What Are Real Estate Sign Riders? Ways to Display Open House, Sold, and For Sale Messaging

What Are Real Estate Sign Riders? Ways to Display Open House, Sold, and For Sale Messaging

In today’s world, it seems like there are all kinds of tips and tricks that real estate agents are spreading in order for potential clients and buyers to take notice and nothing makes it easier than real estate sign riders for physical properties. With online real estate listings, social media, digital marketing and all other kinds of tactics, it seems like we move further and further away from our traditional methods of communication every day. The one tip and trick that you don’t hear about anymore these days is actually quite simple, and when done right, it can get your business that digital marketing would never have achieved for you.

This simple trick is just obtaining a well-designed real estate sign rider.

What Are Real Estate Sign Riders? 

If you’re new to the real estate business, you may be unfamiliar with the term “real estate sign rider.” However, if you’ve seen a real estate sign before, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve also come in contact with a yard sign rider. Simply put, it’s a small sign that goes underneath, on top of or next to a real estate sign with the realtor’s name and contact information.

Sign riders exist so that when people pass a listed property, they know exactly who to call if they’re interested in learning more or even making an offer. Sign riders can also add additional information about a property to a sign, like letting potential buyers know that there’s a pool or when there will be an open house.

You can get classic real estate signs (not riders) here.

When Should You Use a Realtor Sign Rider?

Understanding when to use a real estate sign rider depends on a few factors that vary from person to person. As a real estate agent, you should have a good understanding of your market, your budget, and your opportunities before committing to an investment in real estate sign riders. There are a few pros and cons to real estate sign riders that may help you determine whether or not you want to utilize them. Check them out below.

Pros of Real Estate Sign Riders

real estate riderOne of the best parts about real estate sign riders is how easily you can customize them. You can choose different materials, fonts, colors, and language to match the feel of the property you are trying to sell. Many real estate agents have found success by using a creative catch phrase or joke on their real estate sign rider to make their sign more memorable to the everyday passerby.

Another great part about real estate sign riders is how affordable they can be. While you might need a bigger budget to get fancy with your customization, nearly anyone at any level in real estate can afford basic sign riders.

The final pro about real estate sign riders is that they do a lot of the work for you in marketing a listing. People have to actively seek out online listings, flyers and other forms of real estate marketing, but by attaching your name to a sign that’s already going to be there, anyone who is passing by can see it. At the end of the day, it just seems like common sense. If you want someone to contact you about this listing, why not have your name and information right there for them?

Cons of Real Estate Sign Riders

Of course, as with anything in life, there are a few cons to using real estate sign riders. For example, a truly memorable sign rider is going to need a bit of customization. This could mean special materials, which will boost the cost of the sign riders. Those who are just starting out in real estate may have some trouble getting the look they want at a price they can afford.

Real estate sign riders are also subject to weather and damage, seeing that they are often outdoors. If a listing is up for a longer amount of time, you may need to purchase extra sign riders in order to replace them as they get worn out. This is an additional cost both in terms of money and time.

Finally, sign riders, unfortunately, can’t reach everyone. If you deal with a lot of listings that don’t require real estate signs, like commercial properties or apartments, you may not have enough of a use for sign riders. If you reach most of your clients online, it may also not be worth investing in sign riders. Make sure you understand your market and clients in order to make the smartest decision for you.

Recommended Real Estate Rider Signs – Sizes

  • 6×24 (the most popular)
  • 24 x 24 (keep in mind this is a fairly large square and not as visually appealing for most messaging)
  • 30 x 24 (a well-proportioned size that is larger than the 6 x 24, and only great for larger messages or for bigger branding purposes)

Types of Real Estate Sign Riders

If you believe that creating sign riders can improve your real estate business, there are a few different things you can consider before ordering some. You’re going to want to choose a sign that communicates the right message through its every element; this means choosing a design and materials that work for you. In order to get a better picture of what you’re working with, check out the different types of sign riders below.

Corrugated Plastic

This is the most affordable material you will probably be able to find for a sign rider. It’s not the most durable option, but because it’s so affordable, it’s a great option for temporary sign riders.

Rigid Plastic

Rigid plastic is a great “middle of the road” option for sign riders. It is more durable than corrugated plastic and can withstand different types of weather and conditions. It is more affordable than the top-tier sign rider materials. However, it can be subject to fading or damage if left out long enough.


Aluminum sign riders are fantastic because they will last you for years. If you only sell a few properties at a time and want to make a single investment in sign riders, consider using aluminum for signs that will live on.


Magnetic ones are great if the base is aluminum. They are highly reusable and have a certain modern appeal over traditional plastic or laminated paper signs. They can last a while, but can also easily be stolen.

The Verdict

Yard Sign riders are an excellent way to keep potential clients informed about your business. While there are some pros and cons to using sign riders, they’re an old trick of the real estate business that has yet to go out of style. If you’re interested in purchasing sign riders, our experts at FoamCorePrint can set you up with everything you need. Contact us today for more information on how to get started.


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