Window Decals vs. Perforated Window Film | What's Best?

Window Decals vs. Perforated Window Film And What You Should Know

Clear static window cling
Old school marketing methods are in fashion again; instead, they never went out of style. You will always see large hoardings on highways advertising a particular product or service. Similarly, window vinyl advertisement never goes out of fashion. These window clings can be displayed inside or outside if the weather permits. They effectively promote your business to your current clients moving in and out of the building and potential customers walking outside. There is various window vinyl that you can use as a promotional banner for your business. We allow you to use customized graphics for both options. Every set of vinyl window stickers has its own merits and demerits. To select one, you will need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the particular type of vinyl window stickers. The two primary kinds of consideration, along with their merits and demerits, are explained in the post for you to select the right set of vinyl window stickers.

Window Decals

A window decal is a sticker with a design that can be installed into the window, which will be just like printed paper, but that sticks and advertises whatever you want.


They are semi-permanent and can be changed whenever required. The three types of finish options styles are as listed:
  • Install from inside
  • Install from the outside, allowing the graphic from both sides of the window. Opaque


However, once the adhesive kicks in, it is tough to adjust. If the see-through vinyl window sticker is used, it's hard to see from a far distance by the people on the outside. If you use opaque, it blocks the natural light and view. Not as weather-resistant as the option (below).

Perforated vinyl window film

Perforated vinyl window film  AKA perforated window decals form the vinyl window sticker that allows one-way visibility either from inside or outside but not both once installed, making them ideal window signage. Perforated window signs can be custom designed according to your need, and the color combination can even help you maintain the amount of vision you want to perforate. Our custom perforated window decals are among our most popular items since they are affordable and perfect for outside, front-facing businesses. These see-through window signs/stickers should be applied to the side of the window in which it is meant to be seen. If you want people outside to see the graphic, put the sticker on the outside. Likewise, if you wish people on the inside to see it, then put it on the inside.
Perforated Window Signs


The major advantage is that the bypasser or potential customer will see the advertisement but won't be able to peep into your office or business area. It can also be seen quickly from far-off distances without any trouble. Lite film decals are also a unique offering since they "light up" by glowing in the evening. This vinyl window film (see also backlit film ) lasts a long time and is weather resistant.


Since the perforated vinyl window film is a specially processed sheet of paper, it costs more than a simple window decal. The other fault of using this so you can see from inside is that it blocks the natural light considerably coming from outside.

Final word

Both sets of window vinyl are good for a cause which means that the selection depends upon your requirement and budget. If you can afford a good amount of advertising while requiring seeing outside, you can use the perforated vinyl. However, if your window doesn't need a view, you can use the simple window decal. The ultimate choice depends upon your requirement.

Frequently asked Questions

What is a window perforated vinyl?

Perforated vinyl decal is a 30/70 exterior vinyl application commonly used to display graphics wrapping showroom windows. Perforated window decal allows 30% of the sun's UV rays to shine through the graphic, illuminating the showroom with natural sunlight. In contrast, a standard decal would block out 100% of the light requiring the user to use interior lighting.

How long does perforated vinyl last?

Perforated vinyl can last varying times depending on four key factors. But a general rule of thumb is 1-2 years 

  1. Harsh or extreme weather
  2. How much sunlight exposure your sign has and how often
  3. The colors selected for the design "Reds, bright oranges and neon often fade first."
  4. Did you choose Coating? A coating will add additional UV gloss protection over the permanent UV-cured inks.

If the proper steps are followed on installation, you should expect the lifespan of a perforated vinyl is 1-2 years. Perforated vinyl is designed for mid to longer-term signage and should be replaced every 2-3 years at most.

Can you see through perforated vinyl?

 Yes, you can see through perforated vinyl. One of the Perforated window vinyl key features that set it apart from other vinyl applications is its ability to allow light to pass through from the outside while blocking the view from outsiders. This "blackout" feature allows light and perspective to pass from the outside that makes perforated window vinyl a "go to" for the retail advertising space.

How much does window perf cost?

Currently window perf costs $11.14 per sqft and can be as low as $5.60 a sqft.  The cost of widow perf depends on the volume of square footing being purchased at one time. Click here window perf pricing!
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      Thanks For Sharing Such a nice blog with us. I like how Opaque Window Decals comes with great blackout coverage as the material is white by default. This means that there is no part of the Decal printing that will be clear or transparent, so if you need that feature Clear Window Decals and Clear Window Clings offer that exact feature.

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