Reseller Printing Programs vs. Affiliate Printing Programs

Resale vs Affiliate Programs - What Are The Differences

Many companies and professionals in the wholesale printing industry are always analyzing which options they have at hand to increase their profits. Becoming a partner of a trade printing company is always a good idea. Most of the time, the dilemma is between reseller printing programs and affiliate printing programs, which may seem similar but substantial differences draw a thick line that differences both. Taking the right decision is paramount because it will condition the way the business works for all parties involved. Knowing in detail these programs that trade printers do offer is necessary before making any decision. At FoamCorePrint, we like our future partners to have the facts straight, allowing them to choose what it's best for them. In the following lines, we will address the most relevant aspects of both reseller printing and affiliate print programs.

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Joining a Reseller Printing Program

To begin, we need to say that resellers have way more responsibilities than affiliates. For most, this may seem quite obvious. Please, have in mind that being a reseller is close to dropping ship printing, something that will notice below. These programs allow the print broker, who is the dealer in question, to manage their relationships with the final customers. At the same time, reseller programs include white label-ship to dealers, allowing them to develop their brand, just like in the drop ship printing business model. As a wholesale printing business, it's natural to expect wholesale prices. At FoamCorePrint, we allow our resellers to compete at extraordinary rates, beating the competition in the segment. Also, we include an exclusive and permanent discount on all their purchases. With this drop ship printing model, all the tools the reseller may need are on the table. This includes full access to a cutting-edge web2print platform that allows great convenience for all parties involved. In financial terms, we need to highlight two major points: there are zero over costs and brokers would have to file their taxes, never receiving 1099. Trade printers like FoamCorePrint are always explaining the specific costs of every service, avoiding unexpected expenses that may hurt the partner. And as an exclusive from FoamCorePrint's resale program, we must mention the US-based customer service always flexible, via live chat, toll-free phone calls, and emails.

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Joining an Affiliate Printing Program

Being an affiliate is easier and more straightforward than opting for wholesale printing for the resellers program, as you might imagine already. Affiliates make commissions from referrals sent to the master company, like FoamCorePrint. The master company works directly with the referee, saving to the affiliate many challenges and duties it may have if it were a reseller. In the financial matter, affiliate printing programs have two strong differences: generated commissions are paid almost in the same moment the referee close a deal for print fulfillment services, and affiliates would be 1099, having to file their taxes on commissions made. Both programs are comprehensive and work differently on many different levels. If you want to know more and get customized information before making the best decision for you, just reach us. We'll be happy to help.


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