Mobile Advertising & What You Should Know

Mobile Advertising - What You Should know

While it seems like every single company is investing in digital channels to gain exposure, real-life and the streets are being wasted. Only a handful of businesses is making the most from classic outbound techniques, like mobile advertising. With mobile advertising, we are referring to those methods involving ads placed on vehicles, spreading the world in town, and exposing the brand in front of an incredible number of potential customers. The most interesting thing about mobile advertising is that it's highly affordable and offers significant returns and benefits for companies with a vehicle at hand.

Vehicles as an Advertising Medium

In most major cities in the world, buses and trucks are always being used as advertising mediums. Air release graphics and perforated windows are widely applied in these notably big vehicles to advertise a brand, product, or service.

And this still works? Let's imagine how many people see these cars during the day, every day. Depending on the city, that number could reach outstanding highs. Pedestrians see them every time they are going to take the bus and drivers found those ads in the traffic. How to avoid them? There is no way to do such a thing. Now, you probably don't have a bus, of course. Here is where there is an open window to opportunity. Only a small number of businesses are making the most from their vehicles by placing mobile advertising on them, thanks to the same air release graphic and perforated window methods we can see on buses. Want to catch everyone’s attention? Just wrap a vehicle from top to bottom with inexpensive but high-quality air release graphics and give it a spin in town.

Air Released Graphics

Investing a Car in This?

Some business owners may associate mobile advertising with the total investment of a car. This is not the way to proceed. Most small companies that provide services have, at least, one small vehicle to allow the personnel to move around. This way, mobile advertising is a smart move when the business in question already has a vehicle at hand. Without one, the panorama changes but this form for marketing remains practical and attractive.

Perforated Window Signs
Perforated Window Signs

Marking the Most from Mobile Advertising

As we already mentioned, mobile marketing is an inexpensive form of commercialization, with low costs and zero maintenance. The three popular methods we must stand out are the air release graphic, the vehicle magnets, and the perforated window. The three are affordable, provide excellent printing quality, and have their degree of effectiveness. The air release graphic is always more intrusive and notable, usually involving a complete wrap-up of the vehicle. On the other hand, both vehicle magnets and perforated windows do not alter the appearance of the car dramatically and remain valid. Plus, all the materials used in mobile advertising are highly resistant and durable. At FoamCorePrint, we offer you the best prices and alternatives in both materials and printing projects for your mobile advertising plans. Do not waste this opportunity to take your brand beyond and make it the most popular in town. Remember that a vehicle doesn't have to go outside of its usual route to reach an outstanding audience.

Car And Truck Magnets
Car And Truck Magnets



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