Vinyl Decal Printing vs. Screen Printing and What You Must Know!

What is Vinyl Decal printing for signage prints? Vinyl decal offers a much greater full-color digital printing unlike no other. What about screen printing? What is the difference between vinyl decal printing and screen printing? Both Vinyl and screen printing offer high quality and some of the most durable products in the printing industry. Screen printing is done by water-based ink that is permanent that is squeezed through a screen. The ink is fused into the fibers of the fabric to create a softer look and feels that is long-lasting. Vinyl decal printing is very much like screen printing and the result is a vibrant and colorful graphic. But let's have a closer look at the advantages of each.

Vinyl Decal Printing

Custom Decals Vinyl Decals

So, what makes Vinyl Decal printing better and gives it more color when printed on the material? One of the first things you should know is that vinyl print is a much better alternative than printing on sheets. Are you looking to cause an impact on onlookers? What better way than using vinyl decal printing from Foam Core Print. Your graphics will look fabulous once you see the outcome of the ink on vinyl material. Vinyl decal printing is great for small projects (1-12 decals) because when setting up, the time frame is much faster than that on-screen printing. (Unless using a wholesale printer like FoamCorePrint) Screen printing, on the other hand, would take much longer to print the same number of decals.

Vinyl and Screen Printing Color and Detail

When it comes to details, such as shapes and numbers on t-shirts and jerseys, the mixing, and brightening with vinyl decal printing will vanish. Screen printing, on the other hand, provides a much higher detail of print regardless of how complicated or simple the designs might be (see stickers and decals making apps). With custom decals, you can add any color and combine any shade to create what you want.

Durability With Vinyl and Screen Print

What about durability? Both vinyl decal and screen prints can last for many years. Need more detail? Vinyl decal printing can last you for many years if cared for properly. What do I need to know? When washing custom decals, don’t dry clean, don’t bleach, and lastly, wait for 24 hours before washing for the first time. Screenprints will last just like any material would last.

Versatility Between the 2

Vinyl prints are VERY versatile. You can have window decals, laptop stickers, and tons of other various stickers and decals. There is a reason vinyl decals are one of the most popular advertising mediums. On the other hand screen prints are more limited in what mediums they are effective with. Vinyl Color Custom vinyl decal colors and graphics are more distinguished and brighter. Decals printing holds a material that makes it last longer if you were to compare it to other printing materials. Vinyl decal printing is also a better alternative for posters and banners if you are looking to design a promotional print to attract an audience. Custom decals give the printed material a fresh look and feel. So, which one would you choose? Screen printing graphics have a beautiful look, but vinyl decal printing allows you to print names and images that some screen print is not able to accomplish. You decide!

  1. Alice Carroll

    Wow, it's great to know that vinyl floor graphics can last for years. Due to my grandfather's failing knees, he has been using a wheelchair for almost two months now, and my family is planning to make our house fully wheelchair accessible. Having floor markings for the ramps would probably help prevent accidents.

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    • Adam Golightly

      I can imagine that a business could really benefit from getting the right marketing products in order to be more effective. Making sure that they can get some help from a professional could allow them to be a lot safer. It was interesting to learn about the difference between vinyl, and screen printing.

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        I have read all your step to fast printing business and all the things i am feeling more confident to printing business

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        • Jeff Carbine

          I liked how you mentioned that vinyl decal offers a much greater full-color digital printing unlike no other. My car is old, and I want it to look good. Thanks for the tip. I will look for the most pleasing car decal design in town.

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