12 Custom Sticker Ideas and Different Ways on How to Use Them

Custom Sticker Ideas

From signage and branding to just plainly decorating your house or car, custom decals are a great way to personalize your business, vehicle, or home. They infuse your design with an element of uniqueness and originality, no matter the purpose it was intended for. Over the years, individuals in different industries have used their stickers to market businesses, label products, drive traffic to a site, and even raise money for a Kickstarter project. The possibilities are absolutely endless. In fact, there are a TON of different types of stickers such as:

However, while all of these things proffer many options and are all very exciting, it can get pretty confusing to decide how to create a unique sticker. This article will guide you through custom sticker ideas for different purposes and how you can use them to your advantage. Check out this article to find apps to help you create stickers of your own.

  1. Transfer Stickers 

Transfer stickers are cut-out of single-color vinyl, and they are transferred to the desired surface via transfer tape. Custom transfer stickers make it easy to apply the most intricate designs. They are great for doing logos, calligraphic text, and symbols. You can use transfer stickers indoors, too.

  1. Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering includes lettering, numbering, or shapes that are individually cut out from a sheet of solid-colored, 2-mil vinyl, and then pre-spaced and placed onto the pre-masked transfer tape. This allows the lettering to be easily installed as one piece, (3 or more colors come in one sheet per color) thereby creating a clean and professional look.

Custom vinyl lettering makes it easy to apply your business name, opening hours or other information to your door, window or wall. It is also great for banner lettering, car lettering, and home decor wall lettering as well.

  1. Clear Stickers

Custom clear stickers are printed with white ink, so they have a transparent background that helps to preserve the opacity of your design.

There’s no competition or obstruction of space; just your sticker content!

This option is great for windows and bottles, and as product labels, especially when the product’s container is also transparent. However, if you want to just give your stickers a unique look, you could opt for them as well.

  1. Wall Graphics

These are also known as wall decals or wall stickers. They help to add personal style to your home or office. Wall decals are made from a self-adhesive fabric (usually vinyl) that is easy to install or pull off without damaging your walls.

You can create patterns of your own, or download and edit patterns online for wall graphics. You could also use them along with vinyl lettering to paste business logos and taglines inside offices.

You can read more about our wall stickers here.

  1. Die-cut Stickers

These are great for promotional purposes. They're made of fabric that can withstand water, sunlight, and scratches. This means that it's easy to paste them on cars, notice boards, and other outdoor spaces. The shape is not a hindrance with die-cut stickers, so you can create just about any shape and the sticker would be cut to fit. Pick or create an eye-catching design, and they're guaranteed to turn heads anywhere.

  1. Bumper Stickers

    Bumper stickers are great for cars and trucks. Custom bumper stickers have a removable adhesive that makes them ideal for vehicles. Bumper stickers can help you advertise your brand or display your interest. With custom bumper stickers, you can display your message or design in full color. Bumper stickers have thick and durable vinyl that shields your labels from water, sunlight or scratches. You can quickly get the trapped bubbles out of a bumper sticker because of the thick vinyl. 
  2. Circle Stickers

    These are great for brand and business promotion. Custom circle stickers are easy to hand out, and this is a great way to promote your label. The custom circle stickers also offer thick and durable vinyl that prevents destruction from water, sunlight, or scratches. There’s no limitation to the use of circle stickers, select your preferred size, border, and design. You’re good to go!
  3. Kiss-cut Stickers

    These stickers are suitable for book covers, laptop backs, and a host of others. Custom kiss-cut stickers will perfectly peel away from the backing. With kiss-cut custom stickers, you can print your design on the surrounding border and the stickers. Their vinyl is durable, and in addition to protection from water and sunlight, the vinyl prevents destruction from heat. Cut out from efficient blades; with kiss-cut stickers, you can peel out your stickers like it’s nothing.


  1. Front Adhesive Stickers

Front adhesive stickers are also known as window decals. These custom stickers are perfect for use on the inside of the windows. Front adhesive stickers are stickers that are sticky on the front of your logo or design.

Use the custom front adhesive stickers to show off your business logos, awards, professional memberships, and tourism logos. Be sure to stick them inside your car or shop front window for longevity.

  1. Sticker Sheets

There is no limit to what you can achieve with a sticker sheet! Do you have multiple design styles in mind? Are you looking for full range sticker styles for your logo or brand? If yes, sticker sheets are for you.

Custom sticker sheets offer you room to fit in multiple designs on a sheet. You can customize a full page and choose the perfect location for all your sticker designs. Also, on that page, all your stickers will be a kiss cut for easy removal.

That’s not all! Custom sticker sheets are durable and waterproof.

  1. Rounded Corner Stickers

Custom rounded corner stickers are for those who seek natural ways to promote their events, brands, or business. Finished with an elegant matte design, rounded corner stickers bring life to your product or brand logo.

They are also great for app icons and conference and event publicity. Lastly, the thick vinyl prevents destruction from scratching and sunlight.

  1. Oval Stickers

Cut perfectly rounded for your design; oval stickers are excellent for logs, fundraising, and cars. They are easily distributed, and also offer a fast promotion for your brand or business. Like a host of others, the vinyl of custom oval stickers is thick and durable.

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