. Some banners are made specifically with the outdoors in mind, so some banner creators make include ink that is resistant to UV rays in order to fight any sunshine that comes its way and attempts to dim the print on the banner.

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If you are hoping to proudly show your banner off in an indoor conference or event, fabric material is the best to use. The printing method these banners normally are called dye sublimation. This makes the print on the banner more visually appealing and allows it to stand out.

Fabric banners are normally created using nylon, polyester, satin, or different types of synthetic fibers and are measured in deniers. This causes the banner to look attractive to guests as it rhythmically flows indoors. If you do decide to bring this banner outdoors to showcase, try your best to keep it out of the rain. They are not made to withstand large amounts of moisture such as this.

High-quality Graphics and Display


If you have several features about your brand you’d like to display, vinyl can help you effectively do that as it can also be double-sided. This will help you display your message twice as easily. These banners can also be used for up to a year and still contain a vibrant and visually appealing look. The colors are stronger and less likely to be washed out, which is great when you are searching for the perfect way to make your banner’s message stand out.


If you need a banner to attract visitors at an event to take pictures in front of, the fabric will be your go-to option. These banners are very talented when it comes to absorbing light and looking great indoors, even if the lighting is less flattering than you wanted. If you’re nervous about cameras drowning out the design on the banner, the fabric will continue to absorb the light, leaving the banner looking top-notch and dodging any unattractive reflections.

Easy to Set Up


Vinyl banners normally come with the necessary supplies needed to properly set the banner up for display. Installing this banner is very quick and simple, giving you more time to take pictures and less time putting all of the difficult parts together.


Hanging fabric banners can be a little more complicated at times. It’s not always easy to get the wrinkles out of the fabric banner, and the extra wrinkles can make hanging and mounting the banner more of a difficult chore. If certain mounting techniques are used, such as hanging with wooden dowel rods, then this can make the process of setting the banner up a lot easier and less stressful.

Price of the Banner

When it comes to the overall expenses of the banners, they both cost around the same amount. The main key differences are that vinyl prints faster and don’t use very much ink, ultimately saving you more money on both of these factors. Unfortunately, when it comes to travel with the banners, a specific pole must be purchased in order to safely and securely transfer this banner from one event to another. Sadly, fabric banners result in a more expensive investment overall. The material itself isn’t as cheap as vinyl and the banner requires a larger and more excessive amount of ink. One bright side to using fabric is they contain a handy pole pocket that is normally sewn manually and doesn’t cost a huge chunk to purchase it.

Compact and Easy to Travel With


Since vinyl requires a heavy tube to keep it extra secure, traveling with this banner is a little more of a high maintenance job. It must be rolled up, and the tube it’s placed into is normally heavy, to increase the safety of the banner. This means it normally needs to be shipped, which brings in the problem of paying for shipping fees.


Fabric banners are a lot more portable and simpler to travel with. They don’t require rolling, but rather just need to be folded. Be sure to check for wrinkles and iron them out as soon as you see any before you begin folding and packing. Once this fabric has been folded and is ready to transport, simply place it into a lightweight box, and you’re ready to begin your travels.



If you’re planning to use this banner less than once a week, it should be okay to handle that. Don’t purchase this banner if you are hoping to use it constantly at different events every day for long periods of time. If you use it for the suggested amount of time, it will be incredibly easy to clean and take care of. All that is needed from you is to wipe the banner down with cleaning solution and clean it after every event you showcase it at.


This banner will be perfect if you are planning frequent uses and appearances with it. If this banner contains fabric that is dye-sublimation printed, then it will be easy to clean. Be sure to have it professionally dry-cleaned a few times and watch out when it comes to the use of specific detergents, as it can possibly ruin the graphics and cause them to blur or run.

Determining What is Best Cheat Sheet

  1. Choose Vinyl If:
    • You want an outdoor banner
    • Want a cheap indoor banner for just 1 use
  2. Choose Fabric Banner If:
    • You want a reusable banner


It’s tough to say which banner is the best overall. This all varies in how you plan to use the banners. If you’re hoping to present this banner at nearby outside events just a few times every month or two, vinyl could be the best for you. Click here to read the wiki on vinyl banners. If you’re hoping to easily travel more to indoor conferences, fabric banners could be your best bet. Be sure to weigh both of the options carefully before reaching a final decision and ordering with us here.  

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