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Vinyl Banners
Vinyl Banners

Vinyl Banners vs. Mesh Banners

With the advent of printing on vinyl, advertising banners have reached its level high in history. Man is thinking about putting large vinyl banners on the surface of the moon for a worldwide advertisement campaign. In the olden day's painted cloth was used, but with printing on vinyl made possible, the digital age caught up with advertisement and eye-catching customer banners are being produced. The two main kinds of banners include vinyl banners and mesh banners. To select one of the banners for your advertisement, it is necessary that we look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Vinyl Banner

Vinyl banners are usually made of a vinyl sheet that is lightweight in comparison to cloth and highly durable. They can be of any size depending on the scale of the printer. Even a small size printer can print a vinyl banner in parts that can then be installed by patching creating eye-catching designs on one or both sides of the banner.

Vinyl Banners with Grommets


Vinyl banners can propagate your message on both sides as the printing on vinyl can be done on the front and back of the material simultaneously. They are highly cost-efficient and present a high-quality, eye-catching finish for your possible customers to see.


However, since the material is soft, they tend to have a small life. Life gets even lesser when the weather conditions are harsh. It is difficult for them to withstand windy conditions as they get wrinkled or torn. The cost goes up if you use a heavier grade vinyl sheet for printing on vinyl.

Mesh Banners

As it is evident from the name, these banners are made with mesh material which makes them one where the wind can pass through. Breathable banners are made of mesh material with tiny holes in it. They are used for outdoor advertising and usually one way only. Merits Since the weather doesn’t have a huge impact on the breathable banners, they are durable. Due to the holes, the overall weight of the banner is lower than that of the vinyl banners. High speed and harsh weather conditions don’t have the same impact on mesh banners allowing them to be installed for a longer duration of time. Demerits Mesh banner designs cannot be as eye-catching as the ones on vinyl banners. Moreover, the mesh banner can only be printed on one side making the advertisement possible to see on the one hand only making the backside useless. It is also comparatively a more expensive option as compared to vinyl banners.

Which To Choose

Vinyl signs are easy to use and eye-catching. However, they can be utilized for a limited time as they get affected by the weather badly. Therefore, if you are willing to spend some extra money for extended duration advertisements, then mesh banners are the ones to be chosen. Do take care that they can only advertise on one side and not both sides.


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