How popular is Aluminum business signs and why! - Must read!

How popular is Aluminum Business Signs and Why!

Aluminum Sign Printing Aluminum Sign Printing

Aluminum sign printing is one of the most popular sign printing types these days. You can find aluminum printing in business printing and for personal projects. What makes this method better than other printing methods is simple; the final piece has stunning luminescence. Aluminum is the new art medium. You will find aluminum signs and custom aluminum signs and pieces that can be used in a variety of industries. If you want to be a standout in a trade show or any presentation, make aluminum printing your choice.

Aluminum preserves photos perfectly

Aluminum will be able to preserve photographs, and photo artworks very well, and therefore it’s a guarantee that the finished product will look stunning as ever! We have a unique technique that infuses dyes directly on specially coated aluminum sheets. This way colors don’t fade, and photos look perfect no matter what.

Brilliant prints with stunning detail

Every finished product looks perfect with incredible detail. Aluminum prints are therefore ideal for all projects especially if you want to make a great impression in a trade show or presentation. We recommend aluminum metal prints instead of printing on photo paper to provide excellent image stability. Light testing results indicate that printing on aluminum is 2 to 4 times more stable than using traditional silver-based photo papers.

More creative ways to present aluminum prints

There are a lot of means to present aluminum prints which makes this one of the most ingenious ways to promote anything for business. Aluminum prints are available in single metal prints, framed prints, acrylic prints, creative edge, and double float prints. We also have some frames to choose from with different sizes, finishes, and materials.

Different surfaces available

Aluminum prints are available on a variety of surfaces. You can choose from bright, high gloss, mid-gloss, satin, sheer glossy, and sheer matte. High gloss surfaces are perfect for showcasing prints in great detail while a satin surface creates a smooth and soft appearance, ideal for photographs with a human model.

Aluminum prints are lightweight and easy to set up

Aluminum prints are perfect for trade shows and exhibits because these are lightweight and are very easy to use in any environment. You won’t have to bother with heavy tarpaulin prints and photo paper on wooden frames now that you got a light aluminum print to use for your business. And when it comes to setting your prints up, there are many types of hardware that you can use. Aluminum will never fade and thus will last a long time. Standard photo paper will fade, discolor, and lose its luster after a few years. You need additional techniques to preserve photo paper, and this only makes printing more expensive. With aluminum printing, your prints are ready for your presentation the moment these come out of production. No additional costs for enhancements needed. Wondering if aluminum prints are right for you? We can help you make the right decision when you contact us today.


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