Designing The Ultimate Real Estate Rider

Designing Your Real Estate Sign Rider to Maximize your Leads & Profits

In real estate, it can seem like everybody's trying to reinvent the wheel to sell a house. Chances are, you've tried most traditional methods to get a sale. But why waste valuable time trying to reinvent when you can simply improve your existing methods? By using some insight and well-formulated design, you can increase the effectiveness of your signage. If you're unfamiliar with the term ‘real estate sign riders’, you're certainly not unacquainted with the sight of them.

What is a Real Estate Sign Rider?

We've all seen the common ‘for sale’ sign that adorns the lawns of houses on the market. But what is a sign rider? Basically, it's a smaller sign that you place near the main ‘for sale’ sign (either underneath, on top, or directly beside). It gives potential buyers information to contact the real estate agent if they're interested. The picture on the right is the sign rider of the entire real estate sign, pictured in the previous section (compare the 2 photos and you'll see).

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When to Use Them

Using a real estate sign rider can be a matter of personal preference. However, it makes more sense to use one. This is especially true if you're looking to get more relevant contact regarding a potential sale. Because your information is listed in a way that makes it easy for interested parties to contact you, you'll get more good leads. Searching for a new home is difficult and stressful for most hopeful buyers. Keep in mind that they've likely already been scouring internet ads, printed publications, and getting references. By placing a sign rider, you're making the search easier for buyers that have already determined they're interested in a more in-depth look at the property. Sign riders also give you the opportunity to add information that will appeal to buyers, especially about features that can't be seen from the front view (such as mentioning a pool, theater room, extended lot outback, etc).

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Designing Your Real Estate Sign Rider

The sign you put in front of a house is probably low on your list, and your budget. That's pretty typical for most real estate agents. Here's the thing: Just because your real estate sign is low on your budget doesn't mean it should be low on your list of priorities. That sign stays out there constantly advertising your property and your contact information. For a lot of buyers, this may be the first point of impression they have before pursuing a purchase. That's why it's so beneficial to take some care when designing your sign.

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Different Types

There are a ton of different materials you can choose for your yard signs. What you decide to use should ultimately serve your needs in terms of affordability, durability, and usability.


Aluminum is among the most durable materials you can choose for your sign rider. It's known to last for years despite placement in harsh weather conditions and exposure to sunlight. While it's more expensive than other materials, it also won't need to be replaced nearly as often.

Rigid Plastic

Rigid Plastic isn't expensive, but it also isn't as durable as aluminum. While it's more durable than corrugated plastic, after a fair deal of weather exposure and uses it will begin to fade and need replacement. That being said, it's a decent middle ground.

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Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is more often used for temporary signage. This is because it's certainly the option with the lowest cost, but also because it will show wear faster than other materials.

Sizes to Consider

If you really want to get into customizing your sign, you can find a manufacturer that allows custom sizing. That being said, there are a few standard sizes that may be wiser to use considering that you'll need to ensure they fit with your existing sign. The most popular size for real estate sign riders is 6 x 24, as it fits with most signs and isn't obstructive to other portions of your signage.  Next, the 24 x 24 size is moderately popular, but because of the large square proportions, it may not be as aesthetically attractive for some signs. The largest standard size is 30 x 24. While this is the largest, the proportions make it easier on the eyes. Typically you wouldn't use such a large sign rider, but if you have extra features or branding to list this could fit your purposes.

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The actual design of your signage can be the toughest choice to make. Because your yard sign is a visual introduction to the property and yourself, you need to make sure it delivers. Luckily, you have several options for designs to apply to your sign rider:

Ready-Made Templates

These templates are print-ready, and pretty much every sign manufacturer has a selection for you to choose from. When you use a ready-made template all you have to do is select a compatible size, material, and your chosen template. Often these display generic statements such as ‘under contract’ or ‘sale pending.’

Customizable Template

This is another option that's commonly offered by sign companies. If you're not sure you've got an eye (as well as extra time) for design as well as real estate, this could be a convenient route for you. It works much like ready-made templates, with the exception being that you have some room to tweak the message to fit you and your branding. This allows you to insert critical contact information so interested buyers can get in touch without having to search for your information elsewhere.

Blank Templates

Blank templates are exactly what they sound like. Primarily blank without extra design features, you'll still be able to insert your information or message. It's a good option if you need a quick and direct solution for your sign rider, or if you need a temporary sign.


Sign riders are a frequently forgotten tool, but when used effectively they can make a huge difference. Remember that your sign is constant advertising. When a prospective buyer drives by the property for sale, your sign rider makes it easy for them to inquire and move you forward toward a sale.


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