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We can see technology everywhere in the field of advertisement. However, one sector which still relies pretty heavily upon old school advertisement methods is the real estate advertising industry. They still use signboards on front lawns or garages to advertise the sale or rent availability of a house or apartment.

coroplast signs
Coroplast Signs

There are many methods to advertise using these boards which differ in material and other characteristics. The two leading methods of doing so are Coroplast and PVC. To choose one over the other, it is necessary that a comparison may be drawn with the advantages and disadvantages of both sets highlighted. This blog post will be doing exactly that:

Coroplast Signs

These are real estate lawn signs which are made of corrugated plastic. They are made of highly resistant and thick 4mm sheets usually from polypropylene sheets. The H shape back support can be used to put up these signs anywhere you want. Sintra board printing is used to make it all-weather resistant along with UV treatment. Merits These signs can be placed indoor and outdoor both due to the weather-resistant capability. They can also be incorporated on different hinges to be placed anywhere. Demerits Even if they are weather-resistant, their thickness is not enough to resist high winds. Therefore it's hard for the Coroplast signs to be put up for a longer duration of time. They may save the temporary purpose, but it will be tough for them to sustain a longer time on the lawn.

PVC Signs

As it is evident from the name, that they are the harder version of the real estate lawn signs. They are about 1/8th of an inch in thickness and can be placed as sale boards which can be seen from far away as well. The printing process is complicated and produces long-lasting beautiful signboards. They are smoother in texture and better for the long term.


They can also be placed indoors and outdoors, but since they are of superior finish quality, they are better utilized where the client comes near the estate for inspection or a meeting. Since they are durable, they can also be used for long term purposes or when you don’t know the time required to keep the board up.


PVC printing is a complicated process and therefore an expensive option. Light absorption may damage them over a long course especially when the exposure to the sun in more on an average day.

Which One To Choose?

The answer to this question cannot outrightly be option 1 or option two since a lot of it depends on the usage of the sign. Coroplast and Rigid PVC can both be used inside and outside the real estate. However, if you want a long-lasting standing, you should go for Rigid PVC for real estate lawn signs. Yard sign printing on Coroplast signs can be used for real estate lawn signs which are to be put up for a smaller duration of time.


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