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Air released graphics is not new, and in fact, it has been used for mobile advertising by us for years. If you have seen a bus with the giant image of a model or a large covered truck with a shiny ad all over the vehicle body, then this is one example of air released graphics. This type of modern advertising is used mostly in mobile advertising because of the following reasons:

  • This kind of mobile advertising offers maximum impact – if you are using your company service vehicle or your private vehicle to advertise then air release graphics will provide maximum impact because your company logo, brand, products or any advertising campaign will be shown in bright colors and prints. Potential customers will immediately understand what you offer and what goods and service you sell. And since this is intended for mobile advertising, you will get more people's attention in every street, city, community or county that you drive through.It won't fade or discolor – unlike typical signs or even other printed materials, air released graphics will never fade and will never lose color. Printing companies that specialize in air release graphics use quality materials that are designed for long-term use. Expect that air release mobile advertising will last till your next campaign.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain – how do you clean or maintain vehicles covered with air released advertising? Simply take it to the car wash! You can even hand wash if a car wash station is too far away. It's easy to clean and even dust and grime-free so you will never even have to remove your vehicle completely. These prints won't damage your vehicle too since it is only stuck over the body of the vehicle, no additional hardware to place it on your car or truck. And if you need to take it off, just peel it off! It even protects your car or truck from scratches, scuffs, marks and stains.
  • It fits any vehicle like a glove – most air release ads are professionally installed, and this means that the ad will stick and fit like a glove. It won't affect mirrors, doors, headlights, tail lights, etc. It won't get in the way of windshields, mirrors, and locks.
Air Released Graphics Air Released Graphics

Air released graphics, signs, and prints are so popular these can be used as other publications. It can be used as magnetic car signs, vehicle magnets, perforated window signs and more. If you are interested in using air released graphics for your business, talk to a professional. Here are a few tips Speak to a professional air release graphics printer and be ready for a few questions. The most common things asked is the model or type of service vehicle that you want to use for the ad and the type of business you have. They need the kind of vehicle to determine the actual size, type of material to use and proper specifications for the ad. Inform a printing professional if you already have a design at hand. You can also tell them if you are starting from scratch. Most printing companies can help you with designing a logo, creating an advertising campaign and more. Inform a printing professional if you have a specific budget in mind and if a deadline covers you. This will avoid making crucial and costly mistakes at the end. Almost all businesses can benefit from mobile advertising using air release graphics. If you are not using air released graphics, then it's not too late to start today!


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