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Pole Banners

13 oz


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What are Pole Banners?

Pole Banners are overhanging banners stuck between two poles or light fixtures on main roads or other high traffic areas such as plazas and school campuses. They are often used for special events or seasonal promotions such as a homecoming dance, a city’s anniversary, 4th of July celebrations, and Winter Holiday fairs. However, they are not limited to these things and can be used for a variety of promotional and brand building messages.

100% Customizable and Weather Resistant for Outdoor Usage

One of the greatest things about ordering with us is that everything is completely customizable, with pole banners as no exception. You can create or upload any design you have created, with the colors of your choice. However, if you need help coming up with a design and want some guidance, hit us up in the chat box to see how we can best help you. Our banners will look great with your high resolution design and are great for outdoor usage since they are waterproof, UV safe, and don’t fade in the sun.

Hemmed Pole Pockets

TYpically, most pole pocket sizes with hems are 4 inches, which allows poles or your hanging foundation to be up to 1.27 inches in diameter. When a pole pocket is added we include an additional 4 inches of material so your banner stays true to the size ordered.

How to Install

Installing these are fortunately pretty easy, but keep in mind hardware is sold separately.

  1. First things first, set up the pole mount that is supposed to be on the pole.
  2. Then attach the base of the stirrup mount. Poles out of the mount will be angled down
  3. Slide banner down pole through the pockets at the top and bottom of the banner
  4. Tighten the stirrup, extending the spring and using tension to square and display the banner
  5. Proudly display your double sided banner and have visitors look at your messaging

Dual Banners

If you want a double facing banner than we are more than happy to do this for you. Just change quantity to 2 in the order cart and you can have your messaging on both sides of the banner. Dual banners are typically more than twice as effective, since the double exposure allows viewers to get further understanding and more chance to take advantage of the special promotion/event.

Additional Specs

Weight: 8 ounces per square foot

Thickness: .0134 inches

Print Method: Full Color, Digital LED printing

$00.00 Per Piece
0 SQFT @ $0.00 psf