Gatorboard Printing and Its Use Today

Gatorboard Printing and Its Use Today

Gatorboard, or gator foam, is a display board. It's made using a dense inner form core. Its exterior is designed from wood fiber veneer, meaning it is water-resistant (though, not waterproof) and won't break easily, fade, or warp, provided you handle it carefully and store it correctly. It is slightly more expensive than the likes of foamboard, but that's due to the durable exterior, and because it lasts longer. Whether you want a punchy new retail display or a fun way to jazz up your holiday décor, Gator Board printing is the way to go. When it comes to heavy-duty foam boards, gatorboard printing is the gold standard of the printing industry! The artwork that is showcased on the gator board is durable, sharp, and resilient. This makes gatorboard the perfect option for residential and commercial spaces. It can be used with a range of finishing options and customization.

Take Your Display to The Next Level

Gator Board printing is the perfect choice for a retail display of any kind. A poster is a presentation of the past. It allows you to get creative, and makes your signage pop! Working with FoamCorePrint ensures that your mounting and the promotional display is entirely taken care of. It is very economical and provides for smooth transitions between holidays and seasons, announcements, and sales. Additionally, it has a dimensional quality which is the key to an eye-catching display and will make the biggest impact.

Gator Board Printing
1/2" Gator Board

Showcase Your Work

Whether you are looking to showcase a new artist or a school project- you can do it in a unique way with gatorboard. You'll be able to keep it forever and ensure it lasts. The most economical option is printing directly onto the gatorboard. Or, you can mount a piece under acrylic for a chic look.

Jazz Up the Holidays, For Home or Office

The holidays are big business, and everyone loves to make a big impact. Whether that impact is in your home, at the office, or in a retail environment. You can create spooky graphics for Halloween or a stunning pastel creation for the Easter holidays. You can create durable displays that will last you year in year out. You can bring a multitude of characters to life, and welcome customers or guests to your event, venue, or home. Gatorboard can be used for just about anything and provides a high display that will be durable and eye-catching.

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