Can Dibond Printing Cost More Than Other Printing Materials?

Can Dibond Printing Cost More than Other Printing Materials?

Dibond printing is known for its high value, quality results, and reliability. Printing projects made from Dibond are very durable and will stand the test of time. But one thing is also common in this type of printing is that you may think that it could be quite expensive. However, quite frankly you are mistaken! Maybe most with Retail print companies… Not with us! Take this for example;  A  4×4” print could be anywhere from $4 to $6 apiece, at FoamCorePrint it runs just under 1$! As for more standard size prints something like a 12×8″ print may be $20 to $30 at another print company while that same 12×8″ print with FoamCorePrint is priced everyday at wholesale to consumer at just under 6$ a unit. More sizes are available up to 5×10′. Prints can be fully customized from double sided printing to size special cut options, and drill holes if needed. The use of additional hardware like frames and hanging tools are available as well.

Dibond Signs

Dibond Signs

Why Dibond Prints?

Still not convinced? But wait, there’s more! Despite being on the higher end side of printing, Dibond Prints are still one of the most popular materials of all. It is mostly used in gallery prints and home use. Art and photography collectors won’t depend on any other material for printing their work and collection than Dibond. It is rarely used commercially because it is a bit pricier than standard aluminum. Mainstream Advertisers would rather look for a more affordable Aluminum option to showcase their projects with foam core printing the first thing that may come to mind.

What do people say about Dibond Prints?

Individuals who use Dibond Prints agree that this is the best way to produce high-quality prints. Those who understand quality and who are not intimidated by the cost of materials prefer to use Dibond more than ever. And because these prints arrive, ready to hang or present, it is a good marketing medium compared to materials that need more preparation.

How to look for affordable Dibond printing?

Don’t let the hype and nonsense of other Dibond printers stop you from using this type of material! Think about the quality, consider the following suggestions!

Check out the most experienced and affordable trade printer that specializes in Dibond sign printing. Trade printers like that offer wholesale prints to consumers and can get the job done fast and at the most affordable price. With highly-specialized printers, you will never have to worry about disappointing results, poor service, and cheap materials. You get excellent prints for the best price all the time.

No need to wait until the time is right. Our every day low prices on Dibond signs and Aluminum printing make it easy not to have to wait until promo codes are offered! Foam Core Print specializes in trade printing and will have everything taken care of which will save you time, money and effort in the long run.

But despite all these, you still find Dibond Prints too expensive you could always look to other less expensive materials like foam board, gatorboard, and Sintra PVC prints. Come check us out today and start a live chat on the site for more information!

Are You Sold On Dibond Printing Yet?

Let’s get started on Dibond printing. Place a small test order, and you will be amazed! Once you have seen what Dibond can do for your prints, you will surely agree that this is the best thing that has happened in advertising, commercial and personal printing. We can help you get the best results for any project!


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