Vinyl Banners VS Mesh Banners? - What's Best For You?

Vinyl Banners VS Mesh Banners?

While exploring different options for signs and banners, a frequent question customers have decided between vinyl and mesh banners. While either banner is great for advertising, low cost, and high functioning for marketing, event planning, and more- choosing correctly wisely between mesh and vinyl is imperative. When selecting any sign, you want to maximize function and durability, consider the sign’s uses, and know that in modern printing, customization is key, and almost anything can be created at Foam Print Core. Printing has gone digital, and a vinyl banner is a low cost, and an appropriate and premiere outdoor and indoor sign. Mesh is more expensive, and this is because it will keep its integrity of color, size, and shape for longer than vinyl.  

Vinyl Banners:

vinyl bannerVinyl banners are eye-catching, whether single or double-sided and suggest the quality you’d expect to see in a well-thought-out and customized sign. Made out of a scrim polyester mesh and vinyl, our signs have weight and durability. We have multiple options of vinyl designs that can be retractable, used on Billboards, X signs, in trade shows, rolled up, and more - they’re just one type of customizable decal advertising that we offer.  


The benefit of a vinyl banner is that it can be double-sided and relied on for a variety of needs. Vinyl banners are one of the most popular options for businesses and beyond. Vinyl is generally less expensive, boasts a beautiful ink finish, and is therefore often used for shorter time-sensitive projects and advertising. Though vinyl banners are cheaper, a thick heaving weighted vinyl banner can end up costing you more than mesh. You can read more reasons here.  

Mesh Banners:

mesh bannerAs the name implies, mesh banners are signs with small holes to allow wind to pass through. Correctly, they are primarily used as one-sided signs outside. Created with UV, abrasion-resistant ink, they are more expensive than vinyl and resistant to tearing.  


The airflow-friendly design makes this sign one you will keep for a while. Often hung between posts, a fence, or a sturdy foundation, you will discover why this long-lasting sign is worth the extra money compared to vinyl. The mesh portion reduces the weight of the banner. And saves on costs. As the wind travels between the mesh holes, this reduces wrinkling and tearing. Consider large eye-catching signs found on banners in metropolitan areas or while driving on a road trip. Chances are they all mesh banners from the midwest to Las Vegas!


Vinyl signs are easy and attractive (see all about vinyl business) but can get wrinkled with put up and take down. While we offer many sign holders to maximize the sign’s use, a mesh is a lesser-known option that can offer great rewards for clients. For outdoor signs or signs that customers will inspect and read, the mesh can offer a surface that will keep the look you want day after day. Consider asking our specialists to combine vinyl signs and mesh in your business venture. Like scientists, they can help you blend a mix of the two types of signs, specifically for the projects best for each! A great option is vinyl for some uses and mesh for others! It’s not one size fits all. Contact us and browse our options page! Save


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